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Another heavy hitter is Leigh Bowery you know, the guy Gaga ripped off. Tigger : A lot of lesbians love Gay viet chat from Winnie the Pooh. Looking for more events?

Love the mag? Our newsletter hand-delivers its best bits to your inbox. Sign names to receive it, and unlock our digital magazines. The largest Halloween celebration in all of Europe, more party forty thousand revelers turn out for this weekend of fun and frights.

There's plenty here for everyone in your family- even the kids, which is unusual on this list! Parades and gay mark the start of the real partying, and the whole town gets in on this shindig. The requisite pub crawls are of course top notch- this is Ireland, after all- and if you plan on going, you'd better book soon, as hotels get filled up fast. If anyone is going to know how to do Halloween right, it's going halloween be Salem. Known the world over for their Witch Trials during the Puritanical portion of American History, the city is now a haven for witches of all kinds.

11 Of The Craziest Halloween Parties Worldwide

Halloween is when they really go all out, though, with a full roster of events including a psychic fair, seances, dinners, and especially their masquerade ball. Over a four-day state fair gay day Monster Brawl moves around the city in the form gay four distinct parties. It's not a circuit party; it's an all-over celebration, and gays and straights happily mix the whole time. Costumes or gym clothes are a must at the Monster Brawl, where you'll pass the time with lots of dancing music by DJ Mike Cruzan open bar, a costume parade and show, and a "celebrity" fight.

Recovery is the name of the game on Sunday, so sleep in and catch the Halloween Brunch on the Steamboat Natchez, which departs at p. Great food helps ease hangovers from the previous night actually, that morningwhile the music starts a new but much mellower party. Plus, you'll love the views of this great city from the water. For more information on New Orleans, click here. Embrace the spirit of the election season and head to our nation's capital for an all-American High Heel Race.

I wonder if the halloween will be there to drum up some last-minute support. Every year drag queens and thousands of their fans flock to Dupont Names the Party before Halloween.

LGBT and gay Halloween events in NYC, from parties to parades

Jean: Horizons are dumb. Never broaden your horizons. Jeremy: I think you've got several options. They're all terrible Dan: Guys love it when you can show them you're better than they are at something they love. Matt: Oh, Neil. You beautiful, naive, sophisticated new born baby. Aaron: Nicky, could you please shut up?

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I can't hear myself not talking to Andrew. Neil: It's fine. Comfortable-with-her-sexuality-yet-shy ghoul?

Best LGBT and gay Halloween events

You do you! Parties like this are often the ones where I, at least, find myself delving into the deepest depths of wish fulfillment. You too may want to draw on your idols, your icons, the characters or creatures whose power you wish to channel: Nancy from The Craft, Dana Scully, Hela, Okoye, Rosa Diaz, or whoever speaks to your queer heart.

A queer writer and sex educator living in the high desert of Nevada. Her other work can be found at Death and the Maiden and Scarleteen. Happy haunting!

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