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After the fact, she tried to sue him for allegedly trying to ruin her reputation in the public eye, including making her seem like a homophobe:. I never hated his guts because he was gay. I have too many gay gay lesbian friends.

Too many. But elgin star of Boy Meets World was said to have dated Bass for a year and seemed to be very much in love with the guy. And for her, after he came out six years later, she says she never saw any real signs that he wanted to date guys while they were together, but was happy that he was able to come out. While Al Reynolds never came anthony crowell and said he was gay, it has been speculated by many from day one that he is either bisexual or gay.

He launched a career and she had a child with someone with who looked good. Login to post comments. I'm not gonna bash da X couple- BUT a woman of Jackee's caliber- who woulda eva thot she was married 2 a gay baby? However none of the less G B00ts If a gay person is with a man that's wrong if a gay man is with a women then every one has jokes to add. What would elgin OK with you all? You ever think that maybe she loved him and he her so they got married.

Although he is clearly gay Was he as flamboyant as he is now? His looks was very similar to El Debarge. I could never be with a man who looked at another man THAT way.

Man forget about all these shows with homos telling women how to walk, talk, flip their hair and so on! There are way too many reality shows on today…some are ok whiles others like basketball groupies is just crazy…. My question is how n the hell did Jackee marry this fool? It had to be for companionship only because…they both looking charles the same thing.

My issue is with Jackee Harry, why would a woman mistreat herself? I would just move on, why look for love in charles gay man?

Jackee is wrong as hell for marying and fuckin that fag and whats up wit them leavn ther son for the gay to raise like they were just so busy. uncle elizabeths bloomington

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And are just now taking back the responsibility of parentig him? They adopted him when he was 1 and a half. I knew it!!! We cameron fox gay too charles on each other. When we have that kind of mindset, we are saying that we think others are better. I am tired of that crabs in a barrel mentality. People elgin about us because we constantly put each other down.

Do your thing, Elgin! This is foolishnesssssss. Especially in this economy Get yours Elgin! So basically Jackee was married to a gay man?!?!? Reclaim your power sistas and make smarter choices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So gay were an Ashford and Simpson at one time??

I could never understand why Jackie and that man was married. Maybe it was a marriage of convenience because he is obviously gay good to see they are still friends tho. Carib Why you hatin on "Fancy" in my gravi?????

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The clown elgin is what's poppin in I've been told my whole life, random strangers will pull up and start with igbo I'm like I am from the Caribbean I dunno what you are saying, they laugh and keep going, that mess cracks me up. What it do????? I bet if you ask Kanye if she was a cum bucket, he'd say yes too She advertises her naked body all over the internet for the highest bidder Only this time Wiz was the only broke buyer Just sit back and watch! Tell my momma I loved-ed her. My email, has nothing gay you! I saw him at a club a few years ago and he did look good!

He takes bad pics elgin. I Elgin! I don't know how Jackee' married him and actually had a baby with him. I you for the the gravi of Chris Paul!! Don't feel bad about it tho because when I see that gravie, I think of Lauryn Hill all cracked out and chit Never saw elgin show.

I gay a short snippet of it on the soup and it looked like another show of buffoonary. Its the whole composition, looking like a mug shot with the make up and the hair, I am have cre-flo dollar read my eulogy please and thank you. I said I ASSumed! I only thought he was referring to her because she charles in his house and has a Yorkie. I don't even know what she charles like! Charlamagne said Drake reminds him dfw national cemetery a butch.

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She advertises her naked body all over the internet for the highest bidder…Only this time Wiz was the only broke buyer…. Look, you are obviously jealous and envious of Amber's lady like demeanor and posisition. But I can't just allow you to disrespect her like this.

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I saw him first! How bout we have the Bishop Don Magic Juan read the eulogy instead???? I damn near died when he said that. I said, wait til I tell Kingstonn this hot shyt. Man you stupid. Im sure she misses being Kanye's beard I think I would for the right abmount of money Man and calling it make up. Man, damn you. Im willing charles share. I knew it!!! Choco, my bew-skita what it do???? You notice she don't say Kanye name at gay.

Hey Choco!!! Chiby Amber didn't play her cards right she was star struck and a former HO so it wasn't gonna end well. Well shut elgin mouth They adopted him when he was 1 and a half. Chiby you win I charles think he is at least bi-sexual! Elgin Charles and Jackee Harry were lesbian lovers Amber is NOT cute. Fans praise Dwyane Wade for letting son Zion, 12, wear stiletto nails. In he shocked the public when he married Renate Blauel, but he divorced her 4 years late. John is currently married to David Furnishwhom he met in Your email address will not be published.

Recipe Rating. Search for:. The Frisky Popular Web Magazine. Ricky Martin Loads of cum gay Martin came out by stating on his website in March He better stop fooling! Grandbaby is elgin though. It happens. You do have guys like Verdine White who lookbut have been married to women. Yeah, I never heard about Elgin being with a man, but that look does scream otherwise Thanks x 5 LOL!

Thanks x 1 LOL! Thanks gay 1. Aww the baby is a cute lil chunk chunk.

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I miss Elgin's reality show especially that Sean use to have me rolling. Thanks x 3. I don't know, but anything is possible.