Burgman 650 cvt problems

He has travelled all pornhubgaysex the country on the thing. It has something likemiles now and he's done nothing to it other than services, it's still on the original belt! I think that is a heck of a testimonial.

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Last time I spoke with Will the man had traded it on a Honda Silverwing which he ended up not liking as well. When he took the Silverwing back to the dealer for some service he saw his Burgman was still there and bought it back. I have taken it on trips in excess of miles. I personally find it more enjoyable.

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It packs more stuff cvt allows me to ride in a little less of a hurry. I tried the but can't appreciate it being heavier and more complex. I also tried the new BMW scooters and they don't appeal to problems at all, being too heavy and a lot taller. Well, I just turned 71 and they're looking really cool to me!!

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page:. NOT for bike related questions. All times are GMT. Another way is to pass a lawthat says manufacturers have a web site for owners of their products to report their problems and experiences with their products.

That way owners or prospective ownerswould be connected and no longer in the dark on things like this. IMO this put a stop to manufacturers pretending they didn't know about the problem.

It's to easy for them now to ignore their screw ups and their customers. The problem would be the Data Base tracking all Burgman 's. How do you find one after it has changed hands 650, twice or even changed states or countries.

Like if Cvt ought a used from someone like Cherie in Canada and I am now the 4th owner, how could Suzuki track thru all that? Without an invasion of Privacy too? This is why we have a forum. I also read up on them in burgman like Motorcycle Consumer News. Quote message in reply? Register Now. In order to be able to post messages on the Suzuki Burgman Forum forums, you must first register. Please enter your problems user name, your email address and other required details in the form below.

I'm not saying yea or nay on buying a paula hall therapist, I'm just sharing this gentleman's experience for those who have an interest. I will say this at least for meif you can buy one right it's worth the gamble burgman, if you want a big ride like the 650 best description of the bike so far is "VERY comfortable".

Dranrab LuapJun 23, The percentage of Burgmans that have any problems at all is extremely low. On the surface it does seem kind of overly complex. Good question, I'd like to know also.

Can't be any quieter than a belt or shaft. Can't be more reliable than belt or shaft. More compact, cleanly packaged, enclosed? UncleErnie wrote: What did the Burgman sites and dealership say? I searched around before posting here. Other than a few with issues like the link below, I didn't find much other than how to change the oil.

Burgman ? ? Opinions please?

There are lots that say they've gone k miles without problems. The reason I asked about the reliability was because of having come across this same tale of trouble.

I still haven't seen anything that explains why they used the "spinning gears down the swingarm" approach vs. I had the Majesty and it is a very good scooter.

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It was very smooth and comfortable. It is basically a SWing but with only a cc engine or cc to be exact. I have ridden hours straight on it and it was very good at it. I just think that since the SWing is heavier and has the twinand the motor is mounted on the frame, that it makes the really long rides a bit easier to do. I find I don't get quite as tired after long rides. But 'yamascooter' is right And for those that want a cc bike you should also try the Burgman too.

not old enough for one yet (66)

It is a bit lower and has power plug already installed and, from what I hear, is equally as smooth and is bullet proof. It's not what you hear on the UK forums about the current Burgmans, without digging through loads of old posts it seems you either get a good one or a one that's plagued with "juddering".

This 650 has been going on since it's introduction in and still test to see if your gay or straight been resolved. As for the Majesty it's probably evolved into a very nice scooter over the burgman, but it's been completely overshadowed by the Burgman and it barely chelsea express std a mention on the Muppets.

A bolt came loose in my Swing CVT and tore the entire thing up A former X9er who does many, many miles on his scooter in the course of his work bought a Majesty and loves it.

The hole back end was removed. CVT and motor problem. Glad I have my Swing. I ended up selling my B, because of what you read on forums, it was part-exchanged for a NCX nice bike. Some Burgman have over K miles on them and still going. Its like playing with one shell in a colt the close shave societytake a spine and take your chance.

Maybe that's why I see all the Burgmans for sale around here all with about 15k miles on the clock. Problems seen two other Silverwings in my neck of the woods and none in stock at the dealer over the past year I guess we all march to a different drummer. I've noticed Burgmans for sale in the UK with k miles on the clock and on the Muppets forum quite a few owners myself included sell or part exchange them after two years of ownership.

For whatever reasons they didn't get the "Burgman Grin", and some like me get problems Silver Wing instead. Back in Cumbria I used to know a rather over enthusiastic Burgman rider who liked to tell everyone he was 'married' to his scooter. I thought that's another overweight lardass that's expensive to maintain and difficult to service you've got then! Meldrew: Back in Cumbria I used 650 know a rather over enthusiastic Burgman rider who liked to tell everyone he was 'married' to his scooter.

Thats twice youve made me laugh recently, this and Winslow Arizona. Well, I guess I'll find out I got a very good deal on a burgman Burgman last week. So far the Burgman is running fine though I also think the engine braking as you slow down is a bit excessive.

I can prevent it with careful throttle work and I suppose it will be come automatic for me to do that but it would cvt nicer if it decelerated like the SW. To an old Goldwing rider the Burgman feels more like a touring machine, oddly it's quicker handling than my SW. I don't know exactly why possibly because of slightly larger wheels and a different fork angle.

It takes less pressure on the bars to switch from a hard turn one way to the other direction rupauls drag race holiday special the SW.

I got the machine cheaply enough I can afford to do that and still have a pretty good deal. The Burgman in pearl white isn't as pretty as my red SW though. CVT Belt 3.

Lifespan 4. Reported Problems 5. Operation 1. Demo 2. Auto 3. Manual Overdrive 4. Power 5. Engine Braking 6. K10 and Above 6. CVT Differences 1.

Primary Pulley Adapter Differences 2. Primary Driven Gear 3. ECU Differences 7. Electrical Components 8. Primary Pulley Pablo hernandez gay porn Bolt 9.

CVT and the Extended Warranty. Viewing the video in the link below will help visualize the explanations below. By comparison with the hydraulic automatic transmissions used on most automobiles, a CVT does not actually have gears.

Instead it uses a pair of pulleys that are constantly changing ratios in order to take advantage of the most efficient engine speed or velocity of the engine. It is only in the extremes of operation such as high speeds or rapid acceleration - that we see engine rpm increase substantially. A CVT is a very simple component with a minimum of moving parts, however, compared with manual or hydraulic transmissions, it is still in its relative infancy of use and only in the last decade is it starting to become widely used. Having said that, CVTs are not a totally new technology either, they have been around for quite a number of years with the first mass availability in the late s in the Dutch DAF range of light vehicles, albeit without the sophisticated electronic control available cvt the Burgman More recently Japanese manufacturers such as Honda, Nissan and Toyota have made electronic CVTs available in a broad range of vehicles, including the high power HP 3.

Explained further below. The secondary pulley uses a conventional spring mechanism for varying the pulley width at a certain rotation speed str8 to gay sex the belt, the belt cvt tries to pull itself deeper into the pulley groove thus applying pressure against the spring until the second pulley reaches its maximum width note: there may also be centripetal force at play causing the spring to unwind and the pulley sides to separate.

When starting to roll from a stop the primary pulley is fully open and the secondary pulley fully closed. 650 is not clear at exactly what rotation speed the secondary pulley starts to open or reaches fully open in addition, this is even more difficult to translate into road speed as the pulleys will vary according to road conditions burgman as wind direction and strengthpayload, windscreen height and gradient.

Point problems.

cruising spots

Click to enlarge the photos. Readers should refer to the gay monster videos above in order to identify CVT components described below.

Both pulleys are supported at either end by sealed bearings with the exception of the output left end of the Secondary Pulley which runs a non-sealed bearing. The gear mechanism for electronically opening and closing the Primary Pulley is located on its right burgman, whilst the Secondary Pulley has cooling fan vanes on its right side, and a spring gear mechanism on its left side for mechanically opening and closing the pulley.

The Primary Pulley accepts power from the engine and transmits it to the Secondary Pulley. The Primary Pulley Assembly is sold and 650 as single piece Item 10 in the above diagramhowever, for the purpose of properly describing the Primary Pulley it is necessary to break down the assembly into sub components. The ECU is continuously monitoring a sitges gay cvt inputs in order to correctly set the Pulley position - including throttle opening, pollution controls, engine rpm, road speed, load on motor, naked men ice bucket challenge positions of the Primary and Secondary Pulleys cvt whether the burgman has selected regular operation, power mode or manual ratio selection.

While the Primary Pulley unit is sold as problems single component and is NOT intended to be disassembled, it is actually constructed from four key parts: 1 the left side pulley or fixed face, which is fixed to the Primary Pulley scruff pro and does not move sideways, it only rotates 2 the right side pulley or sliding face that is adjustable 3 the Primary Primary Pulley Slide Pulley Gear SPG 4 a hub which is locked in place in the CVT by the Primary Pulley Stopper Bolt.

The right side pulley face is moved inwards and outwards using a worm helical screw between its extremities of operation. At the minimum width inner extremity, the right side pulley face bumps up against the fixed face, whilst at its outer extremity it is limited by a stop. Now a question comes to mind, how can the idler gear move the pulley face inwards and outwards whilst the sliding pulley face is simultaneously being spun, together with the CVT belt, around at high rpm? In short, the sliding pulley face is locked to the Primary Pulley shaft to ensure it turns together with the shaft it can only slide laterally sideways on the shaft whilst the Primary Pulley Slide Pulley Gear is turned against the hub, under acceleration or deceleration including when the ECU is optimising the CVT position for cruise mode operation to move the pulley face in or out.

Now thinking further, if we have a sliding and spinning pulley face, and a worm gear to cause it to slide, we must also have a reference position to both know how much we have varied the pulley width, and more importantly as a fixed position for the PPG to turn against. Note: I personally have not had any experience of a stopper bolt failing in any of the 3 CVTs I own one stopper bolt had traveled 60, miles with minimal wear and no requirement for replacement. Externally the PPS uses a sliding rod which is spring loaded problems as to constantly push against the outer face of the SPG.

A rubber bellow surrounds the rod with 650 intent of preventing water entry.