Harry styles and timothee chalamet

H: Can you still eat peaches? T: [Laughs] Umm I can, but not without thinking about it.

Harry Styles Interviews Timothee Chalamet For 'ID' Magazine | Billboard

My poor father. H: Exactly. But people still do it. H: I used to do it when I started. T : Ultimately there is no going back.

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So what was it like to work on Dunkirk? I had a small role in Interstellar and I was so thrilled to work with Christopher Nolan. T: It looked like such a barren landscape.

When they told me we were doing a movie on a beach, I had very different ideas! I definitely enjoyed playing someone else. I loved being so far out of my comfort zone. I loved being on set and being the guy who had no idea what he was doing. I really enjoyed that.

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T: Oh man, I really hope you act in something else. H: Thank you very much.

5 things we learned from Timothée Chalamet, Harry Styles interview | mihailioan.info

The concept of masculinity has changed so much since we were growing up But, if you are giving me that license then I would say absolutely. How do I phrase this? I want arena gay say you can be whatever you want to be. I grew up with my mum and my sister. You have this idea of what being masculine is and as you grow up and experience more of the world, you become more comfortable with who you are.

I really get that. I think it can be achieved in art, but also in intimacy. If us having this conversation, in any infinitesimal way, can help anyone, a guy, a girl, realize that being vulnerable is not a weakness, not a social barrier.

Harry Styles and Timothée Chalamet: Who Do You Love More?

Humans are complex; we need to feel a lot of things. We are not homogeneous. The last couple of years have been nuts. How are you finding it?

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Are you having fun? T: Dude, I feel so much gratitude. I say it to my dad a lot and he makes fun of me because I never used to talk like this but I see people our age and how invigorated they are for the world and it inspires me.

Three years ago, I was nervous because people talked about social media affecting attention spans and how nobody could sit down anymore, and art and film were relics. Latest Videos. Icons of the Decade: Rihanna Already a huge star in the s, the s cemented Rihanna from global superstar to international icon in the world of music, fashion, beauty and film.

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By Vogue 12 September By Vogue 10 October By Vogue 24 September If you were to choose Harry, he would give you compliments like these all the time with a smile and good eye contact. Timmy, meanwhile, would give you free bagels. Which do you prefer? Beautiful boys are measured by the beautiful women smiling up at them. He first met her backstage at a Fleetwood Mac concert in Get this: He got her a carrot cake, and piped her name onto it.