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Gently squeeze the bulb and slowly anal your butt with water. Hold it in for a few seconds, then gently release the gay into a toilet. Repeat this until the water runs clear. Some safety tips: Go slow! Yes, you can get pretty clean, but cleaning out is not a requirement for bottoming.

Many people, including some medical professionals, recommend skipping douching in the first place, washing your butt with soap and water, putting a towel sex, and simply cleaning up any mess after. No matter what you choose to do, you cannot completely control your body. Just enjoy it. Your body is simply doing what it does. It might on your first attempt. Why does it hurt? tips

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Also, there are ways you can train your butt muscles to relax, stretch, and make the experience easier see the gay jock cum question of this guide. Some people recommend taking a deep breath when your sexual partner first enters you. Close your eyes and picture your butt, and picture it opening, expanding like a circle.

Work up to two fingers, then three, until you feel comfortable gripping them — in control, powerful, flexing your butt muscle. The mouth and saliva in the mouth are the body's first line of defense against microorganisms.

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Saliva is very efficient at killing the millions of viruses and bacteria that enter the mouth each day. This will increase your risk of getting HIV substantially. Gonorrhea of the throat can be a nasty illness. So are syphilis, herpes, genital warts and several other infections that are easily transmitted by giving head.

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Live HIV is not present in saliva, and because of this, getting HIV from getting a blow job is not a recognized possibility. However, gonorrhea and syphilis are two diseases that are known to spread from someone's mouth to someone else's genitals. Condoms can provide protection during oral sex. By continuing to use our website you consent to the collection, access and storage of cookies on your device. Read more about how we use cookies by reading our Privacy Policy.


Read More. Lube The arse does not produce its own lubrication. Remember to use water or silicon-based lubes, as oil-based lubes can damage condoms. You The second principle is YOU. Relaxation Relaxation is probably the most important factor in enjoying anal stimulation. Avoid Pain Although it is commonly believed that pain in anal sex is a normal and okay part of anal sex, this is not true.

If things are painful, relax, use more lube and take it slow. Regular gay brisbane movements are conducive to both comfort and confidence when it comes to anal sex. Douche Only ever use plain, clean water — preferably body temperature. Sex, particularly analis all in the mind. This means you need to be part of the process and not play a passive role.

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If you have taken then necessary steps to clean your anus, you have nothing to worry about. In time, your fear will fade away. Remember, the more you freak out about it, the more powerful your anxiety will become.

Make sense? One of my first relationships ended because I tried to convert my boyfriend from top to bottom. You should. As I mentioned earlier, sex, in all of its forms, is in the mind. How to talk dirty to a guy texting. How to kiss a guy and make out the right way. Best male enlargement creams, gels and oils.