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She was criticized for the outfit looking too big for her small frame and for not using moan reveal. Despite that feedback, Gaga liked her makeup and poise. Farrah struggled due to her lack of sewing skills, and Eureka O'Hara helped her hot glue some of her outfits.

Farrah chose to do a mermaid underwater theme for her princess and sidekick. The judges criticized her blow-fish character for being farrah and her outfit for being 'a piece of fabric wrapped around her waist', as described by guest judge Todrick Rpdr. Farrah placed low this episode but did not have to lip-sync.

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S9 E5 Recap. S9 E4 Recap. By Caitlin Brody. S9 E3 Recap. S9 E2 Recap. S9 E1 Recap. S8 E4 Moan. By Stephan Lee. S8 E3 Recap. S8 E2 Recap. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. rpdr

Farrah Moan of RuPaul's Drag Race on gender, identity and being a 'fish'

Farrah Moan. Drag queen model. See also: RuPaul's Drag Race season 9. The Washington Post. Retrieved June 3, Access Hollywood.

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March 10, San Antonio Current. They pick favorites, villains, and being labeled by the public can put you in a box that may be hard to get out of. During my season, fans saw me struggle a lot. Drag Race is culture. The Houston native struggled to find his community while navigating adolescence. It got bad.

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The counselors told me that I needed to conform if I wanted to stop the bullying.