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See you again! All Rights Reserved. All materials presented on this site are intended for persons over 18 years! The authors are goddesszilla liable for the consequences of their use for purposes prohibited by the rules of international law. Each material has its own author and owner, who we are not. All rights to published materials belong to their owners. She quickly hot naked blonde pornstars Karen and Bigzilla and starts having her way with them sexually!

The Government deploys a large long silver vibrating secret weapon to handle Bigzilla takes a dip in the radioactive pool that created her, what will happen?

And goddesszilla are Lynn, Congo and Uberman up to? Find out in Goddesszilla 3! Growth is caused by Monsterfier X, radioactive pool and other sources. All characters are 18 or older.

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All images are x Collectors Edition is 55 pages and includes all text and no text images, a sexy full color alternate cover drawn by Carlos Silva of giantess Karen, 2 full color alternate artist pages featuring Sheila outgrowing a building and destroying it in the process, ink page by another atrtist of the same page, layout pages featuring growth and clothes ripping, 2 black and white goddesszilla covers by cover artist Nath featuring giantess Lynn, advanced full color preview of Gigante Lake 3 featuring the returning and growing girls from part 1 and 2, and full color preview goddesszilla GTS Pop with a fan girl growing to giantess size while giving oral to mini giantess GTS Pop member Goldie and more!

ZZZ Comics: www. ZZZ's Blog. Comments 1. Join the community to add tsunade hentai game comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. Now, please, back away," the strange officer said with a wave of his hand, his voice beginning to tip over from peaceful quarrel to angry demand.

Blake stared at him for a while before he turned down the street.

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But he didn't go back inside to his place of business, he continued vicky r34 the streets. If there was anything Blake knew about New Yorkers, being one himself, it was that they never backed down and they goddesszilla their way around the city. Megan closed the door to her adorned trailer and let out a sigh of relief.

How many takes did they need of her saying three lines? Not even Megan herself could deny that her situation was less than desirable, a bought out model used for little else than commercials. She made sure the windows were all covered in their drapes and began to undress herself, down to her bra and underwear.

She tossed her clothing aside, giving little care to her glamorous costume, and then took off her heels, the smooth carpet carressing her bare feet. For a moment she stood there and stretched, admiring her own beauty. Then she knew it was time to get to business.

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Kneeling down under her kitchen table there was a large box. Inside it were several small jars, and inside each jar were different insects.

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She had collected several beetles and ants and worms Megan had no doubts that people would frown upon her hobby, and so kept it hidden. But she didn't give a fuck about it herself.

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She reveled in it. It took a few moments to decide which insect to choose from, but she eventually plucked out goddesszilla single beetle and placed it on the carpet. Already she was getting hot just looking at this tiny, insiginificant being at her toes.

It was just too bad that the insect didn't know any better, it didn't try to escape her or fear for its life. It simply wandered about, studying everything with its antenna. Slowly Megan unclapsed her bra, falling to her feet. The beetle scurried away as her cups crashed down on top of it. Then she shimmied out of her underwear and dropped it on the bug, watching with increasing pleasure as she saw it struggle underneath.

After much effort, it escaped her undergarments and continued its wander. This is what she loved more than anything. In her truest, most natural form she could completely overpower the helpless little bugs.

She could end their lives whenever she so had the fancy. Seeing it was scuttling away she placed a foot in its path, turning it around.

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She toyed with the beetle for a few moments, trapping it with her footsteps, before her foot came down upon it. A light crack sounded as her foot effortlessly broke open the beetle's shell and flattened its body.

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Megan moaned as she felt the bug twitching underneath her, trying to resist her for its last breath. Raising her heel off the ground she cruelly twisted the ball of her foot into the carpet, grinding the beetle into mash. She tried to picture what the insect had seen in its final moments: a massive foot, a giant falling sky of fine flesh and toes smashing it to the ground.


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