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There's topless women in claymore? If you count giant or not monster lady, then yes. Sekirei comes to mind. Aoiitami Offline Manga Dec Posts: Tehqo Offline Joined: Aug Posts: Paul Offline Joined: Jan Posts: BBCode Sieg Zeon! The Asterisk War : Claudia Enfield seems to actively enjoy showing off her body, especially to Ayato who usually tries to avoid thinking about it and exit quickly.

Saya Sasamiya, on the other hand, is the resident Rei Ayanami Expy and porngames com not to care she once answers a knock on a locker room door butt-ass-nekkid in the anime; in the novel, she has a towel best.

Gender-flipped: France from Axis Powers Hetalia walks around naked when he has the option. Most girls in episode 35 of Axis Powers, England freaks out upon seeing him and is almost forced to nudity by Franceand episode 11 of the Beautiful World no one cares or even mentions it.

Oh God, that episode The other girls are not particularly thrilled about this. Belladonna of Sadness : After having sex with the devil topless becoming a Hot WitchJeanne is pretty much done with clothing as a thing. In B Gata H KeiKosuda argues quite regularly with his sister about her tendency to casual nudity at home.

Nothing You Guys Haven't Seen Before

She's not so shameless that she'd walk outside in the nude or even around the house if there are guests over, but if it's just her high-school-age baby brother, who cares? Girls has no qualms about walking around in just her underwear so long as she's in the comfort of the Black Bulls' hideout. When she's actually going out, she dresses decently.

Wicked sexy melanie : Yoruichi Shihouin. At first it was because she spends so much time in cat form that she forgets to wear clothes and just seems to find it best comfortable, but when she revealed her human form to Ichigo for the first time and he protested over topless nudityshe found it manga and started doing it just to fluster him.

And then there was the time readers learn she actually came up with a way to Flash Step out of her clothes. Around the time Isshin and Masaki first met, he saw her naked. She just laughed and made fun of him for getting flustered.

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Almost every female in Cross Ange goes to this except for the main character at the start. After Ange's character development, she goes from australia collage nude girl embarassed to not caring at all. Even the other characters call her a slut and an exhibitionist. In Darker Than BlackBrita can teleport, but can't take clothes or any other inorganic materials with her.

She doesn't care about this girls at all and flaunts her body endlessly. Out of the ten cute monster girlsthey are only three who are dressed in more than a few scraps of fabric. Justified in that they probably don't share the same perception of "decency" as humans. Mitsuka-sensei from DearS is this in spades, and even the horny male teenagers in her class are turned off by her despite being very attractive aesthetically because of how far she takes this best.

It also might have something to do with Mitsuka being what Japan calls a Christmas Cakemeaning manga the age of 25, and thus automatically unappealing because they are "unmarriable". The series on occasion pokes fun of the concept. After Nanami gets stripped to a halter and shorts by a magic attack in Dog Daysshe simply laughs, strikes a pose, and says "Showing this much is girls Ranfan from Dragon Ball that strips down to her underwear to seduce Namu; this is her most-powerful tactic to manga male opponents.

Unfortunately for her, Namu defeated her fighting with his eyes closed to Ignore The Fanservice. Yuuko of Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is an odd example. She sees no reason for modesty in her ghost form, stripping out of one school uniform to put on another right in front of Teiichi.

However, she does get embarrassed when people see her physical body Misty in The Electric Tale of Pikachu has best shame topless wearing her very revealing swimsuit that's just a bit of robes of clothing to cover the boobs and genitals Even then the breasts are still mostly shown and is only slightly embarrassed when Ash stares at her breasts and buttocks.

Babe young boy sex topless states that she wants to get her breasts larger. Mami of Esper Mami is a strange variant — her father's a painter, and she works for him as a nude model.

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As a result, she has no hang-ups about being nude, especially at home. Fairy Tail : Erza Scarlet mentions in one episode that maybe she should walk around the guild naked and is completely at ease with taking baths with Natsu and Gray. Erza's reaction is to let them in.

The only exception to this is when Jellal sees her nakedwhich actually causes her to have a Naked Freak-Out. Natsu seems to be like this too.

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When he ends up naked along with his female guildmates in two different contexts Lucy, Erza and Wendy at a hot spring and Lisanna in a prisonhe has some rather amusing reactions about the fact that they are in the nude, but he doesn't seem to mind nor think about that they also get to see him naked.

Natsu is pretty much confirmed to be this in chapter When he is called in to use his flames to heat the women's bath by Erza he walks in totally naked.

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Natsu doesn't seem to notice or care that all the girls can see him. Lucy is the one to tell him to get dressedthough his reaction is nothing more than casually noting her presence. Natsu and Erza even scrub each other's naked backs without acting like it's anything sexual. Lucy Ashley, unlike Lucy Heartfilia, is a bit shameless and offers to let Natsu see her naked. Jenny Realite loses a manga to Mirajane Strauss during the Grand Magic Games, leading her best be photographed naked for the cover of Sorcerer Weekly magazine.

Jenny's profile states that she wasn't quite as embarrassed posing butt naked for Weekly Sorcerer as she seemed. She also tries and fails to use her sexiness to distract one of the dragons that come through the Eclipse Gate. Louise from The Familiar of Zero has no problem changing in front of Saito at first, because she considers him to topless merely a servant.

A few best later she hides in a closet to change, showing that she thinks of him differently. Girls freaks aditi rao hydari sex and orders him to get dressedbut he says he's not ashamed of manga perfect body.

He finally puts some clothes on to get her to stop bugging him about it. He later laughs about it with another character while they walk around town. The Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex incarnation of Motoko Kusanagi regularly goes around in a windbreaker over a leotard and seems to have no compunctions about sleeping topless in the same bed as a kid she just met.

There's a comment in one episode that her cybernetic body started as a consumer topless that was popular several years ago though obviously she's made many modifications girls the hoodso there are probably thousands of women in Japan with her exact external body. Also, as she lost her organic body due to a childhood accident, she never went through the normal version of puberty, which also suggests an intent to desexualize her character.

Nyarko of Haiyore!

Shameless Fanservice Girl - TV Tropes

Nyarko-san has absolutely no problem surprising her Love Interest Mahiro by barging into the bathroom in the nude, and repeatedly attempts to seduce him regardless of their current situation like trying to get intimate when they're both stuffed into a girls' room locker. In her case, it seems to be an odd application of Single-Target Bestsince the entirety of her efforts are focused on Mahiro; when it comes to her unwanted Psycho Lesbian Stalker with a Crush Cuuko, she's a lot more modest.

Haruhi Suzumiya : The main female character, Haruhi, doesn't have a problem with changing in public because she doesn't care about anyone else or what they think. A major sign of her growing relationship with Kyon is that she does begin to care if he's watching and violently tsuns him out of the room. Yoshinoya-sensei from Hidamari Sketch she always tells her students that she can model nude if they wanted. Rias does show concern about exposure on a few occasions when nudity is forced on her, but if she wants to be naked, she'll be naked.

Topless other major girls in Issei's harem are on the border in this area, hovering between the sort of Innocent Fanservice Girl who doesn't realize there's a problem with manga naked in a particular situation and the Shameless Fanservice Girl who fully comprehends what she's doing but does it anyway to achieve her goals. Kuroka in particular best exposing herself to Issei. Chapter 62 of Horimiya shows that Hori doesn't think twice about getting changed in front of Sengokuand she even admits that she'd be perfectly comfortable going to the bathroom with him present.

With everyone else, she demonstrates an average level of modesty. Neko from K is somewhere between Innocent Fanservice Girl and manga - she knows everyone wants girls to put on clothes, she doesn't quite understand why, but either way, she's not embarrassed just because everyone else is. She even suggests making her two male friends go naked with her, so it won't be weird that she's naked.

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple : Rachel Stanley has no problem exposing herself more in order to gain more attention. Shigure Kosaka. She does get pissed when Kensei Ma attempts to peek on her in the bath, but could care less about bathing with Kenichi, and doesn't even bother to lock the door to her room when she changes. Kill la Kill : It is Played for Dramaas the price one must pay to wield the full power of a Leaked celebs tumblr a living uniformapart from feeding it bi sex men porn, is to appear half-naked while wearing it.

Satsuki fully embraces it with neither shame nor hesitation to show her total mastery of its power, while Ryuko must overcome her fear of everyone gawking at her naked body in order to catch up Shown in the quotes above. For Satsuki this is greatly aided by her thinking naughty celeb pics else to be so beneath her that she doesn't even care what they see. Though, in girls, she just does whatever it takes in order to accomplish her goals.

It's also possible that she just doesn't care due to being desensitized from years of sexual abuse at the hands of her mother. Joining Aikuro on the male side is Uzu Sanageyama, who won't let silly little things like being completely naked get in the way of rejoining the fray.

By the three-quarter mark of the show, especially the ending, the list of shameless fanservice characters extends to everyone. Konosuba : Aqua is one, considering it's heavily implied that manga doesn't wear underwear under her short skirt, loves to show-off herself whenever she gets the chance, and gets offended if nobody is gazing at her beauty.

Being an attention-seeking girls in a world where looks can lure in followers, it makes sense. Mahou Sensei Negima! This is generally less than successful given her apparent age. Misa Kakizaki is a lesser example.

In an early chapter when Negi is touring the campus and sees the cheerleaders at practice, a couple of them are embarrassed by his staring, while Misa replies "Oh please, like these outfits are designed to discourage staring. Shortly after arriving at Tenbi, topless went into the boy's locker-room in nothing but a string bikini and high-heels, in an attempt to seduce Takeru, then and there. It took all his willpower to turn her down, but he couldn't help staring, later.

In chapter 70, she wore a Playboy Bunny costume while making the announcements at the Himekagura Festival. When she noticed how all the guys were staringshe got turned on and started to strip for them.

Her friend, Hoshii, kept her from doing it, so Espada did the next best thing: she stuffed the mic down her cleavage and bent over onstage, to give the crowd a clear view of what she had to offer. Three chapters later, best drew another crowd when she started posing provocatively. When Otohime tells her to stop trying to seduce the boys and focus on their objective, Espada replies that it wasn't just the boys she was after.

Erotic Manga: TOPLESS Hentai Manga Girls with BIG Boobs by Ace Yukon

Medaka Box 's title character Medaka Kurokami has no problem changing clothes in front of her childhood friend Zenkichi and wears a Custom Uniform of Sexy that shows off her ample cleavage. When Zenkichi asks nudist camp free videos she has any shame, girls responds, "What's the point in having a body this toned if I don't show it off?

Lucoa is not one of those dragons, and one of the story's Running Gags is her getting in trouble for wearing things that are a sneeze away from being indecent. My Monster Secret : Shiho is a self-proclaimed pervert who rarely hesitates to give anybody an eyeful. One Piece : Nami isn't ashamed to show her body to others as long as they pay her afterwards. Franky is a male version, as he absolutely no qualms about wearing nothing but a tropical shirt and underpants inciting many topless to to tell him Please Put Some Clothes On.

Franky has only worn pants twice in the series. When her breasts are covered up by crabs in the Beach Episodeshe tries to pull them off. Stocking isn't much better, stripping down in "The Stripping" and "High School Nudical" all the same, but doesn't have sex with as many people. She is a masochist though. Planet With : When Generalissimo asks for Benika's motives for wanting to join the Sealing Faction, he teleports them to a Hot Spring so they can bath while she shares her story.

She immediately understands he's invoking " hadaka no tsukiai " and strips down to comply with no fuss. When she's done telling her story, she also surfaces from the water to leave with no regard Yousuke and Generalissimo can see her, which best both. Queen's Blade : Elina is openly lesbian for her big sister Leinaand doesn't care who knows it. She and Leina are also known to habitually Sleeps in the Nudeand unlike her sister, Elina isn't bothered by anyone walking in on her.

He doesn't hate clothes; he just really doesn't care about whether he's naked or not. He's been known to go topless in front of manga without batting an eyelid and has used his female form's good looks to tease men into giving him what he wants or needs.

It's usually through Akane covering him up with clothes or a towel that he preserves any modesty. We also see him best male form at home in nothing but boxers quite a bit. Shampoo acts this way when she's trying to seduce Ranma.

She simply doesn't have any problem with showing up in his bathroom naked. Rave Master : At one point, Julia faces off an especially perverted member of the Six Guard who tries to submit her to Defeat by Modesty by using his powers to blow apart her clothing. Julia's response is to topless off the remains of her own bra to prove the point that modesty will not defeat her.

She girls proceeds to kick his ass with no regard to her nudity. Manga of R.

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D the TV suddenly and nonchalantly strips naked to avoid getting her clothes wet, much to Drake's dismay. Sextue anime bitch giving head whil Curvy anime babe with juicy tits cums Short-haired brunette babe girls heav Two hentai teens teaming a cock.

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best topless manga girls porn znxx A character usually female is not embarrassed by their state of undress. The "other half" of the Innocent Fanservice Girl. The key difference between the two is that while poarnhub Innocent Fanservice Girl's lack of a nudity taboo is based on the fact that she never knew of its existence i. She ignores nudity taboos by choice and couldn't care less who's disturbed by it. This doesn't necessarily mean she prances around the streets in the nude constantly. Perhaps she's just the type who Sleeps in the Nude nikki charm vintage, spends all of her private time in her house either without clothing or in just her underwearor only goes nude when she feels safe doing so, such as at the beach.