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Her cold reception in Baltimore belies a life of staggering insulation, even compared weiner her predecessor. He is doing this on purpose, making the same mistakes, not being careful, so that he can confirm for himself that everyone wants to see his stuff. Anthony Weiner, I think, wants to stop these scandals. He wants to find a way for us to stop pants at him. Why does anyone try to get caught — if not to be stopped from carrying out a destructive behavior?

The strange thing is that even public humiliation anthony scorn cannot stop him, which is what fascinates us gay slammers keeps the cycle going. He found that, when presented with the choice between stopping or going ahead despite danger, some people do not decide either way.

Anthony Weiner’s ‘Gay’ Pants Are the Talk of the Town

They keep both positions and split their mind in half, so to speak — inhabiting an untenable, split reality. Who displays this contradiction better than Weiner? Is this not what we see in the play-by-play of his sexting, to say nothing of his entire life? Good glide hit up the Dominican Day Parade yesterday, showing his New York spirit by overzealously waving flags and rocking a pair of coral-red pants.

Did Anthony Weiner want to get caught sexting? | Jamieson Webster | Opinion | The Guardian

If you remember, the disgraced politician had jumped into the election armed with his collection of zippy, vibrant slacksbut he quickly ditched the pastels for darker, more serious bottoms as soon as scandal 2 hit. Perhaps Weiner's splashy pants are an attempt to convince the public that he's a likable, trust-worthy guy yet again. Or maybe the dude just has jazzy taste. Gray slacks, blue shirts. Order restored. Then, when the laundry was back from the dry cleaner?