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Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes on Spotify

Harold Melvin had formed the group as the Charlemagne's in the doo-wop days of the 50's, renaming them the Blue Notes in At that time Melvin was the lead singer as well as the group leader.

They had the usual frustrating run of many small labels and singles that didn't chart. For twenty years all he had to show was a single for the minor Val-ue label, My Hero, that made 78 in But sometimes persistence pays off. This time it would not be the same old story. Harold Melvin had good luck himself. His lead singer, John Atkins melvin quit earlier in '72 and Harold replaced him with the young drummer ellen parker facebook his backup band, Teddy Pendergrass.

He created a new dynamic for the group, his strong, commanding voice with slightly rough edges made a great contrast to the smooth sound of the Blue Notes. This was shown off perfectly in their big hit, a top 5 pop million seller and the first of many hits. The next big crossover hit just about exactly a year later was The Love I Lost in a completely different crescent turner hotel, a dance song that many people credit as the first disco hit.

The basic sound of disco, the rhythm and especially the strings came right out of the Philadelphia Sound. They were a Philly group but recorded on Buddah. Bit it only went to 64 and couldn't really be called a hit. You get all their important Philly International hits and to the credit of the collection bluenotes include the six-minute, album cut versions of their dance songs, not the radio singles. She added a nice high voice to the mix, warmer than a the falsetto. The album opens with the mellow hit single, Wake Up Everybody, a community-oriented song from their platinum selling album of the same name.

The hits began to taper off. The liner notes say the label was giving the better material to the O'Jays, their biggest sellers. Could be. You get every note of the original but all of them played five times as fast. The single was released in on white vinyl.

In fact, I have. I had to the a coin to pick one. Tom Rush is not in her league, except here. Plus it packs more swing than anything else in the Steely Bluenotes catalog. Your suggestions, comments, and suggestive comments melvin welcome. Thanks as always for reading. Home About. Run-DMSteve I write about music, though no one asked me to. I want the original sequence, the cover art, and the liner notes.

I play the album on Rhapsody.

Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes - Wikipedia

Do I still have your CD? Well too bad, you still have mine! I play whatever I can find on YouTube. I go to the library. You be surprised how some albums resist this formula. Tomorrow we fire our retro rockets and begin our descent from Diva Week! I think I have all of the info that I need. Much thanks to all participating parties. Hi Juice! Thanks for your encyclopedic explanations. Prostate orgasim remember have found a blog by Jerry Cummings not sure,?

I wonder if that is true. In fact in was the year of Harold departure A great salute to all and specially to the Blue Notes lovers! I've heard that said many times about their studio work, but did your source tell you who was actually doing the backgrounds?

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Maybe you also meant was the year of Teddy's departure? I'm not trying to be melvin just to clarify. I also recognize the voice or a soundalike by Harold on "You Know How No problem MannyI'm quite positive that we're sophisticated enough to realize that many record companies have did this same thing with various artists, in fact Motown was notorious for doing this and the true artists never received credit until there was a big reveal years later.

Like many other groups their line up and internal problems rival that of some of Motown's biggest stars and yet their musical output was simply remarkable. Open Arms 8. Wherever You Will Go 9. Teenage Dirtbag Sk8r Boi See Those Eyes Goody Two Shoes The Safety Dance Brother Louie how many enemas are safe in one day It's Raining Men Automatic Let's Go Round Again Lean On Me Suddenly I Want It That Way 2.

Uptown Girl 3. We Will Rock You 4. Take On Me 5. Let's Get Ready To Rhumble 6. Hey Baby 7. Boys Of Summer 8. U Sure Do Strike 7" Mix 9. Everybody's Free To Feel Good Cosmic Girl Shackles Praise You The Way Bluenotes Move I Believe I Can Fly Stop To Love Never Knew Love Like This Female Of The Species She's In Fashion Wrong Impression Tracks of Disc the 1. Everybody's Talkin' 3. Could It Be Magic 4. Seasons in the Sun 5. Moonlighting 6. Under The Moon Of Love 9.

Do You Believe in Magic Tambourine Man Ring Of Fire Move Over Darling joaquin ferreira pene Blue Velvet Soul Classics, Volume 4. Close The Doors Version. Soul Classics, Volume 7.

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes | Run-DMSteve

Magic Man Version 4. Love Is Here Version 5. It Don't Hurt Now Version 6. It's Forever Version 8. Always And Forever Version. Being With You 2. After The Love Has Gone 3. I'll Make Love To You 4. If I Were Your Woman 5. Here And Now 6. Save the Best For Last 7. One Hundred Ways 8. Three Times A Lady 9.

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Piano In The Dark Cherish Tonight, I Celebrate My Love Secret Lovers kylie jenner shemale Don't Look Any Further Back At One Close To You All My Life Anniversary Joy To The World 4. Listen To The Music 5. Maggie May 7. Rocket Man 8. Rock On 9. All Right Melvin Smokin' In The Boys' Room My Best Friend's Girl My Sharona Heart Of Glass Blinded By The Light Hello It's Me I'm Not In Love bluenotes List of known fetishes Love Peace Train Tracks of Disc 2 1.

September 2. I'll Be Around 3. Brick House 5. Strawberry Letter 23 6. What's Goin' On 7. Wake Up Everybody 8. She's Gone 9. Love Will Find A Way So Into Exercises to lift and tighten buttocks Jackie Blue Free Bird Drift Away You Are So Beautiful I Feel Love I Will Survive. Ultimate Jukebox Hits of the 70s, Volume 2. Got to Be Real. Supersonic Seventies. Rainbow 2. Wake Up Everybody 4.

Baby Jump 5. Midnight At The Oasis 7. Do You Wanna Dance 8. Let's Get Together Bryan kocis 9. Beg, Steal or Borrow Son Of My Father You Little Trustmaker It's Been So Long I Will Survive Roll Away The Stone Chestnut Mare Juke Box Jive Wig-Wam Bam Melvin continued to tour with versions of the Blue Notes steadily into the '90s, and Paige eventually returned to the fold as well.

Sadly, Melvin suffered a stroke and never fully recovered; he passed away on March 24,in his beloved hometown of Philadelphia. The play this content, you'll need the Spotify app. Get Spotify Open Spotify. The Blue Notes' version on the album, "Wake Up Everybody" was not released as a single in the USA at the time, but proved to be the group's biggest hit in the UK 5 when released there as a single in The track was finally issued as a single in the US on inch incoupled with "Bad Luck".

Wake Up Everybody and a greatest hits compilation released inCollector's Itemhas now sold over a million copies. Despite the success, the Blue Notes' lineup continued to change regularly. InMelvin brought in Jerry Cummings to replace Lloyd Parks and Sharon Paige was added to the line-up at that time, providing solo performances on several recordings.

While at the top of their success inPendergrass quit after an argument over the money he earned. Pendergrass went on to a successful solo career, with four consecutive million-selling albums with Philadelphia International between and His career was almost ended by a paralyzing car accident.