Cute neighborhoods in los angeles

Great parking is a major plus. Some areas have a totally different feeling when the sun goes down; for instance, they might become a little shady, derelict, or potentially dangerous.

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If you have children, consider the public schools in the area. How do they rank? Are there any well-rated magnet schools in the neighborhood? If you walk or jog regularly, are there well-paved sidewalks, and is the terrain easy to cover on foot? Is the rent or sale price-to-space ratio decent?

Do most of the apartments or homes have outdoor space?

Silver Lake is the place to be if you like having stuff to do

Where do most of the people you know live? Does the neighborhood predominantly cater to singles, or is it a family neighborhood? This can be an important consideration if you have children, and you want to help them find some friends. Do neighbors seem friendly and social? Something less beautifully designed, but no doubt the prize of the Los Angeles dining scene: Grand Central Market.

Little Tokyo, a section of Downtown, is exactly what it sounds like: a Japanese food mecca. Robata, ramen, udon, sushi Sunset Boulevard provides a straight shot towards Hollywood and the west side.

Glendale is the best neighborhood in LA for raising a family

Just southeast of Silver Lake sits Echo Park, a neighborhood built around its namesake lake. Mohawk Bend is another excellent hang, a big gastropub with one of the best beer lists in town they generally have Pliny on tap ; beer lovers will split their time there with Sunset Beer Cowhile wine lovers can head across the street to Bar Bandini.

Coffee nuts will set up their second home in WoodcatEightfoldTrinitior any of the other craft coffee spots along Sunset Boulevard. Echo Park is fun as hell. There are also Cuban bakeries chief among them Cuscatlecasandwich cute, and cafes everywhere you look; think of Echo Park as a tiny slice of Miami in Los Angeles.

The LA River Bike Path runs along the border of Frogtown neighborhoods, so you can walk or bike pretty much anywhere bubble but men the neighborhood. It sits along the LA River which is a thingmaking it one of the angeles bikeable and walkable areas of the city.

No matter what you do in Frogtown, make sure your first stop is Wax Papera tiny shipping container serving some of the best sandwiches you will eat anywhere. los

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Nearby, you can have a beer while you get your bike fixed at Spoke Bicycle Cafedance your face off at Zebulonor end up at Salazar for arguably the best Paloma in LAand some tacos served on tasty homemade tortillas. We love you, Frogtown.

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That said, the amount of great Middle Garcons budapest food around here is almost overwhelming. Brand Boulevard runs the length of the bustling section of Glendale. Fingers crossed for a Glendale Gold Line stop one day. Because of this, Glendale is a prime example of the gentrification that persists throughout LA; as more and more old-school Glendale businesses close, new ones spring up.

Mini Kaboba family run operation serving elite-level grilled meats, is still going strong despite being literally the smallest restaurant in Los Angeles. Only a few years ago.

The latter is and forever reserved for Huntington Park. Lastly, I love Highland Park so goddamn much. People have probably told you that Los Park is wonderful -- this is because it is wonderful. The terrific cocktails and wood-fired pizzas are only the icing on the cake.

The rest of NELA is a sprawling landscape full of restaurants, cute legend speaks of a secret, invite-only speakeasy in Glassell Park neighborhoods The Stubborn NailOccidental college students, and hikers the nearby Verdugo Mountains are beautiful. The people around here are creative, positive, and friendly - you'll run into your bartender while angeles, or into the clerk from your favorite boutique while out to dinner.

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It's a great community. Call NoHo home if you want to be surrounded by retro-inspired cocktail lounges, craft beer bars, vintage shops, and casual cafes. Post rentals. Find an apartment.

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Downtown Img: Flickr Over the last two decades downtown, L. Venice The stereotypical, laid-back California beach lifestyle is found in the Venice Beach area. Beverly Grove Img: Wikimedia Foodie heaven. That might not cute it cool, but if you're looking to be a good boyfriend a place where you know you can raise the kids without worry, safety is more important than anything else.

The only real drawback to Glendale? It ain't cheap, not anymore. At least the recent construction of hundreds of apartment units means housing is available. If your idea of a good time los lots of coffee, cocktails, angeles one-off dining locations and doesn't involve quiet, restful nights at home, then Silver Lake is for you. The place is packed with great bars, hot restaurants, wine shops, an art gallery or three, and it's teeming with young people, both professionals and artsy-types alike.

A jog or stroll around the actual Silver Lake reservoir itself is always nice, and the region is home to many quaint and classic little homes, but really you move to Silver Lake because you want lots of stuff to do a short walk cГіsima ramГ­rez. Parking can be tough, but everything is right down the block anyway, so don't sweat it. Home prices in Monrovia, CA are still within the spectrum of reason.

So if you neighborhoods the idea of spending a year or two less of your income on a home, Monrovia is a good place to buy.