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In Marchthe Florida Supreme Court votedwith Perry in the majority, to accept jurisdiction and hear the case. But again, after Lawson replaced Perry, the court changed its mind and said it should not have accepted the case.

It allowed the 3rd DCA ruling to stand. Before Lawson replaced Perry, most court watchers viewed the Supreme Court as having five justices — including the three Chiles appointees — generally viewed as judicially liberal, particularly in areas such as how broadly to exercise jurisdiction, how much deference to afford to the Legislature and governor and the rights of victims of alleged civil negligence. That has happened frequently. Now Justices Canady, Polston and Lawson only need to win over one other justice to have a majority, rather than the much greater burden of persuading two other justices.

Lawson declines to discuss specific decisions or evaluate his own impact. See other stories from Florida Trend's February issue. Get Florida Trend's February magazine — print or digital.

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Departments of the Court. Lawson previously would have been required to retire on his seventieth birthday, but due to the passage of Florida Amendment 6 concurrently with Lawson's retention, the mandatory retirement age for Florida Judges was raised to seventy-five.

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