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Blkmlthng: No my boys are to young to do that at this point, 3 and 5 months. I suspect some jokes and ribbing would come when they get to be teenagers and teen gay online adults. I think my son is entering the age that he could say something inadvertently about the unmentionables to someone. At what age do you think is appropriate for kids to move to skimpier cuts of underwear if they wanted to?

Does a bikini vs thong make a difference?

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How about does gender? For me I would say style makes a difference. I think bikinis would be appropriate before thongs. Plus bikinis are available at a younger age for girls not that they are skimpy like most of mine.

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Briefs appropriate age for me would also depends on maturity more so for thongs than bikinis depending on the skimpiness. If dads asked sooner, I think I would allow a try of them especially with it being underwear. Though my wife would have a say in this too. Blkmlthng: For me I would say whenever they get to the age when they can purchase their own underwear with their own money.

As gay haven right now mainstream stores are mostly selling boxers, boxer briefs or briefs or tighty whities. For women the options always include skimpier styles in stores.

For men most of our options for skimpier underwear are online. Once they are young adults and are able to shop on their own they can purchase whatever underwear makes them comfortable. Ron: Not sure about this one. I think skimpier styles will come back as everything is cyclical. That wraps this conversation up. Tags: Married Str8 Trio. August 26, October 28, March 3, February 3, June 14, August 19, July 8, November 4, January 19, October 6, My kids are teenagers so if they saw me in my thongs or sheer skimpy underwear they would be oh gross.

Interesting topic. By the time kids reach their teenage years they will probably have already heard a lot of negative comments about thongs for men in the media etc. Blkmlthng made a very good point about how the popular styles of jeans and trousers for young men nowadays are incompatible with the boxer briefs that most guys tend to wear.

It would be nice to see a shift and for more retailers to start selling underwear for tumblr that is practical to wear under skinny jeans. I started wearing thongs when I was about 15 and the tony stockwell gay of wearing boxer briefs under regular-fit trousers makes me feel uncomfortable enough, let alone wearing them under skinny jeans.

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