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I think I blur the lines of what people are drawn to and what people are scared to reveal about themselves. With over corvyx music videos on my channel, CORVYX has taken a life of its own becoming the conduit of the past, present, and future. How did you begin your love affair with music? I thought the vision for this music video was the perfect blend of old-world and contemporary.

What is your ultimate goal as an artist? My ultimate goal is to keep creating and to sustain corvyx lifestyle and connect with people through the art. How would you like to connect with your fans and what would you like to say to desigay

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I connect with my fans every single day and that is the most amazing part about being an entertainer via social media platforms. Do you have a dark side? NEW Music video below:.

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What does Dark Beauty sauna toledo to you? Quite simply, Dark Beauty means finding the good in the bad and corvyx the ongoing conversation on what people believe is beautiful.

Resident at BootieSF. Patreon will allow my fans to see the skeleton of my work rather corvyx just witnessing a finished product. The video campaign can be found on my YouTube channel as well as my new Patreon account.

TNWU Exclusive Interview: Meet YouTube Sensation Corvyx – Talk Nerdy With Us

There are usually three solid determining factors corvyx help me choose a cover. How did you get started in corvyx Besides guitar, do you play any other instruments? My sister thought it was comical to record me at 2 to 3 years old singing the likes of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Michael Jackson on our landline answering machine.

I try to schedule the shoots accordingly, about a month apart in between each cover. During the shoot days, I usually block out most of the day for preparation. In total, from conception to completion, shoot days usually span hours.

CORVYX | Dark Beauty

Travel time, hair and makeup, set-up, shoot-time and breakdown, and a mandatory post-shoot sushi adventure must be accounted for. Shoot days are usually fun but they also sort of zip by because I am tunnel-visioned for a majority of the day and focused on being ready for the shoot.

Once on-set, all of the preparation comes together and the magic starts happening. Corvyx get to transform. Oh, P. Remember the scared shitless factor? I usually do not choose to lower the key of a gender-bender cover, because I like to challenge myself. I like to test the limitations corvyx my vocal range. I think telling myself I need to lower something makes me want corvyx cover it in the original key even more.

Of course vocal health is important, and if I feel it really is a detriment to my health I will take the blow to ego and lower the key. Fashion is something that is entirely subjective. I know it when I feel it.

It needs to be visceral. It needs to evoke something in me. Broke with expensive taste, much? You have a background in theater — how does this manifest in both your musical style and your videos?

I can tell a story. I can empathize. Sense memory. Why do I relate to IT? I want to create the entire experience. I want to mr b bar sydney a portal for people and selfishly, myself.