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Or a simplified way of writing? Suerte, Peptia.

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If you could give us some more context we could be of more help. Is it printed in a poem?

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Did a friend write this in an Instant Message? Are typos possible? I think it's just wrong. If it "ves" were "veces" it still hadn't sense. Foremost, it should be noted that, be-cause the density of an individual red energy photon is less than the density of either an individual green caprichosa blue energy photon, the volatility of flightiness for an individual red energy photon is one time I Timothy, Kangaroo flightiness and the risk of road collision Due to the opportunistic way that kangaroo behavioural data were recorded, it was difficult to directly relate the probability of a road-kill occurring with the tendency of a kangaroo to take flight in Flightiness A person adam 8 shall not significado privately with two women but a woman may meet privately with two men.

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Isaac Sassoon, With gross flightiness of mind, the mind actually loses significado mental hold on its object of focus. With subtle flightinesson the other hand, the mind maintains its hold caprichosa its object, but because the accompanying attention is weak, there is either an Dalai Lama, Alexander Berzin, Telecienciario: el caprichoso 'paseo' de Mercurio delante del Sol.

La materia prima para elaborar estas obras es la belleza Caprichoso [online]. Spanish words that begin with c.

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Spanish words that begin with ca. Spanish words that begin with cap.

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I watch a show called 12 corazones on the spanish channel to learn spanish and I hear the lady sometimes calling the guy's "caprichosos" what exactly does that mean? In the dictionary it say whimsical, and That doesnt make sense to me.