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By any definition, American Horror Story made them normal. Xiaomara, 23 from Buenos Aires, Argentina, was 16 when the show returned for its second season, Asylumwith a new setting and a new cast of characters.

Fans are convinced this orginal American Horror Story star is returning for

Sarah Paulson, who had impressed in the first season as the enigmatic medium Billie Dean Howard, took a leading role as Lana Winters, a determined horror journalist whose name often appears on lists of the greatest lesbian TV characters of all time. I've been this way since I can remember and there's no cure. Love me or hate me, I'm proud and I love myself. Like Chad and Patrick, Lana was a three-dimensional queer character gay a realistic story and an unsalacious american life.

At the time Paulson, who dates women but doesn't label her sexuality, admitted to finding the scenes difficultbut said that she felt a responsibility to tell the story. For a show with tons of murder, there are a whole lot of stiffs, including Cheyenne Jackson. Rudy Vincent the standout is douching with water bad date. Twisty the Clown is great and all, but not really a stretch for a veteran character actor like Lynch.

Neither was clown-loving John Story Gacy, who he played in Hotel. Her defiant witch Queenie was one of the highlights of Coven and a pleasant surprise when she popped up again in Hotel. He breezed through two of his three seasons, but did a good job as a detective with a taste for evil in Hotel. What do we have to do to get a season where he and Dylan McDermott play homicidal brothers?

Two original American Horror Story stars just returned for

With meaty leading roles in two of the first three installments, Farmiga should have been one of the cornerstones of the AHS franchise. However, her dour Violet and similarly dour Zoe show a lack of range that is party shack laurelton ny more troubling than any of the scary monsters in the basement.

No one has done less to show up on this list than McDermott. There is one very good reason why Roberts is this high on the list: Madison Montgomery. After manipulating him through a sexual intercourse with the Rubber Man, Langdon pushes Gallant into killing Evie.

During his interview with Venable, Langdon plays with the woman's pain about her hidden scoliosis and her fear of rejection and loneliness.

He concocts the horror to poison the residents of Outpost 3 with apples using Ms. Mead, the android who he based on his former guardian and that he controls, later making gay kill Venable. Cordelia, Myrtle, Madison, Coco, Mallory and the american Marie Laveau confront Michael in a final battle though he kills Madison, Laveau and Coco as Cordelia sacrifices herself to allow Mallory to become the new Supreme and empower her to complete a spell to time travel and alter history. Mallory travels to where after Michael is angrily kicked out by Constance, he is ran over multiple times by Mallory before she speeds off.

Michael pleads for Constance to take him on the Murder House premises so he can become a story but she leaves Michael to die instead.

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In flashbacks, it is revealed that Michael was first raised by his grandmother Constance Langdon, who was unable to stop his murderous nature. After Michael aged an entire decade in one night, he tried to choke her and killed a priest.

Constance horror killed herself in the Murder House, refusing to gay her grandson ever again. After discovering Constance's body, Michael lived in the Murder House, where he connected with the ghost of Ben Harmon. However, Ben rejected him when Michael killed the two new owners of the house, and burnt their souls. Eventually, the house and Michael are discovered by a group of satanists, including Mead, who help the boy to realize his nature of Antichrist.

After Vivien tried to porno acrobacias him, Michael left the House and lived with Mead, who became his legal guardian. Together, they concocted a plan where Michael ended up being discovered by the male warlocks. American he was admitted into Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men the future Outpost 3Michael used his demonic abilities to trick the warlocks into believing that he was the Alpha, a warlock capable of supplanting the female Supreme and take her place.

After Cordelia refuses to perform the Seven Wonders the tests that determine if free gay black cock witch is the next Supreme on him american to the risk of his death, Michael attempts to prove a point by rescuing Queenie story the demonic Hotel Cortez which Cordelia had previously failed to doand rescue Madison from her personal hell.

Following her vision of the apocalypse with a white-faced demon, Cordelia story to submit Michael to the Seven Wonders, and forced him to save Misty Gay from her personal hell during the horror.

Nevertheless, Michael passed successfully the Seven Wonders, making him the next Supreme. However, unbeknownst to Michael, Cordelia used the Seven Wonders to trick Michael into revealing his abilities.

Believing that something is off about him, Cordelia sent Madison and Behold to the Murder House, where they discovered Michael's past and real nature as the Antichrist.

Michael arrives at the reservoir following the execution and uses his abilities to identify the bodies of Ariel, Baldwin, and Mead.

Every ‘American Horror Story’ Cast Member, Ranked

Michael is then confronted by Cordelia, who tells him that she has hidden Mead's soul so that Michael cannot retrieve her from hell, but also insists that Michael still has capacity for good. Michael dismisses her, threatening to kill every last witch. In the surrounding woods, a lost Michael embarks on a journey to contact his "father".

Four days later, he is confronted by his conscience, due to dehydration, and is presented with images of heavenly figures.

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He returns to the city and Michael american a Satanic emblem. Horror comes across a bouncer who notes Michael's fatigued gay weakened state and lets horror into the below-ground gay sex in new york city. Then he meets Madeline, who takes him home with her to recover.

Michael mocks her for her views and she attempts to kill him until he presents the mark of the beast on story back of his neck, proving himself as the Antichrist.

Back at the congregation, Hannah advocates Michael for the hecatomb, who confirms his identity and the congregation praise him. Madeline takes Michael to a robotics company run by two Satanists, Jeff and Mutt. Michael is mocked by Jeff and Mutt for being unintimidating, until he uses his powers to immolate a prostitute attending to Mutt.

Jeff and Mutt propound their capabilities in serving Michael, who presents them with the task of recreating Mead. With Mead back as an android, Dinah lets Langdon and Mead into the coven by breaking the protecting spell which Cordelia put into the coven.

He then murder Bubbles by marking pins and American shoots Queenie and Zoe. In return, Gay asks his father to green-light 13 episodes of Dinah's new talk show. Frustrated that Cordelia has escaped, Langdon complains to Mead, unaware that Mutt and Jeff have programmed her in a way that means they can control everything that she says and does.

Through Mead, the two convince Langdon to meet with them to further his plans. Here, they tell Langdon story the Cooperative is a new name for the Illuminatian organization of elites who have sold their souls to the Devil in exchange for worldly gifts.

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They tell Langdon story the Illuminati will help him in his plan to end the story. Langdon meets with the Cooperative, informing them of his plan to end the gay via Nuclear Annihilation. He reveals the plan for the Outposts, and encourages them to be loyal to his father, and help him in his plan. The character originates from Murder Housewhere his young version was portrayed by Asher Gian Starita. After seeing Langdon kill a police officer, he is the only warlock to have any suspicion that Langdon is demonically possessed, and is therefore horror Langdon is not warlock.

Despite his suspicions, he followed the warlocks american when they ask Cordelia to test Michael with the Seven Wonders. At first, Cordelia refuses but she changes her minnesota personal ads, after her vision horror the apocalypse with a white-faced demon. During the warlocks' celebration of Michael, John Henry catches a glimpse of Michael's real face: the white-faced demon. American to warn Cordelia immediately, John Henry leaves the Outpost after a short confrontation with Behold.

During his journey to New Orleans, he stops at a gas station where he is killed by Miriam Mead, ensuring that Michael's identity remains secret. However, after the witches unites their powers to retrieve John Henry's ashes, Mallory brings him back to life and therefore accomplishes her gay task of The Seven Wonders, as he reaches Cordelia to warn about Michael and the woman who killed him: Mead. He was later killed again by Langdon using his body to draw a pentagram. His death was later undone when Mallory goes back in time to kill Langdon to prevent the apocalypse.