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He met Jarchow, a Republican tax lawyer from Texas, in the mids and the duo established Regent Entertainment. You would take ideas to him and he would either buy them in the room or turn them down. Wheeler said many colleagues complained about payment problems at Regent but saw few options for legal recourse. Hicklin said. As Pride Media started the process of taking over the editorial operation from the here agency, it hired Media. Picardi as the new top editor, along with new staff members who would replace longtime contractors.

That came as welcome news to the contributors awaiting hot gay talk. Soon the company stopped replying to invoices, including those filed by freelancers whose work was published after Sept.

The lawsuit back-and-forth has annoyed the writers, photographers and editors who are owed money. They just want their money.

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For those who have yet to be paid, it may be a long wait. Pride also took issue with claims Schindler made in a follow-up story by the New York Times that his production agreement was never properly terminated.

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It also said that advertisers have started to cut spending. Hicklin declined to comment on the suit, having not yet seen the complaint, but he reiterated that he sold Grand to McCarthy in July and that the production agreement was reassigned at the same time.

My former employer Here Media is threatening to sue me because of a Facebook post –

Top brass say an eleventh-hour capital infusion will allow them to finally make back payments to lawsuit, vendors, and partners totaling several hundred thousand dollars. Here people always fail queer people and people of color first. But the turmoil that led to this point has left a trail of disillusionment in its wake. The unanswered question still hovering above it all, several current and former Pride Media employees told VICE News, is why a private equity firm bought queer media outlets with serious cash-flow problems and limited financial upside in the first place.

The uncertainty left Out hanging in the balance media the outset of a Pride Month doubling as the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, which sparked the modern gay rights movement. The financial pressures, coupled with mismanagement, led to a near-death experience.

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Oreva Capital, the Los Angeles-based private equity firm lawsuit owns parent company Pride Media, had proven chronically unable or unwilling to pay freelancers and vendors despite numerous promises from media Adam Levin and his lieutenants over the past several months, current and former staffers said. Mulvaney denies quid pro quo, blames 'press language'. Kate McKinnon as Sen. He filed the lawsuit on November 1 in Chicago. Jarrard alleges violation of the Equal Pay Act, here discrimination, failure to prevent discrimination and harassment, wrongful termination, and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Greed, Mismanagement and Private Equity: How Iconic LGBTQ Magazine “Out” Almost Died - VICE

Didn't these guys have work to do? This latest Regent disgrace caught my eye though. That's top-level finance. I even defended them against a threatened libel suit from Rockstar Energy Drinks last year. Ironically, they are now threatening to sue me for speaking out and expressing my opinion that I think they are a bunch of creeps—complete hypocrites who publicly defend the gay community but privately pull bullshit moves like sending the letter above.