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The justices wiped out lower court rulings against the bakers and sent the case back for another round of hearings. The legal dispute raised the same issues that arose a year ago in the case of a Colorado baker who refused to provide a custom cake to celebrate the wedding of two men.

That baker, Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cake, said it would require him to act against his religious views and violate his right of free speech. The court failed then to resolve the central issues in his case, ruling instead on narrow grounds unique to him.

Religiously affiliated groups were hoping the justices would use the Oregon case to answer the hard questions it avoided last year. But sending the case back to the lower courts, with instructions to reconsider their rulings in light of the Colorado case, gives the lower courts very little to go on.

Boyden Gray, a Washington, D. It is event-based and message-based. This description is, however, available for all case on the basis of sexual orientation. For some people, being gay is an concealable identity. Before there can be discrimination, the victim must voluntarily do something to identify herself as gay.

If anti-discrimination protection of gay people has any point at all, it is to prohibit this kind of discrimination. It exists in order to remove the pressure on gay people to hide their identities. The conduct is the object of protection. The case is similar with the prohibition of religious discrimination. One can't know that admire my skin retinoid reviews target of discrimination is Mormon, for example, unless that person discloses that he is one.

Discrimination against those who wear yarmulkes and hijabs is religious discrimination, even though the wearing of those items is conduct and not status. Every time a vendor provides someone with goods and services without discriminating, that's an event that has communicative significance.

The exception will swallow the rule whole. There will be no violations of the law that do not fall within the exception. Take the familiar case of the restaurant yo soy asi nunca cambiare would not serve black customers. It's the paradigm of wrongful discrimination, the core case of what the law prohibits. We generally think of that as status-based discrimination. But it is also cake the black customers want to do something, something that white case are already permitted to do.

Neither conduct nor event nor message can provide a workable distinction between what Phillips did and the paradigmatic discrimination that the law prohibits.

One might reply that there must be some message-based exceptions to anti-discrimination law. Contrast Phillips with the case of William Jack, who requested that several Colorado bakers cake cakes decorated with biblical verses baker images that condemned homosexuality. Each baker refused, and Jack unsuccessfully claimed religious discrimination: the cakes reflected his religious beliefs, and so rejecting the cakes discriminated against those beliefs.

The discrimination here was not on the basis of religion, baker the bakers would not sell these cakes to anyone. The bakers would have discriminated on the basis of religion if they had refused to sell them to someone wearing a hijab, or if they had refused to sell an undecorated cake that they baker would be used at a bar mitzvah.

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