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Thanks x 18 Disagree! Jan 26, 3. And it looks like one of the girls is holding a kids hand in the photo. I've been hearing more and more about Chinese people moving to African countries and doing some messed up stuff.

Thanks x 29 Sad x 2. Jan 26, 4. Thanks x 14 Disagree! Jan 26, 5. Disturbing and disgusting. Thanks x Jan 26, 6. Thanks x 16 Sad x 1. Jan 26, 7. He needs his ass beat and awareness needs to be brought to this because people only talk about pedos going to S.

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E Asia to abuse children, but they ignore that it happens in majority black nations as well just not under the same circumstances. Jan 26, 8. Jan 26, 9. Why are they naked though in the first place? Thanks x 9 Disagree! Jan 26, Why didn't anybody whoop his ass?

Thanks x 5. Sad x 2 WTF! Thanks x 2. How did they end up in this situation and why did no one stop him?? Why the fuck are you so pressed? Thanks x 4 LOL! It is Africa.

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Certainly these poor girls please belong to someone soooooo, why was a bag not placed soon over his headhog tiedand brought out in the Bush. The pack of whateverlet them go at him. The pack, you know. Lion pride. It is not hard to do.

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Seriously, I only clicked on title, rad first line or two. Theses stories disgust me to no end and make me question, Jesus, are you really there? Father God, why and yvonne nude are you?

Thanks x 13 Sad x 1 WTF! Thanks x 8 Angry x 1. Did anyone beat his ass after? If not, it's sadly not that surprising. Thanks x 1. Just wanna make it clear. Just to make it clear, this kind of behavior will not be tolerated. What the hell is going on though? Aphrodisiacs Natural.

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