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Harry, a regular there, says it's well known as a gay men's cruising spot, but adds that hook-ups actually "used to be much more common than they are now". Virgin Active's Barbican branch is not a one-off. Famously, George Michael was arrested for cruising in a public loo in Los Angeles in April ofan incident that essentially "outed" him as a gay man. Later that year, he locker up the scandal in his "Outside" music video, and said in "I felt that lightening the stigma gay cruising was the most immediately beneficial thing I could do.

But why does cruising in gym locker rooms remain popular at men time when hook-up apps have room it easier than ever for gay men to arrange an anonymous "NSA" no strings attached sexual encounter? Carl, a gay guy from London who's had "gym fun" in his health club's showers, says that sheer practicality is a factor. Dating apps are almost always full of very flattering pics that don't match reality.

Carl says that, for him, the risk of being caught is more off-putting than exciting. We did, and started jerking men together, and he basically came super-fast on me and then left. Me personally gay men in the locked room would make me uncomfortable. Gay think we're asking too much. Johnson's discomfort isn't illogical. And I bet he's hardly the only one who feels this way. Chris Kluwe : I would counter that with this -- there was a time when white men were uncomfortable showering with black men, or having room in the locker room.

But as long as someone respects your personal space and doesn't harass you verbally, physically or sexuallyI fail to see what their sexuality, religion, race or personal beliefs have to do with any comfort or discomfort you might feel. Will : I don't think the black people-white tapeworm diet information analogy is a good parallel. That was discomfort driven by racism. This is discomfort driven by potential sexual attraction.

The better analogy is gender. Why do we have separate bathrooms for men and women? Will Cain. Chris : No, this is discomfort driven by sexism. Has there ever been a single reported case of sexual harassment in a professional sports environment by one player toward another? What makes you think that because all of a sudden a player is locker to openly be himself that he's immediately going to start mounting every guy in sight?

Isn't that the very definition of narcissistic tendencies by straight men who think that way?

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What makes you think you're that player's type, or that he would ever be attracted to you? Chris Kluwe. One of the reasons we have separate bathrooms for women and men is because men have a long history of violent behavior toward women, particularly when they feel women are vulnerable. And so we have separated the sexes in those situations.


Are you telling me that a professional athlete wouldn't be able to defend himself in the shower if a gay teammate suddenly decided, despite every single social norm we are raised with, that he was going to start humping his teammate's leg in a work environment? Will : No. I'm not telling you that.

I'm not making any of the arguments you just blasted. You're right, one of the reasons we have separate men and women bathrooms is the potential for violence. But another reason is due to the discomfort of being checked out by someone who could be attracted to you.

No honest straight man can say if he was put in a locker room full of naked ladies he wouldn't check out one, a few, or all of the women.


It wouldn't be creepy, it wouldn't be deviant -- it would be normal. The A. Rich Juzwiak. Filed to: Masculinity. Share This Story. About the author Rich Juzwiak. Rich Juzwiak Some Pig. Email Twitter Posts.

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I have never been a jock, but back in my college days, I did four years of karate with a student-organized club in the university gym. AdrianS : got a small piece huh? Probably not as small as your brain. What is happening on here is worse.

Here's What Really Happens in Men's Locker Rooms

Seriously is this all about drooling over hunky men? Get real — or get out those old porn magazines. I am ashamed for all of you. Search for:.