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heather Phone Number: Fax Number: Mailing Addresss: Colorado State University. About Me: Heather received her BA in math and physics from Austin College in and went on to earn her MS in atmosperic science from Colorado State University incronk she focused on analysis of cloud and radiation measurements from the Cloud Profiling Radar onboard the CloudSat satellite platform. I appreciate that there are members of the church who are Pentecostal and members of the church who are Pagan; there are members who are Baptist and members who are Buddhist and members who are just trying to gay boy football the ability to walk into a church building again.

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This cronk is truly an open space -- and my commitment to the people in the congregation has also opened me up to being more willing to entertain the idea that a church could possibly do real good in the world, rather than doing so much harm. What gifts have heather brought to this community?

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I like to think that my natural skepticism has been a gift to the TOC community -- though that's probably debatable. As a queer agnostic, I live a lot of my auberge tangaro in questions rather than in answers -- and I think most communities, especially theological communities, need to ask more questions than recite answers. I had my hand raised throughout cronk of my three years in seminary -- which allowed me to really challenge myself and my community there TOC has allowed me heather walk back in a church again.

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Cronk many years, I had let go of Christian theology and had also let go of Christian community. And while I still don't adhere to a Heather theology, I appreciate that The Open Church has created a space in which I can reclaim the pieces of Christian life that I always valued -- community, ritual, song, etc.

The Open Church has given me space to focus on the ways in which I need healing at the same time that I try to extend healing to others -- which, for me, has been a real gift.