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Whatever your reason for choosing male waxing, there are many benefits of waxing over other traditional hair removal methods: not only is hair regrowth finer, softer and slower, but the skin is left softer and smoother too, with a longer maintenance-free period, usually weeks. If you are new to male waxing, feel nervous, or would simply like bigdickshemale com little more information, please feel free to contact us.

Cancellation Policy: As a courtesy to both our staff and other clients, we ask that you provide at least 24 hours notice should you wish to cancel an appointment.

Designer Waxing | Male and Female Waxing Glasgow

Intimate Waxing involves the removal of hair from the groin, penis, scrotum, buttocks and the anal area, so I understand you may be a little self-conscious. I am experienced Axiom Certifiedrelaxed and absolutely focused on the job — removing your hair effectively. Sometimes the treatment can cause arousal for a moment or two, but this is not a cause for panic,your therapist knows this can happen and will continue with her work.

Think of this as a tidy up rather than a full landscaping. Hair is removed from the crease of the leg and blended.

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With this wax hair is removed from the scrotum, penis, anus and the pubic mound leaving a small amount of hair above the penis. It does what it says on the tin! Brazillian Crease of legs, penis, scrotum and anus.

Other Treatments

Bolivian Base of penis and testicles. Mexican Buttocks and anus. Columbian Buttocks Only. Peruvian Anus Only.

Male Waxing In Glasgow | Salon Offers & Reviews

Looking good is feeling good, and our range of men's treatments is the ideal place to start - whether it's colonic hydrotherapy, detox or dietary advice, or one of our relaxing massage treatments, a manicure, pedicure or spray tan.

Our experienced therapists also offer all areas of men's waxing, including male intimate waxing.

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Male, female and extreme waxing in Edinburgh. The days of twinkgayporn needing hair to be manly are definitely a thing of the past and more and more men are wanting to rid themselves of hair for various reasons. Sin Waxing operates from a home environment for greater privacy and to avoid salon intimidation, and is one of the few locations in Scotland to offer the famous back, sac and crack and male Brazilian.

Based in the historical Merchant City of Glasgow, Ultimate Wax is a home-based specialist body waxing and well-being centre providing massage, body waxing and grooming treatments in a comfortable, totally private and fully equipped treatment room.