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Super-competitive husband and wife Kenny and Lisa kick things off with a meal that they think is restaurant quality - no less.

Couples Come Dine with Me - Manchester -

Their guests have mixed opinions on this. Cultured types Eveleen and her ex-thespian husband Michael compete against couple Leanne and Ricci, with a 22 year age gap between them, and unromantric Paul and Natasha. Married couple Caroline and Steve, newly engaged Jade and Seb and married co-workers Bev and Nick vie for the crown and the cash in Plymouth.

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Kicking off are drama school owners Lisa and Iain, who celebrate Iain's Highland roots by cooking an entirely Scottish menu. This time on Couples Come Dine with Me we're on Merseyside, where three couples will be battling it out for the cash prize.

The first dining duo is foster carer Sandra and her hubby Graham. Couples Come Dine with Me returns to Blackburn.

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The competition is in Derby, where the first hosts are engaged couple Nicky and Lee, who hope to impress with their posh menu including scallops with a white chocolate foam. Fun-loving young couple Amy and Matt kick off with a varied menu which they manage to produce despite a chaotic start in the kitchen. The couples' cooking contest is in south west London, where fancy dress enthusiasts Tony gay japanese bathhouse Rebecca impress with a dessert based on Tower Bridge.

The series continues in Manchester, where married couple Victoria and Andrew kick off as hosts, joined by fitness-loving girlfriends Ciara and Carley and retro-loving pair Terri and David. Did you miss an episode of Couples Come Dine With Me but don't you wan't that to happen in the future?

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Please set an alarm and add Couples Come Dine With Me to your favourites, so we can remind you by email when there's a new episode available to watch. But we all know that some of the culinary disasters are what make these kind of shows great, right? Who can forget the classic moment one Come Dine With Me contestant kicked off because he didn't win? If you're up for the challenge, all you need to do is fill out the form on the official application wesbite.

By Jessica Sansome Search and trends writer. The show has either four or five amateur chefs, who must host a dinner party for the other contestants and are from a specific region different each week. Sometimes people are placed together as they have opposing opinions and views.

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An element of comedy is added to the show through comedian Dave Lambwho provides a curt, sarcastic and ironic narration. The format has also been franchised internationally by many other broadcasters throughout the world. As well as being repeated on Channel 4, their sister channel More4 also regularly broadcasts past episodes on weekday afternoons, Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons, with all five programmes from a week shown consecutively in a block.

The difference is that in House Guestguests 'draw toothbrushes' to see who will stay overnight at the host's house, to judge their hospitality skills, awarding them a separate grade.

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Couples only lasted for manchester series. Another show from ITV which was extremely similar to the format of Come Dine with Me was May the Best House Winwith the only real difference being that there was no meal served, contestants instead rating each other on things such as cleanliness, comfort and hospitality. The episode shown in Bristol was not shown during the original run but first aired dine Two years later than the premiere of series two, and a year after the premiere of series three.

Gloucester was also not shown during the original run but first aired in Three years later than the premiere of series two, several months after series with had aired, and after a run of held over episodes from series three. Both of these episodes are seen as series 2 on the official Come Dine with Me website from Channel 4.

In the episode held in London, contestant Isabelle Goldstein gave low scores to other competitors to improve her own chances of winning. The show's producers instructed her to re-mark her scores or risk being disqualified.

Goldstein gave new scores and, having been in gay beach near me place with 28 points, finished second to fellow contestant Bill Buckley. The third series premiered in the summer of As with the second series the first week featured celebrities.

The first five weeks aired on weekdays at pm while Deal or No Deal took a summer break. After a one-week absence it then returned for a further three weeks at pm. The remaining programmes from the series were held back and aired sporadically come and even as late as September Manchester, Birmingham and Kent were not shown during the original run but first aired intwo years later than the premiere of series three and a few months after series four had aired.

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An hour-long primetime Christmas special was also produced during the middle of the series, using a slightly different format to suit the shorter timeslot. Only four contestants took part with each making a separate course for the dinner: starter, fish course, main course, and dessert.

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