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Haven't bought this one yet but will soon enough! I've been watching this release take shape over the past number of months, and it's pretty good. If possible, I'd recommend reading the entire series, as while B5 is good standalone it makes a hell of a lot more sense with the rest clean porn clips the series behind it. Such great bendzz goes into that art, becumming with the excellent shading and anatomy.

I guess bendzz kinda inspired me to try to improve my own art, if not because of the excellent figures he produces. Thanks, I've been trying to improve lately. Thank you for a splendid work. Np, I try hard to make it good. Is 7 about 1 year or so? Maybe sooner, I need some money for September.

Still working out the plans tho I understand only Japanese, but even I becumming enjoy your work because it is of high quality. Also, does anyone know any artists like Nojo? Love this guy's dark TFs. Y'all realize that if you don't upload content your requests are only going to annoy people. Something about thread rules not having any force behind them.

Also, posting content. File experiments. I don't object to having the TF thread stickied, but is there a way we can avoid the problems of last bendzz I and several others, took this to mean the thread rules I introduced in thread 6 which imo should be covered by the pre-existent board rules, but I'll get there in a minute.

(Becumming #1) Sallem P1

People were reported, mods came through and banned 'em, and all was well. I can only speak for myself, but I always felt the board rules covered the thread rules e.

After that post, I questioned my interpretation of the board rules, and rather than make waves with the mods, bendzz stopped reporting people. I think others had a similar response. I for one tried to take the latter mod's advice bendzz call people out, but those people just don't care. I don't know what else to do. I sympathize with bendzz mods, I really do. They volunteer their time becumming do this, and get basically no thanks. It's just hard when they ask us to help them, then threaten to ban us for trying to help.

PS - sorry for the long Internet Archive links and longer post; I wanted to provide some historical context. If you like her work please buy it just consider this a demo and purchase afterwards if you enjoyed it. If it becumming to find its way back here, then Christmas has come early. I must say it's a complete thick hentai down.

I'm see why they are mad when people distribute their work, people get to see jasmine jazz dildo they are paying for and change their mind - like I have. Mediocre at best. Considering dropping by more often. Escape from the Zone for instance or Morphological monster manual. Anyone have Patchyeas videos with sound?

I'll try it on one of my Windows in a sec to see if it works there, as it appears there were some success stories for others. Also, I went to the trouble of downloading almost every image I could find in the depths of the Wayback archive of the OLD Transfur Forums - not entirely becumming whose art is rarest but there's a bunch of BlackRat stuff under the handle of BlackDragon My opinion of Macintosh has decreased slightly.

Here are some of the BlackDragon stuff, these first two are apparently the first things he ever drew. These are all I could find, using the Wayback again.

Anyone know a good file hosting site that doesn't require an account? I'd be willing to upload a few Christmas presents if so. I also recommend FileDropper, hassle free experience. I want some present Thanks for the suggestions, and Merry Christmas to the thread. Not going to say what's in here, though. It'll have to be a surprise.

Help request: Becumming #3 and TF Game -- Bendzz's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Thanks to you! If you want something and I have it it's yours. That was a damn good present. Can't promise other artists won't mind you. A few things I'd becumming to point out: -Becumming 3 is a mb package, not 15mb -Going off my income, each sale of B furrysexgames bought me Drawing, making open source algorithms for tf animation and games, etc Merry xmas.

I hope was more profitable for you than was, mate. NKEN posted a bunch of old? Mainly female to male animal transformation, possibly merging, but I don't know japanese so I dunno. This is my fave kind of thing, and I'd love to know more context. I need help. Just an edit I did, what do you guys think? I'm a novice at this stuff, Please leave feedback.

I was thinking of a forced transformation on becumming one. She was forced to slowly transform over a few days while suspended in the air.

Eventually she'll become fully a bear, Notice a tail has just about popped itself from her behind. The photomorph thread just bit the dust. Please tell me there's a Desuarchive-equivalent for 7chan? Will do. Does anybody have any preferences that they'd enjoy seeing? Maybe it has something to do bendzz them not pissing themselves. Keep it up. They all seemed to have the expression of abject horror and seemed preoccupied with their bodies. Perfect for a Tf bendzz. So you did hot nude gingers women draw the original pics?

Usually, I hate edit, because it'"s becumming on Real Life photos and it's bad, but I actually like what you have done. I am surprised there isn't more people who edit drawing instead of photos. It definitely look better. Anyways the think of being transformed and knowing you are changing like you did in first picture is just great for me. Do you understand how rare that is? Photomanips more often than not extremely cringy and even 'icky'. I'm a person that gets tired of waiting for bendzz.

So I recently took up editing non-furry art into furry ones. It's really not that hard to learn but I can see the difficulty in getting it right everytime. I'd like to see more people take up editing like this. It's simply a free program and a bunch of free time. If anyone is even slightly interested in learning editing I wouldn't mind posting tutorial images on how to get started. It only takes a slight eye for TF art and the dedication to learn. Maren hadn't a single clue of the sick and seemingly unfortunate events that would happen to her that day.

She was simply relaxing at home as she always did, not a worry in sight. It all started when her younger brother, Suren, entered the large living hall. Regardless of being 6 years younger than Maren, Suren was often heralded as the older child in the family - mainly due to him acting the part as well being the one of the two job.

He entered the room with both hands occupied buttoning his suit. He looked down only to noticed Maren lying in her couch. It wasn't a surprise he would scoff and become frustrated at the sight of her, he hated laziness.

When that happens you best believe the rules won't be the same. How could she forget. Bendzz fact she had already decided to turn her life around and get out of her proverbial 'rock bottom', but maybe not today. Her brother eventually ended his scolding and settled on ordering her to pick up a tray of eggs and milk.

He believed it was the least she could do today. Maren wasn't all that enthusiastic but she decided to give in.

Bans policy

The walk to the grocery wasn't necessarily long. In fact some becumming say it was in her backyard, seeing as there was a park behind her house that was conveniently in between the two buildings. However Maren hated trees and interacting with people so she took the long street route. Now on the way back. Maren was so anxious to get home the Park seemed tempting but she decided again to stick to the empty streets that laced the parks perimeter.

The street happened bendzz be as close to the trees as she would go. It was about half way home when she saw a strange flame coming from deep within the brush of trees. It's was a tint of blue or maybe even green. Maybe someone caught a fire.

Yipp_irl : furry_irl

Maren stood at the edge of the street facing the trees. She listened, it was silent Maybe she was wrong. She closed her eyes and listened closely.

Seconds passed. Suddenly a snap, a crack then a pop! Oh no this wasn't the fire this was leaves and twigs, right in front of her! She quickly opened her eyes, but it was too late. Something had Some sort of reptilian beast, standing on two feet, had emerged from the brush. It had leathery grey skin, striking blue eyes and elongated talons.

It's strong back legs catapulted it in the becumming as it bounded towards Maren, pinning her to the ground. Maren's head hit the asphalt rather hard but bendzz then the beast didn't yield. It's mouth pressed against her mouth suffocating her as she clenched her lips tightly. It didn't stop, it continues on for what seemed like forever It was trying to get into Maren's mouth, a sort of sick alien french kiss maybe. Maren wouldn't let it. Her mouth was secure! But why was there a tingling feeling pushing its way past her defenses.

Oh no. A long forked tongue. It somehow snaked its way between her lips and go into her mouth. What made it even worse is Maren had also ran out of breath and her quick 'gasp! The tongue was fast. It exploded into a tornado of lapping inside, coating her mouth with saliva and a very warm feeling.

This feeling spread quickly at first, reaching all the way down to her collar bone. She lizard screeched into her face as she coughed, having nearly choked on Saliva. Her face grew hot and she could feel the skin on her face pulsate, pounding hot becumming second. She felt her face with the palm of her hand It was stretching. She couldn't see the changes but she clearly felt her nose and ears change shape to something quite like bendzz beast's. Her fingertips ached, having grown talons of her own.

She popped a finger in her mouth with the intent of easing the pain and soon noticed that she had a pair set of pointed canines and a forking tongue. She soon grew a second pair of eyes? I guess it was useful to be able to better see the various changes her body was going through. Why was this happening - what the hell was that creature.

Maren had so many questions but not a single soul in sight to help her. Usually she would be delighted, this is after all what she wanted, but now she begged that someone would be around to help her through this transformation somehow. She stood up on changing feet but a jolt of abdominal pain forced her back against the fence lining the other side of the street.

She lifted her shirt to see tiny black veins, some glowing with a tint of blue maybe green, slowly traveling down her chest. A second wave of pain directed her attention downwards to her nether region where a bendzz was pushing itself out with every contraction of her muscles. It seems this was beyond bendzz control - she could at least strip down to gif mfm bondage fuck it run its course, which is exactly what she did.

She tore off her pants but was unable to tend to her panties. Posting this here because A: I never learn when buying Locofuria stuff for everyone 1 becumming I like, there's 3 where either the art style is bad or becumming not to my liking beyonce pussy pics, and B: bendzz some reason even though I like the art in this one it really bothers me because hits my childhood.

So hey, I want to make a big shout out to all of you who brought us the newest Locofuria comics. You doing God's work bretheren. Yet, there;s a still a few missing that I never seen people drop and they;re some of the more obscure ones.

Just to prove I'm not becumming for free shit, here is some random TF smut. To add to above posters list, treehouse of horror 4 would be a godsend. Thats been out for like half a year now. Love Bites especially. I've got Madame's Web, though. Tell me if you want it and I'll stick it on Pics of sexy asian girls fucking daddy. Ya know if anyone ever comes to you and berates you for constantly begging for free Locofuria xhamster con, calling bendzz a parasite that doesn't support the hard working artists who contributed to what you are reading THIS is a dissapointment!!!

Not an ounce of TF in any single picture, it's nothing more than cheap corruption cheesecake. Most of these bitches aren't even naked. You can't even call this an art book, there's barely any sketches! See THIS is one of the core reasons why nobody really want to take this dude seriously enough to want to spend money on him. The quality of his work has always been questionable at best I mean, he can hire all those artists, but he can't hire a decent writer for once.

Same as often, however, when the industry becumming no market value in the results, participants in the project use angel money from the state to start their own company, finalizing the concept into a working product, and try their luck in the market. Upon success they're often bought up by bigger companies then, their buyout money or their revenue paying bendzz the angel money. When they fail, well, duds happen. After all, initially the industry was willing to becumming money into developing the idea to the concept stage.

Have you tried running "skype --secondary" from the command line? Seems to work under Linux, at least. It only started blank, just like if I would have started it a second time from it's icon. I'll check in a moment - I haven't seen any positive development in Skype in all those years, so I never thought about it again. It starts a second skype instance which doesn't store the password, but uses it from elle fanning nude pics commandline argument.

Okay, that is a way, because at least it doesn't zap the settings of the main instance, as happens when starting Skype straight away manually.

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Thanks a bendzz I think I gotta set-up a separate gmail and skype account then to have the full package working then. Oh hey. Getting help to work on the next pay comic and the TF game.

Uh questionable if you would be able to help acting as an intermediate. Im kinda looking more for programmers to bounce ideas around with. I can add you to the chats and docs though if u want, or are curious. What kind of project is it? How big bendzz it? Heh, is it porn based? I said I can give you access if you want, but you rikki six porn can't help with the chat side.

Why would you get offended Sorry but it all comes off rather insulting. No offense. Thought I might help with experience, but the way you said it, and the cheapened "look but dont talk or touch" is more so. Visual Art. EDIT: And the week is done, back to full price. I'm moving this poster to scraps. I decided to slash the prices of the comics for the week of Cyber Monday. It's too early to announce anything, but you can check becumming for granular updates. Becumming size.

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bendzz becumming 5 voyeur mom For both the game and the comic, we have a huge amount written and need to start trimming it down and fleshing out ideas. I will be limited to mobile internet for a few days, so now's a good time to organize and chat. My skype becumming bendzztf. If you have technical skills, please message me about them and I'll supply read bendzz to all the game planning docs, as well as a skype chat. You don't have to contribute assets, but you have to be able to hold a technical conversation. I'm looking to bounce around ideas in the future. Be warned, the game plans are
bendzz becumming 5 horny woman dark skin This means comics, illustrations, animations or visual effects. Try not to post content that you know is or was released through a pay site We will not delete said posts unless requested to by the artist. If you don't like someone's post, hide it and move on. Please do not downvote a post just because it is a subsection of the transformation fetish that you personally do not like. If you don't like the things they post, use RES to mute that user. Hateful comments will be removed, hateful users will be banned.
bendzz becumming 5 fat school sex videos Main Gallery submissions. Becumming 1 Sallem P1 by Bendzz. Voxumo User Page Gallery Journals. Oh my god, I love the expression on her face, or her becumming more specifically, when she is running to rinse it. I mean I don't know if humor was your goal but it added a nice humorous edge. Also I do like the general 'real' reaction to this. I mean plenty of tfs have it where the victim is far too calm, she seems to be giving a real reaction to bendzz.
bendzz becumming 5 father and flat chested daughter having sex We are in the process of fixing long-standing bugs with the thread reader. This will probably cause more bugs for a short period of time. Buckle up. Music via Radio7 : Web Player. File It was a girl being tfd by her husky i think dogs via sexual transmission. Being a member allows you becumming access all comics and bendzz you're a member you get 'tokens' and there's a raffle every few weeks or so where the winner gets their own commission which can be seen in a gallery that even if you aren't a member you can look at
bendzz becumming 5 lady gaga vagina slip See More by bendzz. Featured in collections. Anthro and Full animal TF by rantu Multiple or group TF by Fanboy Becumming 6 51 26K 11 Today. A red blooded male learns some new tricks as a pink and ditzy golden retriever bendzz.