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And we know from the published record that the Tucker Carlson on the audiotapes is the real Tucker Carlson. Fox News, too, knew all about it — eden bar thailand, at the least, should have. Ethan Strauss, an intern at Salonwas entrusted with recruiting Carlson to write a piece on then-President Barack Obama. The point, though, is that Fox News was on notice about this incident and many, many more.

If you want to know what I think, you can watch.

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Anyone who disagrees with my views is welcome to come on and explain why. Instead of reckoning with the offensive comments, Carlson seeks to parlay the underlying controversy into better ratings. Over the years, Fox News has built its audience in scandalous increments: A host or contributor says something dumb or distasteful; liberal America screams its denunciations; Fox News benefits from the conservative counter-reaction to the backlash.

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Toggle navigation. I asked Fox News about these comments. Wemple began contributing articles to the Washington City Paper in the late s. From January to NovemberWemple wrote the paper's political column, " Loose Lips ", before becoming editor. A month later, he announced he would not assume the position, stating that "the paper's ownership and I have failed to come to terms in our many discussions about moving forward, particularly with ezra miller boyfriend to newsroom management.

InJ. Trotter of Gawker Media declared Wemple a "hero", and that "like a deeply embedded anthropologist, Wemple scours Washington media and, not infrequently, their New York counterparts for hypocrisy, excess, and corruption.

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He's the anti-Mike Allen, frequently piercing the Politico's madman's self-inflating bubble of hype at the moment it threatens to blot out the sun. Wemple is married to Stephanie Mencimer, who, as ofworks a staff reporter in the Washington office of Mother Jones.

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