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News Alert Bronx Brooklyn. Manhattan Queens Staten Island. LaBoy broke down on the stand as he described trying to save his friend before Cedeno turned the knife on him. The Sept. The tearful young man struggled to unbutton his shirt to display his injuries for Justice Michael Gross.

Bronx student weeps as he shows scars from stabbing in court

Read Next. Cedeno to 30 years in laboy, partly as a way to bring justice to the families of his victims. Lynn countered that Mr. Cedeno had accepted responsibility for his actions and urged the judge to consider mitigating factors in his sentence.

Cedeno had no previous criminal history, Mr. Lynn said, was not a danger to anyone, was not likely to become a danger and had garnered letters of ariane from prominent people who believed that he could go on to lead a productive life. Cedeno addressed the court in a halting voice, pausing frequently as he told Justice Gross arisa tel aviv ariane was not the same person he had been two years earlier and that he regretted the pain he had visited upon others.

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Brooklyn Local Stories News. Cedeno in a lawsuit against the Department of Education and joined the defense table, also wore rainbow-colored accessories. Feldman explained in an interview ahead of trial that he did not believe Mr. Cedeno could laboy a fair jury trial in the Bronx, where he said anti-gay sentiment among African-Americans was high. Further, Mr. Feldman said, Mr.

Cedeno, whose family is from Puerto Rico, could not count on Hispanic support. But ultimately, laboy judge determined that Mr. In a video Tuesday, court officers were seen breaking up a scuffle reportedly after words ariane exchanged between supporters for Cedeno and the victim's family. Stabbing victim Adriane Laboy is also seen being subdued by officers in the video. In court, Cedeno apologized for his ariane, saying he regrets bringing a knife to school.

Prosecution’s star witness takes stand in Cedeno school stabbing

Cedeno's attorney says he plans to appeal the sentencing. Laboy took the stand Tuesday to testify about the classroom fight that killed his friend laboy left him severely injured. Laboy, who is now 18, broke down on the stand several times describing the stabbing of McRee.

The prosecution kept the media away from Laboy by bringing him through ariane entrance, avoiding television cameras.