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Reblog to gain 4 pounds Or tag someone to add 4lbs to their belly via heavyryan. Text 4 Notes.

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What are you implying Tumblr? More 1 Let's Grow A page for those who like it big.

Big Belly Watcher

If there is a photo on here you would like me to remove, please let me know. Include the post number. Mutual Benefits Englishman, getting fat in New York. Insecure Narcissist I'm done missing out because of fears about not being or looking like I should.

Looking a bit bigger, huh? Can’t wait to grow even bigger!

I will answer. I write smut about fat boys and the desire to get fatter.

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FreeRangeBeef Thick thighs save lives Ask me anything. Second dinner was the best. Recovery day from feeling sick and not sleeping well. I hope Amazon Prime n chill is ok.

Car selfies have the best lighting. In need of breakfast.