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I'm not defending the obvious arrogance of any of the members, I'm just saying ego and rock star go hand in hand; it's not a new behavioral pattern -- nor is it particularly shocking. To be ignorant of this fact is where I feel some viewers' comments freegaysexvideos missed the mark here. Further, I find blaming the director, Allison Ellwood, extremely weak. Sure, she had some hand in editing, but I really don't think she could MAKE Frey and Henley look arrogant, they're obviously capable of doing that on their own how long have the rumors existed?

I think she did a fantastic job with the material, and produced a 3 Don comprehensive and engrossing look at one of the most popular bands in American history. Certainly not her fault they happened to be pricks along the way. Amazing how my feelings for the band turned on a dime, after hearing Frey on Felder. Interesting that my favorite song is by Timothy B. It's amazing gay me, the disconnect among so many of you.

I have been a fan of the Eagles music most of my life. Gay Eagles are indeed a great band. And Henley and Frey are undeniably talented singer-songwriters. But is that an excuse to be an arrogant bully? By the logic of many of you, it's ok to be an asshole if you are a great artist.

So you can be a total jerk if you have real talent? That's a pathetic way don looking at life, and fame. I will always love the band's music. They always have been and, judging by the documentary, they always will be. Admittedly much of what i know about the band came from Felder's book, so I thought maybe he was exaggerating what a jerk Glenn especially is.

Black gay clubs in atlanta Frey removed any doubt for me with some of his answers in the documentary.

Agree that Meisner and Felder are really missed. I just saw them last night and it was don to see Felder back. I felder didn't start to follow them until after he'd left in the 70's. And to echo some others: "Take it to the limit" with Glenn singing lead isn't very good. Timothy would be better I think.

It amazes me how so many think that the lead vocalists and lyricists are the only band don who can't be replaced. Would the Who be the Who without Entwistle or Moon?

Townsend and Daltrey can still sell out shows playing the old material, yet they wouldn't be the who without Entwisle and Moon. The Eagles asked Don Felder to joint the band as an equal partner. Frey wanted to move the band to a more rock sound and Felder brought it. Without Felder, the Eagles gay have never soared from the country genre. You can either love the music or the lyrics, yet you can't have one andrew smyth rolls royce the other.

Frey then gay up with new terms when they got back together based on who put our more individual hits. Smugglers Blues The Heat is On Commercial crap probable written by others. Then Henleys New York Minute Then all their charity projects as they treat band members and gay like garbage. Glad that I was able to see them for free at the Genentech 30th anniversary. I am sure that they got paid a bundle. Glenn and Henley like their greenbacks. Have read all the comments and it's a wash and their is no denying they are a great band regardless of the turmoil that occurred and i think most of us are just grateful for all the great music that they have endowed upon us.

That is no way to treat a fan base. I appreciate all the don work but they are ultimately way to greedy for me to be a really true fan anymore. Any artist that charges that kind of money is to greedy for their own good and mojo will catch up with them on that.

Meanwhile they are laughing all the way to the bank as fans pave their pockets. I am all for the American way and being able to make it to the top and be rich however their ticket pricing is obscene and disgusting. It has made me much less of an Eagles Fan! As a long time Eagles fan, I bought the documentary when it became available in Britain. I've watched it a few times and I agree with the majority of the commentators on here that Henley and Frey are portrayed by their own words as both greedy and felder especially Frey.

There are many collaborations throughout the body of the work of the Eagles, felder it is good to read in Felder's book his appreciation of the positive musical qualities of each of the other band members including Meisner felder Leadon.

EXCLUSIVE: Eagles Fans Angered by New Documentary on the Band | The Reno Dispatch

Felder doesn't stint on that praise even if he has issues with the characters of other male gym leggings of the band, but takes issue on the overly cautious recording techniques apparently adopted and taken to, what comes across to me as, ridiculous limits Felder says that great studio performances were canned because felder some perceived flaw and it leaves me wondering what great music has been lost by the 'perfectionism' of Gay and Henley. I saw Henley in Chicago as a solo act a few years ago, sharing the bill with Stevie Nicks.

He has undoubted vocal quality but he is flat as a performer. The Don now, as they stand, are their own Tribute act.

His Children!

They can still produce a felder and enjoyable performance, but the magic really seems to have gone and the post Felder work although good in places, doesn't quite cut it for me. I think Leadon is an outstanding instrumentalist and so it can only probably be good. I sincerely hope that no member of the Eagles is ostracising Felder on felder say - so of Frey or anyone else associated with the band.

That would be both spineless and childish. I just don't believe that Felder wants to climb back gay that mess He's got a wonderful new wife and a happy life. Looking from the outside, I wouldn't change a thing. What strikes me most is how unbelievably good felder music was given the near-toxic levels of stress there appeared to be.

Imagine if Don and Glenn weren't so controlling. While I grew up with their music and still love it, the documentary don a very unflattering light don Henley and especially Frey. My feeling for the band turned in when they would not let Randy back in the band. Frey told him no you quit, get away. Randy said they act like I was never there. Now they act like Felder wasn't there either. Not one of these guys ever smiles Even, Timothy B. Can you imagine the life that gets sucked out of them? Gay thinking about working for D felder d G would give me an ulcer.

These men have done some very bad and hateful things in their lives, their faces are very telling. Oh, well, after this tour, hopefully, they will retire to choke on all that wealth. Are you reading some vibes from the band members??? Joe Walsh has a different look in his eyes as well very intense and almost evil. Is that what you are seeing. Every single band on this Earth has a leader. There is absolutely no point in denying that. Just take a look at the songwriting credits on their first album. Glenn Frey is the only one who gets two consecutive solo credits in don tracklist.

Now isn't that "leader" stuff? Then, as things evolved, the Eagles came to have two leaders. That's what Don Henley and Glenn Frey are. They ARE the leaders of the band, gay mets player they are by no means "self-appointed" leaders.

Frey has always been a leader, Henley became one. So it's only natural that they should behave as leaders, with all the good things and the bad things that are implied in being leaders. So I enjoyed it immensely. Don Felder back in the band? That may be OK, gay they're just as good without him. Steuart Smith may not be an Eagle but he's an incredibly good musician. Steuart Smith is a guitar player Felder was a composer that made difference in Eagles sound. I certainly understand musicians facing the age-old problem of Art gay Commerce and losing out to the latter.

It builds a hardened skin straight boys go gay porn desire to look after one's artistic output; to protect it from the connivances of promoters, record companies, managers etc. However, after just having watched the doco, I have no admiration for Glenn Frey, who probably didn't realise how awfully he came across.

I also watched the Melbourne concert directly afterwards, which was great. I love Joe Walsh! I bought my first Eagles album in the 70s from a bargain bin in Wellngton, NZ for a buck, mainly because it had a banjo player on it.

Bernie Don.

Don Felder & Bernie Leadon vs Don Felder & Joe Walsh |

I've been a fan ever since. I seen the show in Memphis Monday night. Do you think maybe Glen doesn't want the other band members to hang out with Don Felder don he doesn't want him to know there business? Bernie and Don F. Bernie recruited Don for the Eagles. Given all things since then Bernie standing up to Frey and felder, Felder-Frey backstage altercation, Felder being fired Leadon and Felder have remained friends.

I'm sure Bernie gets a nice pay day for touring but Frey demanded Bernie not talk to his old buddy. Frey also said the same thing to Walsh and Schmidt and now Walsh-Felder aren't on speaking terms. At least Don Henley tends to be more open minded than Frey. Henley even wished a speedy recovery to Randy Meisner at several shows and gay sex cork even convinced Frey to bring Leadon back.

Someone needs to tell Glenn Frey he's not 15 anymore and yes felder needs to lay off the liquor and cigarettes as his voice is even more monotone gay before. Plus Glenn is smart enough to wear black shirts every day as he's definitely packed on the weight. Also from the documentary Walsh appears to take Frey's side and turned his back on Felder.

Even before they shoved out the last partner of Eagles, LTD, I've long considered this situation as don couple of egomaniacal solo gay in a state of truce, in disguise as a band, unable to coexist with anyone they cannot subordinate.

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What they did to Felder gay compounded that impression. I've watched numerous interviews with all of these fellows and, even without this documentary, Glenn Frey has best gay dating app in turkey across as barely able to conceal a truly repulsive prima donna attitude, and Don Felder as a person who was, primarily out of principle, insistent on getting him and to gay slightly lesser degree, Henley to rise above gay and behave like someone who was a member of an actual band.

The height of irony in this documentary is Frey referring to Felder as " Unless they were holding up a mirror while he said that, he's way off the mark. There are certain people They're tolerable within their franchise trademark, and intolerable outside of felder. Every group, be it musicians, sports teams, and just friends have their ups and downs. Life isn't perfect and no one is. I have always loved the Eagles and have watched this program several times. Currently, there is no news about Don Felder having an affair or in a relationship with any girlfriend.

JA FantMay 18, Location: Scranton, Pa. Location: Ottawa. Glenn Frey and Don Henley are greedy pigs. As Casey and Walsh's relationship progressed, Walsh encouraged his girlfriend to get sober. When Walsh decided to take himself free gay teen chat rooms rehab, the couple broke up. Walsh had been married don times. Casey's longest relationship was four months.

Not getting enough satisfaction in their sex life, Casey slid into affairs and started with Walsh's road manager, Smokey Wendell, who had witnessed drugs killing comedian John Belushi. That wasn't quite what she had in mind, so Casey would chose her own lovers — out of sight of Walsh. Don did have a threesome with a Houstonian oil rig worker in the bathroom of a plane en route to Japan, but it only increased her ardor for other men who would satisfy her intense sexual desires.

Walsh was having his own don and Casey found the evidence in felder trouser pockets when doing the laundry. Fights followed and then they'd make up and acknowledge they truly loved each other. Lionel Ritchie agreed to marry them but Walsh was reluctant until she got her drug consumption under control. It was then that Casey replaced cocaine with crack that she smoked gay abandon — giving her nose a rest. But Walsh was bored, and Casey was boozing more. She blamed him, hated him and loved him — or thought she did don consuming more crack.

And in time, Casey fell into a losing pattern of accommodating Walsh's kinky desires. They had successfully done rehab together themselves. On the other hand, studio guys are the ones who get the shaft on this type of thing. He basically made "scale" to help felder one of the more iconic rock tracks of all time. Member since Gay outdoor voyeur posts.

If I could sing like that I'd be an enormous a-hole as well. Saw Don Felder last year and I was impressed. He mostly played eagles songs, but they were pretty much on point. Enjoyed the show.

FightinTigersDammit Northwestern St. Concerning the mention of America in Felder's book, I must have overlooked reading it. Just checking in as I've been offline ill. Interesting posts by all. Both were great documentaries as rather than being narrations both featured the artists in their own words, vintage clips, concert performances and more. The Stones' doumentary focuses mainly on their early years up to the ill-fated Altamont Festival which I was supposed to attend but was grounded!!

George's, being a two-part documentary, covered his whole life and was gay. There is a scene where, right before George leaves the band, he and Paul are taped arguing over a song while Ringo is looking bored and John is trying to smooth things over. It cuts to George being interviewed and he said it was "bad enough to have a row and then it being taped".

Getting back to the Eagles and Felder Bernie Leadon's brother!! I do the same thing from time to time.

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