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In television and film, our dial is on 10 all the time — rarely are black characters afforded subtle traits or feelings. And when nonblack users flock to these images, they are playacting within those stereotypes in a manner reminiscent of an unsavory American tradition. Reaction GIFs are mostly frivolous and fun. Then comes the more sinister side of this. In other instances, digital blackface is an orchestrated attempt by white supremacists to disrupt black organizing.

As the name of celebs 4 free tag suggests, online minstrels are no more believable than their in-person counterparts to anyone who knows black culture and black people, rather than a series of types. But while these examples are particularly noteworthy for their malicious intent, digital blackface has softer counterparts, just like offline blackface.

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Digital blackface does not describe intent, but an act — the act of inhabiting a black persona. Employing digital technology to co-opt a perceived cache or black cool, too, involves playacting blackness in a minstrel-like tradition.

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No matter how brief the performance or playful the intent, summoning black images to play types means pirouetting on over years of American blackface tradition. Images of black people, more than anyone else, are primed to go viral and circulate widely online — in traumain deathand in memes. Reaction GIFs are an uneasy reminder of the anal stretching tumblr our presence is extra visible in life, every day, in ways that get us profiled, harassed, mocked, beaten, and killed.

Long before the Internet or television, merry racist characters like pickaninnies and coons circulated the same social space as lynching postcards. Being on display has always been a precarious experience for black folks.

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Scholars such as Tina Campt and artists like Martine Syms consider what it means for black images to be reproduced as stock visuals in history and culture. Reaction GIFing looks less innocuous with the consideration of how overrepresented images of black people have become within the practice. Ultimately, black people and black images are thus relied upon to perform a huge amount of emotional labor online on behalf of nonblack users.

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The weight of reaction GIFing, period, rests on our shoulders. Is there something problematic about white people using brown-skinned emojis?

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And what about the Black Lives Matter Facebook fundraising page that was revealed to be run by two unaffiliated white men in Australia? Was this the latest iteration of digital blackface in action?

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Or just a run-of-the-mill money-making scam? Actually, black women have been calling out certain online behaviours as digital-age blackface for some time now. Shafiqah Hudson, a Philadelphia-based writer and academic, first noticed the phenomenon back in the mids in a comment thread on an article about police brutality.

When Twitter arrived on the scene, accounts impersonating black women also quickly adapted to the new platform.

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Unfortunately, misogynoir — the specific misogyny directed towards black women — flowed freely online during this period, at least judging by the popularity of one Wanda LaQuanda. Between andher Twitter account bigoletitties built up a 30,strong following and accompanying merchandise line by combining a profile picture of a thickset black women in lingerie with all-caps tweets, in which Wanda boasted about her sexual prowess in a crude approximation of African-American Vernacular English AAVE.

Before apparently disappearing from gif internet altogether, Munkacsy gave an interview promoting his e-book, Wanda Exposed, to Kernel, the online magazine founded girl a pre-Breitbart Milo Yiannopoulos. The article never uses the word blackface, nor does it question Munkacsy on his use of racist and sexist fat, but it does offer some useful insight into black methods and motivations behind instances of digital blackface.

I was surrounded by black culture at the time. I loved it and I miss it … There is such a thing as black culture.


fat black girl gif nude indian girl blowing boyfriend Adore or despise them, GIFs are integral to the social experience of the Internet. But even a casual observer of GIFing would notice that, as with much of online culture, black people appear at the center of it all. Or images of black people, at least. Many of our most beloved entertainment genres owe at least part of themselves to the minstrel stage, including vaudeville, film, and cartoons. While often associated with Jim Crow—era racism, the tenets of minstrel performance remain alive today in television, movies, music and, in its most advanced iteration, on the Internet. Unlike other physical executions of blackface such as by Robert Downey Jr. Digital blackface uses the relative anonymity of online identity to embody blackness.
fat black girl gif pegging redtube The online popularity of images of black people — particularly women and femme gay men — is a fact of internet life and, in recent fatgayman, an increasingly controversial one. Are gifs being used to disseminate racist stereotypes in cyberspace? Is there something problematic about white people using brown-skinned emojis? And what about the Black Lives Matter Facebook fundraising page that was revealed to be run by two unaffiliated white men in Australia? Was this the latest iteration of digital blackface in action?
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