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As the name indicates, 24 Kaikan is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, days a year. Foreigners are welcome, and staff speak some English. The 2, yen entrance fee, payable by vending machine in the entrance, is for a hour stay, between 5am and 9pm: yen-per-hour after that. Log into your account. Password recovery.

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The Gay Passport. Tokyo Drink Play Sleep. Forgot your password?

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Get help. Crowd 7.

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Atmosphere 8. But this is still not a bad place to be homosexual. But many accept that their lives have been transformed since the last generation of gay corporate samurai fled here from tormented lives. His experience living abroad has convinced him Japan is friendlier to gays than elsewhere.

24 Kaikan Shinjuku | Tokyo’s Biggest Gay Cruising & Sauna Review ?

Some speculate that Tokyo Gov. At nearly midnight on a Saturday, the building is three-quarters full.

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Foreign and Japanese men in towels wander the corridors. Never tried any other gay saunas in Tokyo. There are quite a few - gay saunas and crusing spots. This one 24 Kaikan definately welcomes foreigners.

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The location in the middle of the gay district is great, so you can always stop by after or during a night out. With JPY USD 28 I find it is a bit on the expensive side, but you won't really find much cheaper places that offer the same variety of facilities.

Plus another 3 floors on top of that for group beds where people usually don't sleep The crowd is mainly Japanese, but there are quite a few foreigners, too. The thing with Japanese is that they are usually quite shy. So it almost never happened to me that someone kaikan up to me to talk and.

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Usually happens in the steam or mist room. Or in the glory hole showers. Definately a lot of action going on there. Went there on several occasions