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The Tel Aviv Pride parade

Gay Bus to Jerusalem. Visit the holiest of cities and get lost at the Old City where you can soak in the spiritual atmosphere of the Jewish, Christian and Armenian Quarters.

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Combined with a close look of the newer part of the city, Jerusalem is not to be missed when in Israel! Continue Ask Nadav. The tour begins at the mountain fortress of Masada where breathtaking vistas await.

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Later, float in the Dead Sea, an intimate utopia of rejuvenation and natural minerals, meters below sea level. The Northern Coastline. Gay Bus to The Northern Coastline. There are a few gay specific clubs, but most of the scene involves attending a weekly gay dance party at an otherwise heterosexual club. As the weekend approached, the parties truly blossomed.

Why Tel Aviv Is One of the Most LGBTQ-Friendly Cities in the World

I was repeatedly told I needed to return during the massive June Pride celebration, which brings together an estimatedlocals and tourists. Tel Aviv is a small city and easy to traverse on foot if you bring comfortable shoes and sunscreen.

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When I mapped out any location it always seemed to be a 15 or 20 minute walk. There is also way impressive bike share program which makes it easy to buzz along the ocean promenade or the tree-lined bike path that cuts through Rothschild Boulevard.

The essential Tel Aviv experience is an architecture tour. Try the Carson jones instagram Center tour on Fridays at 10 a.

It also has a unique and booming restaurant scene that reflects the Mediterranean climate, Middle Eastern roots, and European-influenced chefs. Tlv question I posed to everybody I met, gay the octopus of a man whose hands seemed to be everywhere but on his own cocktail, was why the gays had flocked here?

One of my favorite theories involved the Eurovision Song Contest.

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A more plausible explanation may be that Tel Aviv is the most gay friendly city in the Middle East. The center hosts a gay parents support group, a queer cinema workshop, painting lessons, a kindergarten, a medical clinic, performance space, and nearly any other service you can imagine. They were at the center for afterschool programs. Come gay celebrate with us gay pride Tel Aviv The Pride Week starts on June 4thand will have events throughout the week until Sunday June 11th.

The pride parade takes place on Friday, June tlv, Way Gay Tour. Daily gay meth masterbation to Israel's highlights.

Welcome to Tel Aviv, the gayest city on earth - The Boston Globe

Explore Israel. Entire week in Israel.

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Brown Hotel Tel Aviv. Gay owned boutique hotel Tel Aviv. Alexander Hotel TLV.