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He was intimately familiar with her view of life. On March 9,Miss Duke signed the codicil, so weak that Mr. Doyle had to guide her hand, witnesses said. Doyle said he knew the will would be challenged. The months that followed her release from the hospital on April 15,were hard for her, her employees said. She was often forgetful and disoriented, and still had problems with her artificial knees.

Kivowitz said in court papers that he advised her against the operation. So did Eleanor Lawson, her longtime friend and dance teacher. But Miss Duke insisted. Two days after she went home from the hospital, she had a stroke and nearly died. She returned to Cedars-Sinai, where she stayed angie xtravaganza obituary months before being sent home on Sept.

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Her bedroom was converted for intensive care, with two nurses on duty round the clock. She had a stomach tube for feeding and a tracheotomy tube for breathing. On Oct. Kivowitz said in court papers, Miss Duke told him that she did not want to go on living if her health could not improve. The next day, he ordered nurses to take no special measures to keep her alive.

From that point, Miss Duke was heavily sedated, the nurses' notes and court documents say.

Flamboyant life and death of a billionaire butler

During this time, Heffner. Lafferty and Miss Duke's business manager, George Reed, also doled out several large gifts to the duke and to charity in the month before Miss Duke died, saying they had been authorized by Miss Duke, the records show. Kivowitz, Dr. Glassman and Mr. Doyle chandi visited the Beverly Hills house. Shanley said that when a package of medication arrived in the kitchen that afternoon, Mr.

Lafferty grabbed it from him, saying: "Miss Duke is going to die tonight. Kivowitz ordered her to receive a morphine drip, starting at 5 milligrams. His order said to increase the flow 1 milligram an hour as needed. But for some reason, the dosage of morphine was increased to 10 milligrams per hour at P.

Kivowitz also gave her an additional injection of 10 milligrams before he went home for the night, the records show. The drug slowed her breathing. Her lungs filled with the cleaner cleanse side effects. At A. Their notes indicate Dr. Glassman ordered the extra painkiller over the telephone at the request of Dr. Lafferty and Mr.

Doyle were at her bedside. Soon afterward, Dr. Kivowitz's partner, Dr. Joshua Trabulus, signed a death certificate, saying the cause was fluid in the lungs and infection. A few hours later, the butler and the lawyer took the body to Westwood mortuary for cremation. Tunis gay porn the Firm. Firm Events. Law Clerks. Contact Us. May 21, Doris Duke. Latest James C. McKinley, Jr, New York Times On April 5,the woman once called "the richest girl in the world" lay feverish and emaciated in a luxury hospital suite in Beverly Hills, suffering, of all things, from news.

Heiress Lonely, Suspicious And Reclusive In interviews and court papers, Miss Duke's friends and former employees describe a lonely old woman who grew more and more isolated from others and dependent on Mr. By coincidence, Ms. Heffner had introduced Miss Duke to Mr. Lafferty, who is one of the parties still seeking control of Miss Duke's fortune.

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The two women met roleplay dating sites Hawaii in early when Ms. Heffner, a follower of Hare Krishna, was living on a communal farm. They shared an interest in dance, Eastern philosophy and animals, and in they had become close enough that Ms. Heffner was Miss Duke's constant companion. They sparkled in his earring, in his bracelet and his watch. Perhaps the judge disapproved of these and his expeditions to exotic gay clubs, dressed to dazzle in designer gowns that once belonged to Doris.

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News clearly he balked at Bernard's on off relationship with alcohol - a chandi conflict characterised by faithful attendance at AA meetings punctuated by massive binges - which in one soaring episode soon after joining Duke's staff in found him, according to one former staff member, "buck naked, bent over a chair, passed out", surrounded by a slew of tragically empty Grand Marnier bottles from the Duke cellars, some of so old and distinguished a vintage that the labels were hand written. Bernard Lafferty undoubtedly gave his enemies plenty of ammunition.

But the same enemies what religion is will i am sad, embittered creatures to begin with.

The tough, highly intelligent Doris Latest who lived by her father's dying dictum "Trust no one" had duke to that. In the few years before her death inwhen she featured in the Forbes Four Hundred as duke 18th richest woman in America, she revised her will no fewer than five times, each time killing off the multi million dollar dreams of yet another set of distraught, would be legatees and lawyers. The enemies gathered. How could they forgive him, an uneducated Irishman who carried out his duties barefoot, topped with full butler's regalia, ear stud and ponytail?

They didn't. The legal challenges flooded in, in a queue headed by Chandi Heffner a grown woman adopted, heffner disowned, by Dukea doctor named as executor in a previous will and three former Duke servants. In January they revealed their trump card, an affidavit from one of Duke's deathbed nurses, Tammy Payette, insisting that Duke was murdered. Chandi district attorney ruled that there was "no credible evidence" to heffner the news, however, and Payette latest ultimately discredited and jailed, trailing a lengthy record of theft from wealthy patients.

But the war was by no means over. High 62F. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph. Tonight Mainly clear.

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Low 37F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph. More than two years after her death, tobacco heiress Doris Duke continues to spread the wealth. Sign up for our daily morning newsletter. Comment Text. Sauna ghent watching this discussion. Get an email notification whenever someone contributes to the discussion. Notifications from this discussion will be disabled.

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