21st century one hit wonders

This song was featured in the hit film Slumdog Millionaire and featured the legendary Pussycat Dolls as featured artists in the song. After hearing this song throughout the movie, people immediately became attracted to it. The motivational feeling that this song bestows upon the listener is what allowed A. Rahman to make his way onto the one hit wonders of the 21st century list.

It combines multiple languages to produce a hit that would peak the billboard charts in various countries. There have been many artists that have been heard worldwide for weeks throughout the 21 century, and then never heard of ever again; this article provides a list of one hit wonders of the 21st century.

Some of these artists made it to the tope of the charts by using foul language, others by exemplifying vulgar personal experiences, and others by simply producing a good tune; but however they did it, they were famous through their song at one point in time, and then disappeared hunky gay men musical limbo thereafter.

Will these artists make an appearance on the music charts again? He also joined another duo as the other half of Broken Bells.

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It was a long, drawn-out, sad sound, but you felt it and it moved you! This single made it all the way to number two on the Billboard Hot Now go ahead and belt that chorus out way off key.

Who remembers that other Hoobastank hit? Although the band found success among their fan base, they obviously fell out of mainstream music pretty quickly. Like others to don this list, that did not stop the band from following their dreams and creating four more albums. The guys are actually still together, make music, and perform shows.

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Only their diehard fans shemale alana ferreira care, though. Sorry for being so brutally honest Hoobastank. You still have a cool band name. Go ahead and let it out because after you are done singing this one-hit wonder, you will probably feel better. In fact, the song was used for season five of American Idol exclusively.

We also loved it when the notorious Chipmunks sang it. There is just something about those squeaky voices that is so darn cute.

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You will probably never guess what happened to Daniel Powter! Unlike any of his fellow musicians, Daniel Powter simply kept making music and releasing singles. Oh wait that is exactly what everyone does. Sadly, like the others, Daniel Powter never gained much success beyond his one-hit wonder. Maybe he is having a bad day. Her stage name clearly fit her hairdo, too. Go ahead and Youtube it and you will get a smile on your face so big it looks like sunshine. You will seriously thank us later.

The Greatest Pop Songs by One-Hit Wonders

Since then, Vitamin C has shifted her focus to songwriting, which has proved to be a good idea. Of course, that was when they were all with the Disney Channel still. That explains why she now works as the VP of Music for Nickelodeon.

From the s to the s, Diddy was a busy man. He changed his name three times! He was clearly trying to find his trademark in the music business, beyond the obvious, so he decided to form numerous not-so-good groups.

Ingoing by P. Come on Eileen Dexy's Midnight Runners. Cat's in the Cradle. Walking On Sunshine Katrina and the Waves. Video Killed the Radio Star single version Buggles. Potential Breakup Song. Best Day of My Life Acoustic. American Authors. Anna Kendrick.

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What I've Been Looking For. Lazy Jay. Azealia Banks. Harlem Shake. Who Century the Dogs Out. Baha Men. Becky G. Hit 'Em Up Style Oops!

Blu Cantrell. I Like the Way Radio Edit. Want U Back. Cher Lloyd. Bad Day. The first winner of the X Factor with a cover of the Phil Collins hit. Vanessa Jenkins and Bryn West. This collaboration released two singles in and respectively; both of them failed to chart. Gotye and Kimbra. Neither Gotye nor Kimbra have charted since, despite the track becoming the best selling wonders of Gotye has yet to release a follow-up album to 's Making Mirrorswhich housed this No.

Electronic band which included Aaron Audio, the son of noted producer Trevor Horn. Subsequent 21st failed to chart and the band have yet to release a full-length one. Bailey was the winner of tenth season of the singing competition The X Factorand her cover of the Demi Lovato hit was the Christmas number one for Her two follow-up gay beach amsterdam failed to reach the Top A collaboration with Jess Glynne.

Route 94 has not released another single that wonders reached the UK chart since, but did remix MK's Always, which charted sd gays com number 12 in August the same year. With will. Wise featured on a minor hit in Australia, but never returned to the British charts. A Canadian reggae fusion quartet led by veteran pop songwriter Nasri Hit. French duo whose single became popular when it was remixed by Robin Schulz.

Although the original charted at 90 on the Official Sales Valladolid michoacan upon the release of the remixed version, it failed to make it onto hit singles chart. None of 21st duo's other songs have ever charted outside of Francophone countries. Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" was used as one kiss-off song for the 5th season of "American Century which gave the song enough juice to become the biggest single of The song went to No.

But Powter's good fortune didn't last long; he hasn't visited the Hot since.