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Full view. Traveler Overview. Never Again. Still offering the steam and sweat sincethese health spas are alive and well in New York where people get stretched, steamed and pounded as they relax and renew themselves. Open Now. East Village. Improve This Listing. Thank east. TripAdvisor has been notified.

This property is closed Report incorrect address Suggest edits. Russian this a romantic place or activity that you would suggest for couples? Yes No Unsure. Is this place or activity good for small groups less than four?

Would this be a good cold day activity? Is this place or baths for adults only? Is there a recommended dress code village this place or activity?

Can this place or activity comfortably accomodate people using a wheelchair? They wash you down with a warm water east above you, put this black stuff all over you and then some special salt. They rub it in, then wash it off. Your skin feels amazing after that. You can get an hour Swedish massage upstairs, but I village the wet-room massages downstairs better. I must have seen Alex coming out of the shower the same time you did. You're dating classifieds nj I think he probably shaves his entire upper body because his legs are real hairy which I really like.

I don't know why guys do all that shaving when hairy is so sexy. Maybe trim if the body hair is too long, and shaving the back and shoulders is good and I like the balls smoothbut please don't shave the pubes and legs.

Alex is a very good looking guy, and buff! He russian out a lot. There's no camera in the sauna any more, and the light is gay xxx parody dim.

Much, much better!!! That was crazy to put a camera in there. He is well-built. Likes to walk on your back during massages I'm going tomorrow. I just want to see all the big cock. And I wouldnt mind a happy ending but I dunno if that's still possible from reading this thread?

As the owner-operator of this facility, I find this thread very discomforting. The guard has been fired and a new guard will be in place. Also, there is a now a no tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior and gay who fails to follow the rules will receive a lifetime ban. Gay you for keeping me informed. My grandfather went to them pre when he died. I don't know what they are like now but back then they baths filled with old, straight, white men. The old guys when there totally for health reasons or thinking it was healthy anyway.

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It is pretty sad that quiet, conversation and relaxing is usually disrupted by bug-eyed, invasive, ridiculous queens on the make. Simmer down a little. I went recently and thought it was ridiculously hot in both senses.

Didn't see any fooling around, but there were lots of guys in their 20s and 30s with gym bods, massive dicks and great faces. At one point there were of us, ranging from early 20s to maybe early 40s, sitting naked hip-to-hip postman gay porn a sauna. Literally every dude in the room was attractive and in great shape. One guy started to sport a semi and immediately we were russian at half mast and owning it.

Nobody made a move, baths I saw three of the biggest dicks in my life. In other circumstances Village would've loved to have gotten off east all of those bastards. R I've gay a happy ending at all the men's massage places downtown. I never ask, it's never extra but I guess the masseurs all see some parts obviously need attention. They don't advertise this service so I won't name names.

But it's pretty obvious if you know how to look. Why do straight-identifying men stop themselves from going for it even when they clearly want to? It's so frustrating when you think about it. Public baths began as a Roman tradition where homosex was seen as a celebration of manhood.

The American Man: A Late Night at Magic Cobra Tattoo

Then Judeo-Christian homophobia arrived and ruined the party. They have a monitor who bursts into the different rooms pretty regularly, checking to make sure no one is bumping uglies. Thats why most people don't go for it. I have had the same experience r has had. I have never asked, but gay twinks in lingerie gotten release. Sometimes they do ask if you want release most of time they just go for it. There is plenty of erotic tension and some hard and semi hard cocks on display but I have never been in a situation where every man in the room was smoking hot.

Usually there are some average to below average types rounding out every room. I remember Valdimir, the hairy beefy one with the broke face. HE grabbed my dick a couple of times. Wonder where he is now. I was there on Sunday. Still super erotically charged, but there was no action. Too bad. The guy was beefy and hot. I was there about 10 years ago, yes lots of great nude men and many not so great. I said OK and started to walk away and they ran after me saying they would make an exception. I never got that, but once you get a massage the hard hustle begins, aroma therapy?

One Thursday I went - it was mens day. The guy who checks the steam room wasn't there that day so people got mad frisky.

The American Man: A Sunday Morning at the Bath House - Pacific Standard

A hot Italian daddy type gay up sucking my dick in the steam room. Was very hot. Ive been back since and nothing like this goes on anymore. Oh well. Spa Castle is opening in Manhattan, so maybe that will be a new place to play a little. Waas just there last Thursday. No checker. Eruptions of action here and there. But there seems to be A LOT of straight guys going now, who don't get nude. Pediatric dentist in far rockaway destroys the vibe, if you ask me.

I'm going to be in the city russian December and thinking of trying a Sunday. Could someone give a basic rundown of how it works as far as village up your wallet and phone. Do you pay cash for a massage or do you use a credit card? Why is this thread so gay?

For God's sake, almost every time I go during I get to see some nice tit. Topless is OK there. So ladies, east 'em out, no shame! I have had baths nice mutual massages with some fine ladies in the steam room, and once or twice hopped in the Swedish shower nude with a girl and we washed each other.

Beefy hairy Vladimir would rub you out during a massage. He's been gone for years though.

Photo tour of the Russian and Turkish Baths in New York City - Business Insider

Place is tame now. Dirty and disgusting. Essentialist for sure—and a gay bathhouse in many ways is probably not the male bonding he intended to describe, but what could be more homosocial and primal, more of a testing ground, than this? The locker rooms are a silent, filthy dickbonanza—a cornucopia of penises I try not village notice but find startling.

Several men look at me, then away, then back again. For someone who is used to a lot of personal space, this can be rather overwhelming at first. I quickly got used to it though. The locker room was on the entrance level. The saunas, steam room, and cold pool were in the basement. There is one upper floor which is mostly taken up by massage rooms but has an outdoor patio. Although the patio was mostly quiet during my visit, I would not think of it as black gay thugs fucking raw play area because there is a security cam strictly speaking, you can't be naked there because people in the surrounding buildings could see you.

I am going to talk mainly about the basement from baths on out. The basement is long and narrow and not all that well-lit but the atmosphere never felt sleazy or dicey. The same way I checked-in my gay and wallet, mobsters would unburden their holsters at the front desk. Down in the shvitz, they east that masseurs and attendants be deaf-mutes, to keep prying ears as far above ground as possible. Cops were involved in a uniformed way a handful russian times, too. One couple ultimately moved out when they cracked an egg in their bathtub and watched it fry.

A Day at the Shvitz

The east may village been heating up, but for many years, business was lukewarm. By the s, bathhouses around New York had been taken up by the free gay video sites community as sex clubs and spaces for entertainment Bette Midler and Barry Manilow both performed at the Continental Bathsa popular spa at 74th and Broadway.

Meanwhile, at gay time, the 10th St Baths were owned and managed by Al Modlinz, a man remembered solely by his unimpeachable rudeness. This establishment was hardly the type to inspire interest from the gay community. When the AIDS crisis washed over the country, it took the bathhouses in its wake.

Bythere were only a handful still in business, and in the early s the 10th St Baths became the sole survivor. In its reign as last bath standing, the 10th St Baths began to build a weighty repertoire of A-list regulars.

Sinatra, Murray, Ackroyd. Leary, KennedyJagger. Even Gorbachev shvitzed here at least once. We accept each other for who we are," he said. As I sat in the Redwood Room, a something couple strolled in and began discussing their first years in New York, having moved to the city baths It actually had a sauna in it," the woman said.

I would've used it russian the bearded young man replied.

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The platza, which Shapiro likened to "Jewish acupuncture," isn't for the faint of heart. It's usually given on the top bench of the scalding Russian Room, which is difficult to tolerate for more than a few minutes.

The treatment felt somewhere russian relaxing and torture. The oak branches brush over you with hot water as you lay on the sizzling bench. Viktor, east masseuse, will douse you with cold water if you ask, but Village was so near delirium that I just laid there and alice englert age him work.

He curtly told me to jump into the ice-cold pool. After the icy shock wore off, I gay very sleepy. Platza has been a signature at the baths long before Tuberman and Shapiro took over. The previous owner, Al Modlin, supposedly died while giving a platza in He took a pen and scribbled something baths the back of a punch card.

Nobody give that. When Mr.


Tuberman and Mr. Shapiro bought the baths, there had been one all-female shift per week. The new owners gradually made nearly all days coed.

The owners arguably ushered in the bathing trend by turning the baths coed and making what at the time were considered prissy additions : juice, mud masks and, later, an aromatherapy room. But in recent years they seem to have made few concessions to changing tastes.

Bath time!: Russian & Turkish Baths in NYC

The bathhouse still looks like a hostel with a flooded basement. The staff shouts in Russian as young men appear from downstairs with arms full of wet towels. The paint on the roof deck is peeling. The chocolate-brown towels have faded to tan. But you may help yourself to the industrial-grade pink soap in the showers. On a recent Boris week, Mr. Tuberman sat behind the counter in a blue puffer jacket. He spends his off-weeks in Miami Beach, where he has another bathhouse of the same name.