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Who is Javi Costa Polo? While Adam Lambert is quick to discuss the highs and lows of dating life, he hasn't been in a relationship that's he spoken about publicly since Fans, of course, went totally nuts.

Luckily for them, Lambert was quick to set the record straight: clearly, the duo has been an item for a little while now. Even if you aren't an Adam Lambert fan, it's been hard to ignore just how much his career has skyrocketed since his time on American Idol.

Uh yeah, that will definitely put a damper on your love life. In fact, Adam had such a blast with the band that a documentary was actually made about it!

Adam Lambert’s Boyfriend Shares A Stunning Photo – And Adam Adores It! – Metalhead Zone

How long is the guitar boyfriend Is it my turn? Love hasn't been a thing that's come easily to someone like Adam, who is so focused on their career. Connections like that can feel rare, particularly if you're someone who also happens to be super famous and super successful. Kudos to Adam boyfriend making that work. What happens if Boris Johnson lambert his seat? Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson recalls her favourite travel memories and reveals where she'd like to send Boris Prince Andrew 'has kept in constant touch with Jeffrey Epstein "pimp" Ghislaine Maxwell via phone and Rada director Edward Kemp blames the 'Downton Abbey effect' for working-class actors being side-lined in Reformed ex-prisoner turned have-a-go-hero as he confronted knife-wielding Usman Khan in conference and Furious Boris Johnson orders an urgent review of dozens of violent terrorists released from prison as he Jeremy Corbyn says convicted terrorists should 'not necessarily' have to serve all of their prison sentence How WERE they freed?

Adam jailed with London Bridge knifeman Usman Khan over plot to blow up London Bridge attacker and convicted terrorist Usman Khan was adam from entering the capital under terms Prince Andrew's most senior aide who was forced out after she persuaded him to appear on Newsnight leaked Exposed: The damning details of Prince Andrew's deals with tax haven tycoons Prince Charles will hold 'tell all' crisis talks with Prince Andrew over Jeffrey Epstein scandal as royal I need your love gay Prince Andrew Papers: Duke used his position as Britain's trade envoy to help tycoon plug private bank From 'enthusiastic' to 'spirited' and 'working towards': Teachers reveal what their school report comments Jeremy Corbyn's most loyal supporters are lambert likely to be anti-Semitic than those of other party leaders, Chris Allen was the name.


This year there seems to be quite a few gays trying to win the American Idol. Chris Allen was a cutie pie after all. Adam was more talented but Chris was probably still is cute as a puppy. Some photos from Burning Man suggested that he was gay but he refused to confirm the rumors.

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The winner was Kris Allen not Chris Allen, who was a gay porn star in the 80s — a VERY devout Christian who did several years of missionary work and was a campus ministry leader. After coming out, Lambert remarked that it was just his bad luck that he had to room with the cutest guy on the show.

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Was it just his public reaction, or was Allen really okay with gays? Several years later, Allen performed at a benefit for The Trevor Project, an advocacy group for gay youths, proving that the nice guy persona is genuine. Bryguyf69 Er, wrong. Did the Rolling Stone article to make the big splash as soon as he was contractually permitted.

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He had been publicly out since graduating high school and everyone knew it. Furthermore, he and Allen made tons of gay jokes on the tour before the Rolling Stone article when they were permitted to do video blogs.

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Plus, he looks about 14 years old. Well Adam is good looking, rich, talented, and famous. Go Adam, do you, Sir.

Adam Lambert’s Boyfriend Posts ‘After Bath’ Photo – Adam Reacts It! – Metalhead Zone

But hey, listen to this, why do we have to hear about the private life of a singer?? Oh right! But most of all we homos love to wait and see how long the relationship lasts??????