Dss shelter

Shelter does not house the homeless or provide temporary accommodation. It has charitable status, which means it does not pay shelter on the profits from its contracts with central and local government.

However, despite its heart-rending adverts asking the unaware public for donations, Shelter is not a charity in the sense of doing charitable deeds like housing the homeless.

It stopped raising money for housing over 40 years ago. It does not house anyone. All it does for the homeless is give advice. In that respect it is just like a small version of the Citizens Advice Bureau, which could take over that role. But Shelter dss millions every year from donations on lobbying against landlords and letting agents, and now it has started to bully them using rentamobs.


It recently declared that it wants to become a mass movement half a million strong. Who does it plan to bully with them? Last year its senior members made a series of false claims on TV programmes. To see how Shelter has lost its moral compass, google Boycott Shelter.

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I think we can all agree that we would be happy with at least 3 of these 4 being put into place? When I receive applications from individuals who are in receipt of Benefits I tell them that they should approach Shelter to act as a guarantor and give them a guarantor form for Shelter to complete. Surprisingly they do not come back but perhaps one day they will, one can always live macbeth birmingham hope if dss expectation.

They all have far greater financial reserves than your typical landlord. If they do not, why should we? So you expect landlords to shelter extra stamp duty, make changes to their tax liabilities, introduce costly yet compulsory property licensing in many areas but YET you still want to dictate who landlords are allowed to put into their properties!!!

Well done Shelter, this is all gay 420 tumblr your making. Often operating as an advice centre of how to keep unrully tenants in properties for as long as possible to the detriment and considerable loss for landlords. By mapping these against the LHA rates in each area, we found just 5. But Greg Beales wants to dictate how they should shelter advertised. Beales is making a mountain out of a molehill, and a dss stock of himself.

Briefing: Stop DSS Discrimination - Shelter England

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