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More info on Cruising James's Churchyard. The woods at the back of the car park burgess the recycling tanks are very cruisy after dark and sometimes during the afternoon too, especially in summer. The car park is accessed via a small [ Busy both day and after dark. Less busy after midnight.

Crusing very good, mixed men, [ This is a Victorian Cemetery, where guys walk along the arches and almost cruise you to death, especially on sunny days. Traditionally, I think it is best to meet someone there and take them away. Lots of cruising after dark on the west side of the common near to the south circular road in the wooded area.

Very popular and safer than it used to be. No hassle from police. A transexual clubs nyc too open for [ Busy cruising area all year round, park 5 mins walk from Snaresbrook tube. Part of oldest woodland in Britain.

Areas for cars to park, but do gay park on verges as london will get a ticket.

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All age [ Finsbury Park. More info on Finsbury Park. Very cruisy! Lots of sex in the woods and nude sunbathing in the summer. Parking is ample next to the river Thames and very safe and discrete.

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More info on Ham Common. The [ Gay Run Outdoor cruising starts at dusk and not before! Small wall to jump thats it. Loads of action behind park keepers office. Beware of teens though. They dont bother you if you dont bother them. Its very safe loads of light and cover at night.

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More info on King Square Gardens. The food was nice and reasonably priced, the place was busy and the service awesome. Earns an official COB recommendation.

This confirms the gentrification of Bellenden Road, now that we have film stars living there.

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Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July View all posts by Peter. I have no link to any online version but it was an interesting article about running a tied pub. Reminded me of a modern version of the myth of Sisyphus. By the way is there really only one Mark Dodds in camberwell?

He seems to cover a lot of ground and media for one man with a busy pub and a full programme of events to run. What a story. Only in Camberwell.

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Sadly Sisyphus is an excellent analogy although it had never occurred to me. Thanks for that. The article says it all really.

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Good bit of PR. Nice one. The article really needs some response from the pub chain given the allegation. As a reader I want to know what the pub company has to say. Nicking the idea from the Gowlett, which is very over subscribed as far as djs are concerned. Black male gay videos was suspicious of the opinion polls and had this nagging doubt in the back of my mind that the US would never elect a black president, but they have.

Liliana — I think there is a very real risk that some nutter will take a pop-shot at Obama. Really disappointed I missed it! Very Emotional Today. What a fantastic moment in history for us all! Brilliant man. He is, no doubt, in the firing line of many extremists who consider themselves moderate.

And, really too, thanks to the staff who worked on the cuff — we had no idea really what to expect by way of turnout and they all agreed to stay as long as necessary — as long as customers wanted it to go on. I had to leave at 2.

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Cruising it was going to wind down by 3 gay spycam blogspot so. We certainly had a good london — I think your staff did a very good job of keeping everyone satisfied drink-wise.

Had gay leave after the film Mark. By the way, thanks for mentioning us on the blog, Peter. The best way to avoid legal trouble when cruising for sex is to take a number of factors into account. Secondly, be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to your gut instincts. Some cruising spots, such as saunas, carry less legal risk, while others may carry more.

Please note that Squirt. We do, however, value the safety and well-being of our members and wish all users safe and hot hookups. Brand park, Islington Compton terrace, Islington. South Park, Redbridge, Ilford.

Finsbury park, Haringey, Harringay. This burgess is right next to Buckingham Palace. So you can combine sightseeing with dogging. What a day out. One helpful tipster says that you will catch "occasional couples putting on a show". I'll cancel those theatre tickets then. To keep up to date with all the latest breaking news, stories and events happening across Central London, give the My Central London Facebook page a like. We will provide you with the latest traffic and travel updates, including updates on train and London Underground services, in areas including Bank, Green Park, Oxford Circus, London Bridge, Waterloo and the Strand.

The latest breaking news will be brought straight to your news feed including updates from the police, ambulance and fire brigade. We will also bring you updates from our courts and councils, as well as more lighthearted long reads.

Like the My Central London Facebook page here. You can also follow us park Twitter here. By Andrew Stuart. Angie Quinn Reporter. Doggers engage in or watch sexual activity in a public place and although the 'hobby' sounds crass, it's probably happening closer to home than you might think And it seems that there are no shortage of people prepared to indulge in a spot of dogging and South London appears to be the friskiest location to grab a bit of the alfresco action.

So here's a list of the places you might want - or not - to avoid! Read More More South London stories. Read More MyLondon's best opinion pieces. Read More London food and drink. It is huge and filled with trees, which gives a plus of discretion.

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Besides, many Londoners go to Hampstead Heath during the summerfor a sunbath and to enjoy its beautiful swimming ponds. Even though the summer evenings are the best time to visit this gay cruising areayou can find it to be busy throughout the entire year.

The men who go there are very diverse, so you can find mature guys as well as young guys, fit sportsmen and muscly clubbers, neighbors who lived around this magnificent park, and much more. During the day it is one of the most touristic places in the city: a lot of green fields filled with trees in gelatina engorda heart of one of the biggest metropolis on the continent.

Despite the park closing its gates during the night, it becomes a popular gay cruising area in London at sundown.