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Activists and other NY primary obsessives I had talked to opined that Rhodes spoke about local issues more than most of the other candidates, and had a good handle on them.

I asked Rhodes what major local issue he was unaware of prior to campaigning. The lack of volunteers was not due to a paucity of altruism, Rhodes said, but to modern realities.

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Hospitals offered less and less services, so ambulances had to rush patients farther to the appropriate facilities, and the additional time it took volunteers away from their jobs made less people able to work in rescue squads for free.

It was harder to find volunteers for fire departments, Rhodes said, because a litany of issues made it harder to volunteer. This was only one part of the contemporary woes Rhodes saw in sparsely-populated areas in the district.

NY was positioned to capitalize on the new economy, including remote workers, clean energy, and marijuana, which Rhodes sex gay movis would be federally legalized in the coming years.

Race-Baiting Politics Has No Place in Our District, or Any

However, more federal investment was needed in rural areas, including for fire departments and broadband internet. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who employed Rhodes as his traveling press secretary before Rhodes went to Harvard, unveiled a plan in to provide high-speed internet to all New Yorkers though a series of matching grants to internet providers.

The internet providers are using the money to run fiber optic cables through rural gareth of the state, something that was fiscally unappealing to the internet providers due to the limited number of potential customers in these areas. This program was combined with an expansion of broadband in rural areas by Spectrum, an internet service provider that was only allowed to form from the merger of Charter and Time-Warner Cable by promising the state Public Service Commission PSC rhodes would provide high-speed internet toadditional customers.

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The internet should be a public utility, regulated the way power companies are currently regulated, which would protect net neutrality and give taxpayers control over something they were gareth partially funding through the grants, Rhodes said. Andrew Cuomo who grew up on a cant cum in the district. Motoring around the district in a small Winnebago, he has visited all towns. He has listened closely to the woes of dairy farmers in dire straits, to families who have had to travel hundreds of miles to the closest maternity ward, to students struggling to pay off student loans.

Like several of his competitors, Mr. Rhodes backs Medicare for all, a health care reform meant to bring Americans closer to the kind of universal system enjoyed in all other industrialized nations. Details matter, and there rhodes several Democratic-backed proposals on the table, but Mr.

Rhodes sees the conversation as a way to jump-start negotiations on health care fixes. While I am deeply troubled by the direction [Trump] is taking this country, my voice is focused on Faso his failure to serve this community. Historically, outsiders who move to the swing district to run for the congressional seat have been effectively maligned in the general election as "carpetbaggers.

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Meanwhile, Rhodes' former colleagues from Cuomo's office continue to cheer him on from the sidelines, with secretary to the governor Melissa DeRosa proudly sharing the Times' endorsement on Twitter this week. Caption Close. Image 1 of 3. Back to Gallery. But with a record number of Democratic House candidates who are people of gareth, the Republican party in appears to be abandoning its decades rhodes of innuendo and coded language, and shamelessly taking these tactics to a new level — overtly race-based attacks against the candidates themselves.

Antonio Delgado is a formidable opponent. And I should know, he beat me in the Democratic primary campaign just a few months ago. He is an inspiring mario casas estatura and tireless worker who grew up in Upstate New York to parents working middle class jobs at GE. Most are also staunchly conservative. Tall and firmly built, with a head of straight brown hair, he campaigns in casual clothes instead of suits.

He worked a job drilling water wells in his youth, volunteered as a firefighter and attended City College of New York on Pell Grants.

Gareth Rhodes’ unorthodox Democratic campaign strategy

Rhodes is no stranger to physical labor. Rhodes rose to national prominence in mid-June, when The New York Times editorial board unexpectedly endorsed his candidacy. On the drive to Delaware County, which has voted Republican in all but two presidential elections sinceRhodes demonstrated his knowledge of the bread-and-butter issues facing residents there.

As there are less services, more people leave and it becomes a spiral.

Ex-Cuomo staffer running for Congress gains momentum - Times Union

At a small market and deli in Bovina — a town of justnamed for its dairy farms — Rhodes met a group of nine women. Retired nurses, teachers and social workers with short gray and white hair in bob cuts.

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The market had a feel of old Americana, the walls lined with cans and packages — bags of licorice, local maple syrups and Saranac brand soda in glass bottles — that would have looked the same 40 years ago.

Here, Rhodes found more undivided support than at the Phoenicia Diner, despite richard ugelow being significantly fewer Democrats.

He and the customers discussed issues affecting their everyday lives, such as health care and health infrastructure, storm recovery, vocational training and immigration. Although his policy prescriptions might spring from big government liberalism, his framing carefully avoids political hot buttons.