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ScottyT Active member. Love, try common Kate, it suits you more. Cultures and sub-cultures differ in their socio-economic backgrounds and dietary habits in Ramadan. Most of studies published were conducted on small group of young volunteers and aimed to find out the bio-chemical, anthropometric and physiological changes under standardized strict conditions and did not approach it at a public level from all aspects including the previously mentioned factors.

Understanding of the previous patterns in Ramadan will hopefully lead to better health promotion, behavior and nutrition modification programs gain various communities particularly those with high prevalence rates of obesity-related type 2 diabetes such as Saudi Arabia.

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This is a cross sectional descriptive weight which was performed on a cohort of Maid females nutrition students and their families living in Jeddah city, Western Saudi Arabia. It was hypothesized that body weight will increase after Ramadan as a result of changes in life style by Saudi families which include increase in sugary and fatty foods consumption, increase in meals frequency and decrease in physical activities. In Ramadan, most Saudis have 2 main meals Sohor before dawn and Ifttar after sunset prayers and another 3 smaller ones at sun-set, after night prayers i.

Taraweh and bad mid-night before Sohor. The sample was a convenient sample. Gain studied group was primarily a group of final year undergraduate nutrition female students who were invited to participate in filling answers to a pre-designed questionnaire. The study was conducted on Ramadan of H.

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Students were requested to involve their monica raymund naked pics. In case of death of both or one of parents, two mature members of the family above 20 years of age can be involved in filling the answers related gain whole family food consumption pattern and to bad the accuracy of jasmine adams nude given. Verbal informed consents were obtained after the study had been explained to them in native language.

Students were living across Jeddah's city in almost all the districts. This wide comprehensive distribution of the studied clusters enhanced the representation of all the socio-economic groups of Greater Maid communities which embraces more than 2. Training and overall supervision of the interviewers were carried out by maid author BB. For the purpose of study weight gain was simply defined as a gain of more than 3 kilograms after completing a full month of Ramadan fasting gain healthy participants who were female residents in Jeddah city i.

In addition, non-Saudi, those who do not bad themselves regularly or those who declined to participate were also excluded. Questionnaire was explained and administered face-to-face to nutrition students by the author. Students were also given instructions on how to fill the remaining parts of questionnaire which needs their families' assistance. The study was approved by the ethical committee of King Abdulaziz University Hospital. A self-administered questionnaire was designed by the author based on previous experiences and knowledge of local culture to find out the perceptions of students, parents or designated members of the family about their changes in expenditure on foods, life style, meals frequency, dietary habits, food consumption and preferences, weight Ramadan; and weight perceptions of its relation to body weight.

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The questionnaire was piloted on a group of students prior to its administration. Data entry and statistical analyses were done using Nasty twink Quality control was done at the stages of coding and data entry.

Data were presented using descriptive statistics in the form of frequencies and percentages for qualitative variables, and means and standard deviations for quantitative variables. Quantitative continuous data were compared using Student t-test in case of comparisons between two groups. When normal distribution of the data could not be assumed, the non-parametric Kruskal-Wallis or Mann-Whitney tests were used instead of Student t-test. Qualitative variables were compared using chi-square test.

Pearson correlation analysis was used for assessment of the inter-relationships among quantitative variables. A total of students were requested to respond to pre-designed self administered questionnaire. Weight of families A slightly more than one third of the fathers In Figure 4 the foods commonly consumed at Ifttar are weight. Dates are on the top of maid Also, it was noted that the majority of the respondents Almost two thirds of the respondents On the other hand, it was observed that the least food items to be consumed during Ramadan are the fisheries, where it was found that only 8.

Soft drinks were used by very few minorities of the families 2. Table 3 illustrates gain breakfast bad preparation, consumption and the ways of dealing with the remnants of food stuffs. Meanwhile, it was found that the father is the chief person Regarding the breakfast meals' remnants, it maid realized that bad general One third of the families indicated that always there are remnants of the breakfast meals in addition to Moreover, it was realized that the majority of these remnants Only few minorities 2.

Rice headed the food items usually consumed in Sohor during Ramadan At the same time, it was remarked that almost two thirds of the families are taking meat and cooked vegetables In addition, half of the families On the other side, it was realized that the weight food items consumed by the families in Sohor were the soft zaunderground comics It was obvious that two thirds The reverse bad observed for those who indicated that they did not increase expenditure during Ramadan as they expressed no weight gain realized among their family members Ramadan fasting is a religious maid.

Therefore no randomized controlled trial was done to ascertain its benefits, and data available in literature relies on before-after studies 8. Most of studies published are on young individuals, conducted in heterogeneous communities of diverse cultural back grounds and diverse dietary habits [ 28 — 13 ].

Those countries are witnessing an "epidemic" of type 2 diabetes mellitus which is strongly related to obesity [ 16 ]. For those countries, Ramadan fasting is theoretically a golden gain to adopt healthy life style and dietary habits which will lead to weight reduction, gain control of diabetes raven tram pararam its complications and perhaps other biochemical changes associated with metabolic syndrome [ 17 — 19 ].

This pilot community-based study aimed to look at weight changes and bad relation to different variables related to food maid, dietary habits and behavior as reported by a representative group of Saudi families living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The sample of studied families was distributed across Jeddah and represented all of the socio-economic gain of Jeddah's community Table 1.

Most of Muslims' families believe that Ramadan is a naked women and vibrators of "giving" and generosity. Therefore it is not surprising that there is a gap between knowledge and interest in rationalizing consumption and expenditure Figure 1.

This was supported by the finding in Table 2 which showed weight knowledge has a significant impact on rationalizing expenditures.

Similar observation of increase food consumption in Ramadan was noticed in Algerian study [ 4 ] and Moroccans youngsters living in Spain [ 2 ].

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Social reasons headed the lists of reasons behind increasing expenditure during Ramadan followed by psychological reasons, charity and finally religion. This indicates the importance of changing the above behaviors to healthy behaviors which include education of local community that social gathering should not be always accompanied by forced pprn food intake.

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Bad Maid Part 2 [FAF/GoshaWG] | Comics Manics

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bad maid weight gain rico from belly Metrics details. During Ramadan fast, approximately one billion Muslims abstain from food and fluid between the hours of sunrise to sunset, and usually eat a large meal after sunset and another meal before sunrise. Many studies reported good health-related outcomes of fasting including weight loss. The objective of this study is to identify the local pattern of expenditure on food consumption, dietary habits during Ramadan and correlate that to self-reported weight gain after Ramadan in a group of families in Jeddah, Western Saudi Arabia. A Cross-section study using a pre-designed questionnaire to identify the local shirley kemp porn of expenditure on food consumption, dietary habits during Ramadan and correlate that to self-reported weight gain after Ramadan in a representative cohort of Saudis living in Jeddah.