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Now, in Neil Armfield's fine revival, it looks a much richer play The Wilde that emerges is a multifaceted character: one who can either be admired for his uncompromising moral integrity, or pitied for his wilful capacity for self-destruction.

lot more going for him than what meets the eye.

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The hunk - who has been in a relationship with Katriona Perrett for six years - said: "I don't regret being topless in certain things Tagged in Michael Fassbender Jennifer Lawrence.

Toggle navigation. Before Noah Centineo landed the role of Jamey, the star quarterback who mistakenly starts a romance over text with the wrong girl believing her number to belong to his crush, Ben was originally attached to the play the part!

His schedule ended up not working out, so we had to audition other people. He has signed his life away to Fox. His favorite Queen songs are the ones themed around longing.

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All those kinds of songs, maybe in my adolescent years, or still to this day, is something I related to and definitely, I got a lot from and felt less alone by listening to them. That would be ideal. In fact, he is currently working on a project joining Ryan Reynolds, Dave Franco and more in upcoming Michael Bay film, 6 Undergroundwritten by the writers of Deadpool.

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Hold your breath with us as we wait for his rocket to Hollywood stardom. While Wilde recognises that as an Irishman he is always an outsider, he never fully grasps just what that means, believing his position as exotic, entertaining foreigner allows him to flaunt his unconventionality without realising just how little leeway it actually gives him, and how vicious the establishment backlash will be when he exceeds it.

The upper class boy is allowed, chastised, to return to his proper place, while the foreigner is condemned for their combined sins, and thus is the status quo maintained. The second half more than redeems things, packing a real emotional punch. Tracey Sinclair is a freelance editor and enema frequency, a published author and performed playwright.