Best food to eat before anal sex

In the latest installment of the video series, porn stars get down to the dirty details of anal, answering the question, "What can you eat before anal sex? But for anyone who has or is considering trying anal, the question of what you can safely eat beforehand may have crossed your mind.

What You Eat Matters

Adult film actresses are here to answer it. Hang the gay birthday cake water bottle which should have a hook on it on the showerhead. Then, lay down in the tub for comfort, place a towel underneath you and insert the rectal tip into your butt and open the clamp. If the water pressure is too strong, close the clamp, wait, re-open it and let the water work its way through you until the hot water bottle is empty.

When empty, the objective here is to keep the water in your body for as long as you can. Three to 15 minutes is great, but this all depends on how often you've done this.

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When the water is in your body, rotate to help coat the entire colon in water. Then, as Angel so eloquently described earlier: empty yourself into the toilet. However, rest assured that this process is not the only way to prepare for anal sex. Consuming yogurt is a good way to stabilize your stomach if it feels bubbly, wonky, or all over the place. I treat them as intestinal street sweepers. But it's not just what you eat -- it's also what you avoid eating. With that in mind, stay away from greasy foods. Instead of making waste slide out of you quickly, these foods do the opposite, making everything completely sticky and hard to pass.

The Bottom Diet: How to Eat for Anal Sex

That's how you end up with those remnants of fecal waste that you thought you got all out, but missed. I have also learned that sushi is a good meal on days of hooking up and lovemaking. These tips aren't exclusive to our single and mingling queers, but also apply to our coupled queers who are trying to navigate sexual wellness, as well as any heterosexual people who asgcc in anal play.

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In this world of hookup culture and dating, it is imperative that you treat your body well when bottoming so it can weather the experience for the long haul. It's recommended for anal health that you don't use the liquid inside store-bought enemas, but lukewarm los fitoestrogenos engordan instead: The chemicals in the enemas are thought to irritate and dry out your rectal cavity, which increases the likelihood of tears and transmission of STIs sexually transmitted infections including HIV for people who are HIV negative.

Sending your dad a text meant for your daddy by mistake. Oh, just me then?

The Best Diet for Bottoming: Here's How to Have Anal Sex Without Making a Mess - VICE

When it comes to sex, the potential for awkward situations is even higher. Particularly when, for lack of other options and holesanal sex is the default setting for many gay men.

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Of course, some queer men prefer other sex acts, but while anal might not be everyone's favoured release, it is undoubtedly a big part of gay male culture. A dreaded gay sex scenario can happen if mess, otherwise known as shit, appears during the deed.