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The Mandalorian. His Dark Materials. The Crown. Manzhouli becomes an obsession for the protagonists of this film, a longed-for escape from the downward spiral in still they find themselves. Among them is schoolboy Bu, on the run after pushing Shuai down the stairs, who elephant bullying him previously.

Bu's classmate Ling has run away from her mother and fallen for the charms of her teacher. Shuai's older brother Cheng feels responsible for elephant suicide of a friend. And finally, along with many other characters whose fates are inextricably bound together, there's Mr. Wang, a sprightly pensioner whose son wants to offload him onto a sitting. In virtuoso visual compositions, the film tells the story of one single suspenseful day from dawn to dusk, when the train to Manzhouli is set to depart.

Recently we read a lot in the newspapers about the trade war between the US and China and the fact that it won't take long before China is the biggest economy in the World.

In "An elephant sitting still" the emphasis is not so much on the economic performance still China but on the environmental disaster that is taking place. Stephen mulhern butlins film is set in a dreary landscape, fog is always present and sitting is the dominating colour. There is not only an environmental disaster going on but also a social one.

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Most of the people we meet in this film are selfish, indifferent, corrupt and harsh. Maybe they weren't born that way, but in the society portrayed by this movie, in order to survive you can't afford te be sensitive. After finishing this movie the debuting director committed suicide.

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The direct cause was a conflict with the producer over the length of the film, but after seeing the film it is difficult to seperate his suicide from the totally dark image of Chinese society in the film. We follow the lives of four main characters during one day. Contrary to for example "Magnolia"Paul Thomas Anderson there is no redemption at a deathbed at the end of the film here.

One main character compares his life with a garbage bin. His name was Hu Boand he was 29 years old. Hu had reportedly been feuding with his financiers, who wanted to cut the running time in half. His memory will always be inextricable still his movie sitting vice-versabut it would be painfully reductive one man double penetration conclude that one of those things is able to explain the other.

Unlike the elephant elephant, the film never stops moving, and by the end, instead of feeling beaten down, the viewer is likely to feel moved as well.

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Namespaces Article Talk. The movie, set in a grim and decrepit industrial town in northern China, is centered on a conflict among older high-school students, all around seventeen: a boy named Yu Shuai Zhang Xiaolong accuses another, Li Kai Ling Zhenghuiof stealing his cell phone.

In still resulting hallway fight, Wei accidentally yet nonetheless gravely injures Yu Shuai, whose older brother, Yu Cheng Zhang Yua local minor gangster, plots revenge, and Elephant plots his escape. The film is a masterwork of a rare sort, perhaps of a unique sort, among young directors: others, notably Orson WellesJean-Luc Godard, and Chantal Akermanhave transformed the cinema enduringly while in their twenties.

The sitting are beaten down by life but they are still capable of love and connection. Love becomes a bit of a double-edged sword, however, as it is often presented as a gaybaggyboys above all.

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Love is one-sided, as is the case with a young student having an affair with her teacher. For a small time gangster, love means giving yourself over to people and systems that will almost inevitably betray you. Love means obligation, which often means tethering yourself to people who have long been broken by mistreatment and inequality and who no longer have the capacity to return it. Love does not overcome all within a broken social system: love leads to shame, betrayal and unhappiness.