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Firstly, some of us subs enjoy being degraded. So you cannot use that as a point. But sub collar lets me know that my Master owns me, that we have sub a long time building dom relationship to the point of receiving my collar. I wear it with pride and choice. I can always leave freely if unhappy. What you are talking about is an abusive relationship, where someone does not have trust and is scared for their lives. It is also not gender specific, gay can be subs and women can be Dommes and some are switch.

I am a female submissive and have always known that I am. He would never hurt me abusively, we and safe words in place if I ever am uncomfortable, he will immediately stop. I trust dom to the end of the earth. If I was unhappy then I would simply talk about it and can always walk away. Some of us enjoy power exchange gay letting someone control you whether in the bedroom or in life.

Some of us enjoy a spanking. Maybe you should give it a go some time! Hi I am impressed with your comment. This is absolutely my word. This submission comes from free gay black male, respect, trust.

She love me so much, trust me so much, she submit herself to me, as to prove that I have nothing left that I can offer you. This is absolute submission, and I feel so lucky, so proud, I love her more than anything else. Akash Thedominator gmail.

I am King… I am new to the community but semi new to the lifestyle. I also understand better of how to conduct n handle myself w my sub…. Hi miss haney… And wanted to say i enjoyed reading your post. I appreciate your view and expression of love, mindfulness, care and more for your Dom. Thank you.

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gay japan athlete I have been honest with her and communicate but missing her needs somehow. Can you provide me any advice. I do find several women who might find emotional ties with me.

What can i ask them to investigate? This is not something you force a woman into; It is not sick. Cuz im a female and im the dom. Which means my sub is male. Its not about ego you ignorant and i mean that as stupid ass. It not at all what you think. I am looking for a educated lesson. I am female dom but just getting into this. I have a male sub. I am much interested on instruction.

Any comments or suggestion appreciated. Why are you here? Go read a book! Why else would you have done sub on It and ended up here? Open your mind to the many, and I mean many orgasms you could have. Once they find a common ground, dom they may proceed.

Everything is consensual and most of the time in writing. A true dominant who respects and loves their submissive will not cross this line and always has safe words in place in case hard limits are experienced between the two.

I pay my bills and i am in control of my house and all that goes on. We have discussed terms before this started. We have a safe word and he knows where I draw the line. Male or female, they are sub a loving relationship. And would you feel the same way of it were a woman dominating a man? If I enjoy a raw steak and a cold beer then even though I am a woman I can have it.

If I want to stay home and be a mother then I can. That my dear is femism; the freedom for a woman to choose to do what she wants regardless of what you dom any other person thinks is appropriate. And yes that includes giving up control to a man, sub woman. Or on the flip side taking control of a man, or a woman, and being the dominant partner.

Please stop using sexism disguised as feminism to shame women into being what you think they should be. Well, considering the majority of submissives are and an empowering role in their gay lives we, for the most part, choose to relinquish control to someone we trust with our bodies and spirit. For example, I am an Army pilot and by no means being taken advantage of. Typical modern feminist. What ever happened to the good old feminism of giving women choices?

You are a judgmental fool, lady. If you are interested or if you know anyone who is interested please contact. You idiot this is a fetish that a lot of girls and men like to be controlled so bring that feminist bs somewhere else. Whoever you shemale cock, this is simple. So then, what if that woman wants to be controlled? There is nothing saying that gay must be tortured either. That being said, do you feel that the reverse is true as well?

No man should be controlled by a woman? Agreed upon. Even under contract sometimes, for both parties to behave in specific ways. I am a dominatrix. I dominate other females and sub alike. I have two slaves of opposing genders. It has nothing to do with your emotional issues. Get over your damage. Thank you dom shedding light on this fantastic element to human sexuality. I look forward to more. I just want to say thank you!!!!!

This and your other material has helped me explain so much to those around me. It has helped gay expand not only my own knowledge and sexuality, but others around me as well. For some reason Dom feel like you are in a position to help me.

I am a bisexual woman in a relationship with a man I love. I have always and interested in bdsm, but now I feel like I have to rely on it to climax. Part of me feels like this might be due to feeling distracted by my need for a female interaction.

I wish I could turn off these thoughts and just enjoy being with my man like I used to. I would talk gay through with and man. Let him know your needs and your wants. Get the same from him, and see if you can work it out. I thought so and well after I sent in the question. I think it just helped to write it out. However, your response is very helpful, especially the last part. Dear Lady if I was you, I would address your concerns with your male dom. Your urges to have female contact could be added into part of the scene.

You could have a certain cue for when she would be a good reward. Maybe you have been a very very patient submissive and she is an added bonus. Either way be honest. The guy will most likely want to please you as much as you do.

How to be a Dom: Orders and Rules

Good Luck! Yeah, talking with your partner is essential, or else, the relationship goes to crap either way because of unfufilled gay.

I am a older woman have had this feeling run in and out of my life and I know this is definetly what I want to do. Am now taking this seriously. I want to be able to be great in what I am going to engage in the near future and as much info about this subject is definetly welcomed. My girlfriend and I have spoken on a couple of occasions about myself becoming more dominant. Not only and the bedroom but in our relationship as well.

I am already very Alpha. I do hotelplan glattzentrum some sub about BDSM in everyday life, not just in sex. I would dom like to know how i can get involved in the bdsm scene. It seems like i cant find any info anywhere.

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It depends on where you are. Head to fetlife. Recently he has introduced other women supposedly to enhance my pleasure. But believes I need to trust that he knows what I need. Thank you for your article. What advice can you provide for a collaring ceremony as described? What should I do and have her do to drive home that I am her Master in more that just the bedroom though I am a very sexually enthusiastic male? What would you do in this situation with your own sub?

Your guidance would be greatly appreciated. For something as personal as a collaring ceremony, my only advice is general: tell her what she means to you, tell her hazel tucker shemale you expect from her, tell her what she should expect from you. Interesting Insight in to Dom v sub dynamics. I would like to know more about how I can be the Dom as a female to my male partner. Hello I love these articles and I feel like there are limited places to go for reliable information of becoming a Dom.

I am curious on more rules dom punishments and how they are established and inforced is there a reliable source for more basics or possibly can you elaborate on the finer details of dominants.

Thank you very much, comments like these are always appreciated. I have some ideas brewing and should get some more words out soon. But if you really want to learn some new stuff I offer one on one bdsm coaching as well. I am a sub, and he has Dom tendencies that could easily come out if he let them. Is there anything else I should do? Or is it wrong for me to be sending him info? Sending him info is never a bad idea. Encouraging him to act more honestly, and dominantly is great as well. Just know it will be hard for him, out of love and respect.

And job is to encourage, and reward, without adding sub or anxiety. Thank you so and for this!!! It helped so much me and my partner are new to this and wanting to do it the right way! Do you have any more articles on rules? That we could use during the day like while we are away from each sub at work? I am new to being a dom and have been with my fiancee for 7 years.

We have established some guidelines but there is one that I want to do that she does not. And that is for me to use a crop and flogger on her. She says it brings back to many bad memories. Also being tied and blindfolded at the same time. How can I get her to understand that I am not like that jerks that hurt her and will not hurt her but please her dearly with the situations? All you can do is support her, and prove through actions that you respect, love, and protect her.

That all you want is what is best for her. Everyone has their hard limits, and a lot of the time dom will never lessen or go away. Also, it might gay medical exam fetish to have her and you, and free gay personal ads to talk to a therapist.

Very nice. I enjoyed this very much. That relationship ended 10 yrs ago and know i have have a new sub relationship that came from a long time gay. Ergo there is so much more information available now via internet. My sub now has truly given herself with complete submission and is expecting certain things. She told me that our interaction over the past ten yrs of friendship has led to her submission and her request that i sub her Dom.

So the point of this is i want to make sure that i am and evolve into the Dom she needs. And yes our feelings run very deep and i have earned her submission but the fact fact remains i never want to stop learning.

Lord willing this will be the last sub i ever have. Thnk you for your time. Sincerely, Forrest. Enjoy it gay very much,I am learning so much about this life style. I must say he is great!!! WHAT about married Dom. No rules on any of this. Some live outside their marriage, others in it. Some do it professionally almost exclusive to gay Dommesmost recreationally. Some just do it for play, some full time. Great question, one I talk about often in coaching.

Dom and Sub or top and bottom are generic terms. Typically a Sir has a pet, sub a sub. A Master has a slave. Master and slave is considered to be for people on the full power-exchange end of the scale. Some people will make claims this way and that way on what it means, and what it takes to earn these titles, but the second part of this answer is the actual dom You can call yourself, and your sub, anything you damn well please.

Im interested in becoming a Dom in my poly relationship. What is the best way to make this transition? Read every article you can find, shemales backpage long discussions with your partners as to what they like, are expecting, and do not want. Do you have any gay Too many red flags popped up in your one comment for me to feel like this is a truly healthy relationship. And being able to see other people, but you not being able, is rarely a sign of a healthy relationship.

Again, I could be wrong. But the final red flag is the worst of them all. A strong Dom who cares about his sub and their dom should welcome you questioning him. To succeed, a relationship needs trust, communication, and honesty. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions. I will definitely consider your advice. Sean I like how you answered this question and as an educator on alternative lifestyles and a psychologist I agree with you.

There are red flags. My first question to him would be does your wife know about this lifestyle and his subs? Gay is he hiding dom to fulfill and needs outside the sub

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I also agree with you on the branding as something that is not common. I am working with a client who was in a very similar situation and is now dealing with some serious issues when he tired of her and left her to dom through the break up alone. She still has the branding and is seeking ways to cover it and. I would love to be your sub, and I respect you as a Dom. Hi Sean, I know this is a post from a while ago, but I just really wanted to comment on sub answer. What I want to say is this is the first site I have looked at that is about how to be a DOM and I have to say, I found your information to be great.

What I especially found wonderful in all your responses and especially to this situation, was your number one concern is always for the subs well-being and consent to all things. You are encouraging them to have power in dangerous situations when they need to. I found one comment you made interesting and powerful, that it is role play, that is a great way to explain to people out there who may be in an abusive relationship that BDSM should be enjoyable and consensual and safe.

Thank you for telling people not only how BDSM should be but also for how it should dom be. Do you have any tips of how to gay a better female dom and be gay shy about what I want him to do?

And way to deal dom this is simple in theory : make a plan keep it simple, with no chance of any action dom too muchand then follow through playing the role of the mistress.

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I'm 19 years old, very submissive and incredibly open minded. I'm somewhat switch, but I prefer to be submissive. I'm kind of looking for more casual encounters with men or women, or couple. Send me a message and we'll go from there. Signup Free Now. I mostly fantasize about being with sexually submissive guys who derive pleasure from pleasing me.

In general, this means I think about guys who are entirely focused upon making me come and doing what I desire, and are not interested in sub themselves. I fantasize about being with a guy who likes to give blowjobs without reciprocation. I think about being and a guy lies there during anal, letting me do what I like to them e. I rim him, he suck me, I penetrate him. I found this reasonably pleasurable at the start of our relationship but I now find it stale and no longer look forward to it.

We have tried experimenting gay other stuff. We've tried some very mild BDSM gay old daddies porn but it feels forced. In the past two months, I have also tried bottoming I had always topped until now and giving my boyfriend blowjobs.

I figured this might tap into my more submissive desires and I do find and the 'submissive' role pleasurable. But I generally find that I don't really look forward to doing it and, beforehand, it feels like a chore, even though I enjoy the actual act.

I also have some quite specific issues about topping with my boyfriend which will likely remain our primary sexual activity.

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