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It just screams SoCal to me. This guy could be on the beach and then jump into a Jeep and head to the Malibu Country Mart. The fixed waistband is very flattering, and the lace gives you flexibility with how tight you want to go.

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For guys who are worried about how figure-flattering that stripe is, the solid version is a great option too. For Ibiza:. Its biggest pro, though, is its mesh lining, which allows you to forego underwear where it really shouldn't be anyway. The differences between board shorts and regular swim trunks has muddied in recent years, making it even harder to say what exactly you should buy.

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There are now shorter board shorts in fun patterns with mesh lining, and swim trunks without elastic waistbands. To make it easier, we'll list here three things you need for a great swim trunk: an elastic waistband, a short inseam, and handsome pattern or color. Crew, Uniqlo, Bonobos, and Solid and Striped. Case in point: Recent collections by brands like Opening Ceremony have been paying homage to its vibrant culture and aesthetic. Palm Angels Swim Shorts.

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Try these Palm Angels shorts. And for the summer, they reimagine their classic striped track pants into sporty swim shorts. Two masters come together for a must-buy collaboration. Hurley the California surfwear company worked with Carhartt the king of workwear to bring their respective expertise together to create a durable collection built for adventures beyond the sea.