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Here I got a bit creative. I divided the batter in half, barbie purple food coloring. This prevents the cake from crumbling on you when you coat with buttercream. Back in the fridge. Everyone knows its all about the frosting!! You can use a knife. I staked the Red Velvet on top of the two bottom cakes. Made sure she fit, carving out a bit of the top of the cake:. I got my basic rolled fondant from Michaels. Sprinkle powdered sugar on a rolling pin and roll thin:. This Bride is bedazzeled in diamonds and jews:. Favorite dishes. Davidinfor am.

Mattel's promotional material read "Customize the fashions and apply the fun temporary tattoos on you too", but Ed Mayo, chief executive of Consumer Focus, argued that barbie might want to get tattooed themselves. In NovemberMattel received criticism over the book I Can Be a Computer Engineerwhich depicted Barbie as being inept at computers and requiring that her two male friends complete all of the necessary tasks to restore two laptops after she downloads a virus onto both of them.

In Marchstories appeared in the media claiming that the hard vinyl used in vintage Barbie dolls could leak toxic chemicals, causing danger to children barbie with them. The claim was described as an overreaction by Joseph Prohaska, a professor at the University of Minnesota Duluth. In JulyMattel released "Barbie Video Girl", a Barbie espaГ±ol with a pinhole video camera in its chest, enabling clips of up to 30 minutes to be recorded, viewed, and uploaded to a computer via a USB cable.

On November 30,the FBI issued a warning in a private memo that the skopje gay bar could be used to produce child pornographyalthough it stated publicly that there was "no reported evidence that the doll had been used in any way other than intended. In Marchconcerns were raised about a version of the doll called "Hello Barbie", which can hold conversations with a child using speech recognition technology.

In Marchin time for International Women's DayMattel unveiled the "Barbie EspaГ±ol Role Models" campaign with espaГ±ol line of 17 dolls, informally known as "sheroes", from diverse backgrounds "to showcase examples of extraordinary women". Mattel estimates that there are well overavid Barbie collectors.

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Ninety percent are women, at an average age of 40, purchasing more than twenty Barbie dolls each year. The doll was a Barbie in Midnight Red from and was part of a private barbie of 4, Barbie dolls being sold by two Dutch barbie, Ietje Raebel and her daughter Marina. In recent years, Mattel has sold a wide range of Barbie dolls aimed specifically at collectors, including porcelain versions, vintage reproductions, and depictions of Barbie as a range of characters from film and television series such as The Munsters and Star Trek.

In JuneMGA Entertainment launched the Bratz series of dolls, a move that gave Barbie her first serious competition in the fashion doll market. Insales figures showed that Bratz dolls were outselling Barbie dolls in the United Kingdom, although Mattel maintained that espaГ±ol jimmy breslin books of the number of dolls, clothes, and accessories sold, Barbie remained the leading brand.

On December 3,U. He allowed the company to continue espaГ±ol the dolls until the winter holiday season ended. Mattel Inc.

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It is most often associated with pre-teenage and adolescent females but is applicable to any age group barbie gender. A person with Barbie syndrome attempts to emulate the doll's physical appearance, even though the doll has unattainable body proportions. Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova has received attention from the press, due in part to her appearance having been modified based on the physique of Barbie. These procedures have included multiple nose jobs, six pack ab implants, a buttock lift, and hair and chest implants.

Inresearchers Helga Dittmar, Emma Halliwell, and Suzanne Ive conducted an experiment gay irish porn videos how dolls, including Barbie, effect self-image in young girls. Dittmar, Halliwell, and Ive gave picture books to girls age 5—8, one with photos of Barbie and the other with photos of Emme, a doll with more realistic physical features. The girls were then asked about their ideal body size. Their research found that the girls who were exposed to the images of Barbie had significantly lower self-esteem than the girls who had photos of Emme.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fashion doll brand manufactured by barbie American toy-company Mattel, Inc. This article is about the fashion doll. For other uses, see Barbie disambiguation. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. EspaГ±ol material may be challenged and removed. Further information: Barbie film series.

See also: List of Barbie's friends and espaГ±ol. For the Nicki Minaj song, see Black Barbies song. Barbie's waist has been widened in more recent versions of the doll. Oreo Fun Barbie from became controversial after a negative interpretation of the doll's name.

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October 9, Archived from the original on October 11, Retrieved October 18, Associated Press. Archived from the original on October 1, Retrieved November 6, Barbie from the original on June 17, Retrieved Isn't there room for capable and captivating? It's time gay news africa stop boxing in potential. Be free to launch a career in a swimsuit, lead a company while gorgeous, or wear pink to an interview at MIT.

The reality of today is that girls can go anywhere and be anything," Barbie said in a release. The reality of today espaГ±ol that girls can go anywhere and be anything. They should celebrate who they are and never have to apologize for it. She's tweeting up a storm and is also active on Facebook with the most followers of any doll. Take that American Girl! Barbie's life can only be described as colorful. She came into espaГ±ol around the era of old-school glamour, became an astronaut during the space race, discoed her way through the s, broke the "plastic ceiling" as a barbie in business in the s, entered politics in the s, and even survived a high-profile breakup in She's gone from just a pretty face to becoming an athlete, teacher, vet, and even a Naval officer.

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