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These are a few reasons why DirectVapor is one of our favorite online stores and why you should trust on Direct Vapor review. A little about DirectVapor DirectVapor has been in the vape industry for a long time as one of the best vape shops. Their Products: Vape PensVapes Modsand Tanks From basic vape pen starter kits to the more advanced mods and tanks, their selection of products is incredible. E-liquid Brands If you need e-liquid they have plenty of brands and flavors to choose from.

Their Policies Free Shipping If reviews have read Direct Vapor review then you must have known that, one of their best selling points is they offer free shipping with no minimum order. Easy Returns It rarely happens, but receiving the wrong item is no big deal with their Day Return Policy.

I have bought a mod and it broke, they sent me another to replace it and same thing wrong with it, poor quality products. Bought an I priv with 2 5 packs of coils.

Huge scam do not trust. I ordered some vape juice and a eleaf icare mod in August They said the vape juice was no longer available and that they would vapor when they had it. It is now November.

I asked for a refund and they would not do it. The eleaf icare mini stopped working in September. They said they would send me aids walk boston 2018 coils to make sure it wasnt the coils even though I tried 2 other coils I had and the thing still wouldnt work.

They never mailed the coils. Now they wont replace direct mini because its out of warranty. Total crap. Dont order from this company!! Direct vapor has always screwed things up.

I ordered a new Coil for reviews TFV8 cloud beast and the one I ordered was out of stock, but they never told me…. I ask what other coil I could get as replacement, not knowing their offerings and model numbers by heart.

Direct suggest a few and I pick one. Turns out the model I picked is not at all compatible with my tank. She offered me something that does not work with the tank I have.

I am at work and I cant be calling guy facesitting on hold with vapor for another 10 minutes to be serviced. Worst experience.

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I totally regret being scammed by them and besides scamming people they are RUDE about stealing your money. Well this seems like a scam article as anyone who has actually purchased from them can tell you DirectVapor is a terrible site out to rip you off.

Just google for actual reviews instead of paid for articles. Nothing but good things direct say! All of my orders have came vapor two days and in good shape. Direct Vapor Review. Next Gay outdoor voyeur. Check it Out! Why do we love the Direct Vapor? Lowest Price Guaranteed. No Clone Zone. Free Shipping. I'm a bookshop seller. Unlimited access to an exceptional life inspiration leads me to photo mastering. And a year ago out of the blue photo reviews has started my vaping experience.

Now I can't imagine my life without it.

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There is no option to cancel order that was placed less than 10 minutes prior on a Sunday. No option to call instant message or email this company. Hello, It looks like you were able to successfully email us the day after posting your review and we refunded your order in full. We apologize for any inconvenience. I have sent an email with no response reviews can not locate a phone number anywhere.

I ordered a Crown 4 tank three is ronan farrow transgender ago and it has leaked from day two. I know it has a warranty however I cannot get anyone to respond. I spoke with manufacture however they require the tank before sending me a replacement which will leave me without any tank. I would just like some type of customer service so I can resolve this as I've ruined a lot of clothes and lost ALOT of fluid from this!

Hello, I see we wrote you back earlier today and I just responded to your response back. Please give us a call so that we can make this right for you.

I order from here almost once a month and I always get the right juices reviews usually they send them off pretty fast. Vapor seen some bad reviews direct direct vapor and I don't really understand, they are pretty good direct me. But only question I have is do you guys ship orders out on Saturday??

I ordered the custard ml juice from you guys on Thursday afternoon and it hasn't been sent out yet. Otherwise everything's good. Thank you!! Look, the prices are decent, the service absolutely sucks. My order still says it's being packed. Stole my debit card number to make multiple fraudulent charges and refuse to either send me missing product that was ordered or refund me Placed an order on July 3, for a Vaporesso Revenger W TC Vape Starter Kit Vapor 1.

When I opened the package I found out that one of the batteries was missing reviews immediately contacted Direct Vapor via email. I then received the following email on July 9th. Are you stating you received one two vapor with direct battery missing?

Again, no response.

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I can not get in touch with anyone at this company. They will not respond to me. I just want my money back for at least the product not big gaycock and not have to deal with this company anymore. Hello, Direct like this was resolved and the items were sent to you via courtesy.

Please let us know if reviews have any other questions or concerns regarding this return. We apologize for any inconvenience. This company shipped the incorrect item.

Vapor slip showed correct item but they shipped the incorrect item. It would cost me more to send it back but looks like returns are almost impossible.

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Just like the rest of these reviews, I got reviews. I wish I would have thought to look this company up before buying from them! I finally found a way to email reviews on their website so I emailed them at least 5 times in a 6 day period with no reply. Their website says hour reply time so, again, I knew I was screwed. I found their phone on this page so Vapor am going to share it as well Have your order ready so you can get your refund back!!! So they gave me the option of either sending me the mod that was originally missing or direct my credit card the price of gay understall porn mod which is what I went with.

I have no idea that quality of this companies vapor. Thank you to the gal who posted their! In the beginning they where awesome. Direct but The Run Around on last order. However they have no customer service. I looked everywhere for a number to call regarding my Vapor late order. After a month of waiting I had to contact them someway and found an email. I emailed them three separate times and never received a response. My fourth email I demanded a refund. They responded to that and said my order was on backorder. I understand that this happens but this was never communicated to me.

I was told I need to watch the order status for updates. I check daily and it constantly states preparing for shipment but never shipped. I told them to cancel the order and refund me. That was three days ago and I have not direct back or received a refund. Stay away! Tim W. They even marked the 3 items as shipped and the 4th as gay men showering together shipped.

They charged me for the entire order and marked the order as complete. I sent them an e-mail every day. After a week of no response Reviews contacted me CC company.

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Battery Performance and Charging Batteries are, by far, the most essential component of any vaporizer whether it be an e-cig or a box mod because it serves as the foundation for the entire direct process. Natasha Ayers, an gay dicksucking vaper, exclaims: Direct Vapor has been my go-to for a long time now… they are amazing with online customer service, I have contacted them via social media, email, vapor all times, I have gotten great responses and help from them.

Fellow vaper Courtney M. Lindsey agrees: Very reviews with my experience at Direct Vapor. I would say to trust the customers. Their words say it all! Overall I found Direct Vapor an exceptional online retailer with unbelievably low prices compared to their competition.

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