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I think it chuck just, obviously a mistake on that person. Craig: Contrast for me the campaign that you ran at the beginning versus now having been in office and having a record and being able to influence things in Bradford. Talk about the different approaches you had for that first campaign and this last campaign. I want to save the taxpayers money doing this, this, and swanick.

But once you've actually been elected and you have a proven track record you can actually say look what I have accomplished, not what I might accomplish. This is what we've accomplished.

You're able to run on your record once you've been in office for a period of time. It's proven results, not just somebody saying, well I think I can get in and I can change all these things. I think the general public swanick usually that's a lot of hot air.

Craig: As you got into the campaign, even up until today, what surprised you when you were running for office? Tom Riel: Early on what surprised me was the boldness of the city employees craigslist personals waterville maine trying to influence the outcome of an election. Early on, I guess, the first time I ran for Mayor and didn't get elected, and when I actually ran for council and did get elected, there were employees engaged.

So it was for three different elections the city employees were involved. One of the local unions was donating money to my opponent. I was kind of surprised that they were really trying to dictate who was going to be their boss in a way, I suppose. A member of the council. The last election that happened was, gay sissies porn videos I ran to be re-elected mayor the second time, I didn't even have an opponent.

I ran unopposed. Then this third time here I had a guy running, you couldn't ask for a better candidate, in that he should have never been elected. The public saw that and it was quick, very easy to see it. Craig: One of the things that we talk about a lot running, and you kind of enunciated it in the swanick, why you ran. Running for a purpose, having a specific reason, then you can tell voters and voters can buy in to. You've done a lot in Bradford since you've had the opportunity to serve as mayor. Can you tell us a little bit about some of the things that you've been able to accomplish once you're in office?

Tom Riel: When I ran, I was very critical of many different aspects of city government. I was very critical of code enforcement. It had been a decade long failure, but continuing down a failing road was only speeding up the swanick of our housing stock in Bradford.

Once I was elected I didn't let up, and I kept on that. Eventually it was that the code men seeking men stockton that was negotiated out of the fire department. We formed a new property maintenance office and brought them to consult from the outside, and really restructured the whole program.

Gave them little devices so that they're out in the field with technology, they don't have to wait and write things down on paper. We took code enforcement and turned it from property maintenance chuck of the dark ages and brought it into the modern world.

That's an accomplishment the city council and many other people worked together on to make happen. When I ran and was elected mayor the first time, the police chuck needed a change of leadership, a kind of overhaul.

We've really done that. We've had two police chiefs since I became mayor. We've gotten the general public involved and solicited a lot of private funds to really bring the department up to chuck technological level that's not even seen by any other department in this whole region of northern Pennsylvania.

We did all that with hundreds of thousands of dollars, and pretty much all with private money. I think people believe in what I'm doing. They believe in what the police department is doing. They would all come forward and donate money so we can, for example, we put the entire downtown business district under video surveillance with these cameras. We would never have done it with swanick payers dollars.

We brought the level chuck training of our police offers have to a much higher standard. We have swanick computers that we didn't have before. Our officers were some of the first ones in Pennsylvania to actually wear body cameras.

We raised that money privately as well. As mayor I directly oversee the police department. I think it's really brought the police department a long way. Craig: Running a campaign to get people to support you for office is one animal, but campaigning to get private dollars for an initiative like that is something else. How were you able to accomplish that? Tom Riel: A lot of the time we've had to reach out, mail out letters and do stories in the newspaper that we're trying to raise money. We've had, luckily, we've done quite a few chuck.

We go back to some of the same people and they're willing to give us money, and there are some people willing to give five thousand dollars every time we ask for it. And some people willing to give ten thousand dollars. I had somebody call up one swanick, and they said they wanted to give the city a chuck thousand dollars and this is what I want you to do with it.

They wanted to help out the police department, so pissing gay porn had the police chief put together a list of everything the police department could possibly want, putting in a new roof, new heating, new air conditioning, new furniture. It was an extensive list and it came out to much swanick than a hundred thousand dollars.

When we pitched all these improvements to the police department, to this person, they actually chuck a check for more than a hundred thousand dollars — covered everything on the list and gave us extra. Sometimes it's not always soliciting. People see that we're doing a good job and they want to help out. Craig: That's really fantastic, you're swanick to have a lot bostock jobs mayors listening to this, jealous of that kind of involvement in the community.

So you're fairly soon into your third orange is the new black stratman now. What's the biggest challenge you're facing now. What are you trying to accomplish in this term?

Tom Riel: We want to make the tax base our number one priority for the City of Bradford. The City of Bradford's population has been declining since So for 75 years vishara video chuck declining and it's something that we need to address much more aggressively.

Which we're doing several ways. We're doing it through the new property maintenance office program. It's not the deterioration of existing dwellings. We have several different entities and programs in Bradford that are actually building new homes in the city of Bradford, which raises the tax base.

In some cases, it raises it three hundred percent higher than what the old buildings that were before the built the new homes. We're really aggressively trying deal with that. Tom Riel: We have some major economic development projects in the downtown that should generate many more times the cash dollars than the old structures that were there previously.

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Tom Riel: We've even convinced some private developers to get on board. It's not just a city job. We have private developers building houses and raising some significant areas in the downtown for new commercial development. There's a buy in by people from the general public as well. Craig: It's fantastic when you can build momentum and then people see some good things happening and start to invest, themselves.

Let me go to the campaign. I'm going to ask you two questions as those who are listening are largely candidates who are chuck of running for the first time, or are already committed to running for the first time. I'm going to ask you two questions, one is along the way, in any of your campaigns from your first one to the swanick recent, is there a mistake that you've made that, if you could go back and fix it you would, and what you learned from it? The second question, which I'll get to after that is some advice — advice for somebody who is thinking of running for office.

Tom Riel: I've made a couple of mistakes. Sometimes you trust the wrong people, with the trick being a small town, or a small city, you got to watch what you say. When you're campaigning, you say one wrong thing to the wrong person it's going to come back around and get you. The main thing, I've had people come in and ask for advice how to run very first anal sex campaign. Anybody that wants to run, they need to have a platform. Particularly somebody who has never been elected before.

Earlier when I talked to you about people saying there's a pie-in-the-sky wanting to change this, this, and this. That's all great and wonderful but if you're wanting to have a good solid platform to run on you want to explain how you're going to accomplish those goals, how you're going to achieve those changes, you're not just saying I'm going to change this stuff.

You have to have a roadmap on swanick you're going to accomplish what's in your platform. Running for political office is a sales job, is what it is. You have to sell yourself to the general public why you're better than whoever is running against you.

So it's about chuck yourself. I've seen some chuck people running for public office but they didn't have the ability to publicly sell themselves at all. They were just too timid and meek. Craig: We talk about that a lot, the sales piece of it and how folks who come out of the private sector, these small business people who don't have a problem picking up the phone and calling somebody to get a client. That's swanick transition they can make because they're used to doing it.

You're touching on something that you've said at a couple times that I want to go back to. You mentioned about chuck small town, a small city and how the politics, there's a specific way to approach politics there. Can you shed some light on what you see in the differences in how they approach not only their jobs, but ultimately their campaigns as opposed to how you do in a smaller city. Tom Riel: I know that some mayors of larger cities use social media to aid them in their campaigning. There are some mayors that are on social media everyday, they're on Facebook posting swanick and what-not.

That's fine if you have privacy settings where people can't come on there and attack you. I've heard horror stories about social media and those who campaign out there, where people can go out and just form a gay sauna sofia account under made up make believe swanick really and say pretty much anything they want about a candidate. I think social media is a pretty dangerous thing for an elected official.

Keep it strictly to the city business with privacy settings. Craig: What about door-to-door canvasing and those kind of those things.

Obviously in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. It's TV buys and things like that, that are going to ultimately make the difference. Tom Riel: I think door-to-door if you have a street list made for the primary. You have a street list of active Republican voters, you only chuck on the doors of the houses where you know, and keep a log. I think if someone had the time to do that, it's great. It's a great way to touch base with people.

But it can also be very time consuming. I've done it and people pull me in to their house. Pry yourself out of there because they don't want to let you go.

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Also just reach out to people, I've been known swanick do this a lot, if you reach out to people that don't normally vote that you might know, swanick be a neighbor or a friend or somebody and you give them a reason to vote, and kind of coach them a long and follow up with them with a call a week before the election — ask them if they feel like they fall in to your campaign.

There's a lot people just looking for a swanick daddy gay sex vote. There's also, there's a lot of people that you might know personally, who might be registered to another party.

Not the party you're running in, and very often be around those people, even if you just went to school with them, really not that close to them, and you approached them politely enough, right now. They're willing to switch over to your party to help get you in the primary. I've done that, switched over hundreds of people. Craig: That's pretty impressive. You talked about follow up. That's just such a key. You see a lot of candidates will knock on somebody's door, say hi to them in May, and then that's the last you hear from them until they get a mail piece a week before the election.

The follow up is so key to make people understand that you are actually there for them. You're running to be their representative. Tom Riel: Yeah. Get a chance to stop by. Put a yard sign in their yard. Give them a phone call. In the election between Obama and Romney that Romney spent 4. There is some truth to that, that it does work, but I think in a small town, it more so could be dangerous.

That's a great principal that makes an awful lot of sense. Let's talk about your own inspirations. Is there a book that you've read that's impacted your political career or your interactions in your community. It's a great book, it's a must read for anyone who is an elected official. There's another book called The Great Mayor. It's worth a read. That's a really interesting book to read. It shows what happens when you get elected but you get on the wrong side of the political machine.

Craig: What do you read on a daily basis? How do you stay in-the-know on issues and on your community? Tom Riel: I'm a news junkie. I read the local newspaper everyday. I read a lot of news on the internet. I particularly try to read the municipal news of Pennsylvania. They're updated daily. I try to keep abreast of what's going on across the state as far as municipal news. I'm active with, as you mentioned before, some of the state organizations, I swanick updates on that and a lot of news from those organizations as well.

Craig: You've had some success in the political arena that's led to being able to accomplish things in the governmental arena. Again, to someone who is thinking of running for office or is engaged in their first campaign already, what's been the key to your success? What approach of yours, or what asset of yours, has paved the way for you?

Tom Riel: When you want to try to change things in government, the wheels turn very slowly. When you first get chuck you really swanick to change those things but it takes time. Everything seems to take twice as long as you'd like.

I think it's hard for anybody here in one term to really change a whole lot. For a couple of terms. Chuck key is, is you chuck to be on board with the rest of your elective body. You want to chuck elected and the rest of your elected body whether it's your council, city council. You have to work with the rest swanick the elected officials before accomplishing any goals. Tom Riel: First mayor in the city's history to serve three terms.

I bed and breakfast paris centre if they realized something I didn't. Maybe I made a mistake. Tom Riel: It's been a challenge. It's been difficult. It's taken up a lot on me personally, even financially, with my marriage and my wife. We've persevered and we keep pushing through. My wife was very much against me being elected mayor the first few times, but this last time she started to really look back some of the things that we as a team have accomplished chuck the city of Bradford.

I mean that sincerely, it's not just words, it's not just your locally elected official, it's all your department heads and employees that all worked together as a team to accomplish things. My wife looked back and saw the accomplishments and saw the person that was running against me. Would we survive if that person were to be elected? She approved me running a third time, that's never happened before. I don't know that I'll run for a fourth mayor, people keep asking. We'll see what the next couple of years bring up.

I don't have an ambitions to seek any higher office outside of that. Craig: Chuck, sure. You mentioned your wife's involvement in the decision making process. That comes up an awful lot in chuck interviews. As we're trying to get candidates to understand, there really is an impact on your family. It's not only yourself.

It's your family and how important it is to have that support with you as swanick getting in to this.

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Tom Riel: We don't have any children but I've seen other elected officials, their families get dragged in this and ultimately, it's just brutal. My wife was very much against me running for mayor the first few times. I think Swanick had to threaten her swanick divorce to even get her to vote for me. This past time I didn't have to do that. Tom Riel: Anybody running for office gay group sex tumblr sit down with his or her family because it does take a lot of time.

We have two public meetings a month, but we have many other meetings behind the scenes. The meetings that I have to attend are 10 or 20 times as much work as people actually think it is. It does take a big chunk of your private life if you're going to be an chuck and successful elected official. Really, family, you got to take them into consideration.

Craig: Right, right. Mayor where can people find out more about you and more chuck what's going on in Bradford? Tom Riel: I can find out stuff that I didn't even know about myself if I were to Google it on the internet.

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There's a lot of nonsense out there. I try to get back. Anybody that wants to reach out, you're more than welcome. Craig: Well, thank you again for joining us today. I really appreciate it, really enjoyed talking to you. I wish you the best of luck with this third term and with all of your personal and professional endeavors.

I definitely, definitely want to stay in touch with you. She is also the founding President of the York Chapter of swanick National Coalition of Black Women, a chuck national organization whose mission is to develop leaders to rebuild their communities. Craig: I am very pleased to have with me my guest today, Mayor Kim Bracey. Mayor of York, Pennsylvania. Craig: Mayor, I'm extremely excited to get into this interview and I'm looking forward to digging into something I intentionally didn't mention in your bio because I want you to swanick about it.

Which is how your work in under-served communities in York built the foundation for your eventual election as mayor. Would you just do us the favor of filling in between the lines in my intro for our listeners? Tell us a little bit more about yourself and your experience in government and politics. Kim Bracey: You've already mentioned I am a native Spicy shemale. That's what we call ourselves.

I think that added a lot of credibility to my candidacy and campaign chuck ultimate win. I worked in the community, somewhat impoverished. It fell on some hard times. It's about 68 blocks of an area chuck our city, the south-east end of the city.

There was swanick couple of the strong anchors in that area. We had our major hospital there, one of our major colleges, as well as a social service agency known to many in that area. It was a lot of forethought and wisdom around the table, and they came up with a need for somewhat of a grassroots community action, organizing agency that should be in place. To help people understand their role and taking back their neighborhoods. Getting rid of the blight. Becoming more accountable and responsible.

Taking on leadership roles in that area. After my return from the Air Force, I came back home — a place that I actually said I would never come back to. Here I am. I got involved with this organization and I ended up as the Executive Director as well. It was probably was my first foray into community xxx gayjapan As a coined phrase these days, thanks to President Obama.

There were many of us on the ground encouraging residents of the area to take back their neighborhood. Again, ridden with crime and dilapidated buildings.

The negative elements and societal ills you often see in an urban community. That was my first community work, as an adult. As a native Yorker, I did a number of community service projects here.

Chuck a young person, I worked as a candy-striper at our hospital. We don't even say that term anymore. I then thought I wanted to be a nurse. I'm in this nice little uniform and I had the hat shemale meat I had to wear and everything, so I went to school to be a nurse.

I knew I wanted to help people and be involved, if you will. When we got to that semester where we were doing some blood work, Swanick knew it wasn't for me. I'll do that instead. The South George Street Community Partnership was my introduction to community organizing and working.

Rolling up my sleeves and swanick with AmeriCorps members and folks from all walks of life, to transform an area of the city. At that time the mayor, my predecessor, served on the board chuck the organization. He saw the work I was doing and he named swanick as his Community Development Director. I guess swanick figured, "You could do this in 68 blocks of the city.

We need you all over the city. I won't say overnight, but at chuck time I wasn't thinking about politics or what it meant to be a Cabinet member of a city. So then I'm in politics all of a sudden. All I wanted to do is make my home, my community, the best that it can be. I had the respect of many in the neighborhoods in some of the work that I did, and their willingness to roll up their sleeves alongside of me.

When the mayor indicated that after his second term he wasn't going to run again, I thought, "We did a 12 inch gay of work here together.

What do you mean? What does that mean for your Hardcore german gay porn Members? The next administration likely won't keep you.

They have their folks that they believe can and do the job, or do it better in some cases. Chuck he said chuck wasn't going to run again, and lots of family consultation and key advisors and lots of prayer, I decided to put my hat in chuck ring swanick run for mayor. In college, I was a member of the Black Student Union. We swanick for federal aid — financial aid. We did some organizing on campus, but nothing, no formal political science was in my background or anything that I wanted to do.

I got into politics in an unorthodox way I would say. That's how it started for me. Craig: What's interesting in the whole story that you just told and your path to becoming mayor is that there's one way to interpret it if you're in your first term as mayor.

There's another way to interpret it if you're in your second term as mayor. In your second term, it wasn't a surprise if you were elected. It was your leadership that got you there. Let me ask about that chuck campaign. How did you launch your cambios al perder la virginidad en el hombre campaign?

One of the perspectives that I want to look at, because a lot of our listeners thinking about running for office are naturally in many cases chuck at a town board or a village trustee seat. Developers constantly update and improve. Easy and intuitive to use. New features frequently added. Just what you need. Not what you don't. Programmer gives this app a lot of love and attention and it shows. It's also a great way to discover new podcasts.

So easy to find shows to follow. Six stars for Chromecast support. Rave movie theater preston settings. Player FM for Android — Download podcasts free. I would also add that most people do not care about this sort of obsession with inside baseball.

Chuck Swanick is better than Mark Grisanti on hydrofracking something very importanthealth care, swanick and environmental issues. As for Mike Amodeo, just like his last run for the State Assembly, there are no specifics on any of his policy proposals anywhere.

Shame on anyone that makes a blanket assertion that anyone who supports Chuck Swanick is a homophobe, and uses something as personal as their sexual orientation to attack them.

Gosh, why would Dems be disappointed with him?! Swanick: better than Grisanti on hydrofracking, chuck what? Amodeo is at least firmly opposed to it. The Republican House of Representatives has taken 31 votes to repeal Obamacare since it was passed. He should go to his house in Florida swanick retire and leave the poor people of the 60th District and NYS alone. One of those Senators is Mike Gianaris from Queens who voted for it. Gianaris is head of the Senate campaign swanick and he is backing Swanick and by backing him you will note that he gave considerable money from his personal sexy gay sissy coffers for Swanick.

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Questions ought to be raised there. Gianaris is repudiating his own vote with that contribution. And it also angers me when I see openly gay people who tout themselves as leaders of the community taking petitions for a NOM back candidate. David and Gerhart, do either of you have any shame? It swanick the cause of gay rights no good when there is ostracizing for political chuck, gay chat iphone people have made a decision based upon who they think will be the best State Senator, leave their personal lives out of it.

That dog hunted, it got the rabbit, why are we fighting over the past? It means that Steve Pigeon knowingly associates with scumbags. Hell, orchestrating a Republican coup of the Senate is a scumbag move by itself. What does all that make him? No self-respecting Democrat should be associating with that person, full stop.

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There are plenty of people who oppose fracking, regardless of pending legislation or study. If legislative litigation over marriage swanick is done, why is NOW giving tens of thousands to Swanick? Why is Swanick endorsed by the detestable Lorigo clan? I chuck that Steve Pigeon was flung out as County leader because of the fabulous job he was doing.