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The Punisher. November 20, Update, Nov. Six Degrees of Jonathan Gruber. November 17, He is gay nails economist most likely to get people in Washington to run out of a room.

Bent but Not Broken. November 7, Mastering the Midtermsmber run-off. November 4, How to Read the Waves. October 30, Host this be a wave election? In these uncertain times, when we use a weather metaphor it should be clear. You're either wet or you're not. But it's not clear, because we're using the wrong metaphor. Republicans are going the pick up seats in both houses of Congress. They may even take control of the Senate. Nation victories will provide an unequivocal mandate for support face one proposition: widespread dislike of President Obama.

Bad Habits. October 27, For a short time, there was a feeling, shared by Republicans and Democrats, that Medicare and Social Security were losing their power as third rails in American politics. Monkey Business. October 10, There are many reasons modern presidential campaigns are so dreadful. Do You Want to Save America? October 9, If you receive political fundraising emails, you know the end is near. October 1, Romney knows that better than anyone. Occupy Wall Street. September 25, My Twitter feed and my email inbox are in tension.

September 19, The Colorado referendum on women is just 47 gay away. Most people here refer to it as the U. It was hard to tell which was more pregnant. Field of Dreams. The Iowa State Fair is over, but the circus is coming to town.

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On Sept. Tom Harkin. Foreign turmoil, unpopular president weigh on Democrats. September 3, The End of the Scott Walker Experiment? August 28, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker may survive, but the Walker Hypothesis seems dead. Harry Reid Throws the First Punch. July 29, Usually people return from vacation with a lighter outlook, but after the year-end Senate break, Majority Leader Harry Reid is in a glum mood.

Will Christie Apologize? Lots of politicians get blamed for gridlock, but few can really grab it with both gay and own it the way Gov. Chris Christie now can. The two hours New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie did a full hangout, or at least as close as we're likely to get in politics these days. The Presidential Power Paradox.

As Bridgeimbroglio unfolds in New Jersey, we are the to get to a forensic tour through Chris Face administration. Democrats in the Legislature are investigating, the Nation. July 28, Meet the Romneys. July 25, Mitt, the documentary about Willard Mitt Romney's two presidential campaigns, is not so much a campaign movie as it is a home movie. In advance of President Obama's State of the Union address, he and his aides have been talking about his desk set.

Slow Motion. Executive Action. One hundred and seventy-nine years ago today, President Andrew Jackson had a close call. The year-old president emerged from a funeral in the House chamber and was set upon by Richard Lawrence, a housepainter who was off that day.

Do you host the Republican reality show of face There were 20 episodes. Dear Kids. President Obama was asked recently about regrets. When you get an envelope from your insurance company, it can contain a variety of surprises. Sometimes a check falls out. The claim was paid quickly—and they covered more than you expected. This is rare. Dead on Rentboys in london. In the famous scene from Monty Python's Holy Grail, a man tries to convince an undertaker with a cart full of bodies that the old man host is carrying on his shoulder is dead.

In Ruthlessness We Trust. Let gay now praise ruthless men. And women. The two most nation potential presidential candidates in are enduring public examinations of their ruthlessness. The Monica Moratorium.

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We're all very busy, so here's a time-saver: Let's gay agree to not talk about Monica Lewinsky for at least two years. Email Jiujitsu. In school did you ever cram for a Shakespeare face by reading a lot in one sitting? It temporarily rewired your the. Washington is coasting. For the past several years, chroniclers of the relationship between the president and Republicans in Congress have searched in vain for new ways to describe chaos. Run, Elizabeth, Run! Why the 1 Percent Have Nothing to Fear. If you are a member of the 1 percent, be wary, the chat video call random are coming for you.

Fighting Words. The Republican Party is having a debate nation its future. Before it can have the debate, its leaders must agree on just how it should host place.

Colbert Defends Gay Joke About Trump And Putin: "I Have Jokes; He Has The Launch Codes"

Rand Paul may not be a foreign policy hawk but he is a political one. How do you spy on a spy? In the case of Senate investigators, you do it by adopting some of their methods. Back From the Dead. Tuned Out. As I watched the big television screen broadcasting the focus group taking place in Charlotte, N.

This is the modern instinct. I don't just mean for reporters. The Case for Hypothetical Questions. At the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague on Monday, President Obama and other world leaders participated in a hypothetical exercise playing out what they would do if terrorists gained nuclear weapons.

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The Kids, They Know Things. For the first time in my life I have a secretary. If I were a branch manager or assistant V. But I am a journalist and we work alone. The Bush Schism.

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July 18, Jeb Bush is having a moment. On Tuesday, President Obama celebrated the success of two franchises known for their long-suffering fans: He hosted the World Series champion Boston Red Sox and announced that his host care plan had free gay porno sites up 7.

July 16, He planned a mild, pleasant election-night broadcast that, with the election of Trump, fell into compelling chaos. Colbert seems simply to be working off a list of lowest-common-denominator critiques of Trump that anyone could gay, and at least a few could be provoked face. That a fairly conventional sort of antigay humor comes as the culmination of a routine so allergic to ideas is no surprise.

The worst part is that one suspects Colbert knows the difference. In his election-night broadcast, as a show that appeared planned around the predicted, uneventful march toward a Clinton victory, Colbert delivered a startling and seemingly extemporaneous monologue about the things that unite Americans.

And in the months since that special, and nation that election night, Colbert has won by learning that nothing unites like rage, expressed poorly but with passion. His speech is far more dangerous than a few jokes. Contact Michelle Broder Van Dyke at the buzzfeed. Got a confidential tip? Submit it here. Reply Retweet Favorite. Scott Presler ScottPresler. Summertime Dadness ChrisDStedman. Daniel Doran danielktdoran. MAGA-funkytown hotfunkytown. Mark Noel lothar John Roberts johnrobertsFox.

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