How many times is fuck said in scarface

As it turns out, Racial Entertainment's game contained over 5, instances of explicit language. Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition also includes a ton of other world records, like who the most popular game character is Mario, according to 13, gamers who were polled and what the largest number of gamers to play a karaoke game is 10, Up until now, I was under the impression that House of the Dead: Overkill held the record for potty-mouth anticsbut I guess I was wrong.

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Source: Eurogamer. I'm certain literally half the dialogue lines in the game contain at least an instance of the word 'fuck'. The play was pretty foul mouthed to. Although KillZone 2 and Gears 2 had a lot of swears, is the new mark!

I have a feeling Epic Games just said "Challenge Accepted! Yeah, not surprising. That game was kinda bland. On a peripherally related note, I would like to draw attention to the following further proof that Bas Rutten is actually the most talented man alive:.


Well, if you think about it, House of the Dead overkill was limited to it's linear campaign to dish out foul language so there is little wiggle room, while Scarface was an fuck sandbox with tons of little character interactions to put said in. And Overkill had a little many a hundred? There must be something wrong here. Is this going by scripted dialogue, or the amount of times 'fuck' was said during someone playing and someone counting? Or was each and every different dialogue line beuatiful nude black girls to and recorded?

Scarface was not a bad times movie licensed GTA clone. It was pretty friggen hard though towards the end. Wait are how counting just scripted dialogue? Because sure you could call your buddy times in a row and scarface "fuck" everytime but would that really count?

I still can't get over the fact that the premise for the Scarface game is that Tony survives the slaughter at the end of the movie instead of getting killed. It just seems so facepalm worthy. I mostly remember glitches and bugs up the ass. Maybe the people at the record place can't get far enough in the game to see how many fucks there actually are.

I love that fucking movie. I am probably going to be fucking pb'ed for this N one I saw it on TBS. They used the word frick a lot though:. A ccording to the "scorecard" feature on the Platinum Edition DVD, the word "fuck" and its derivatives are used times for an average of 1.

How many times was the "F"-word used in the movie Scarface starring Al Pacino?

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University of Surrey. Archived from the original on Retrieved 3 October Baltimore Sun. Chicago Tribune. Retrieved 3 May Documentary Channel".

The Miami Herald. Florida : The McClatchy Company. Anybody expecting protective bleeps will suffer lethally seared eardrums within minutes of tuning in; the program shatters all existing records of F-word usage with gloriously stereophonic examples. South China Morning Post. Retrieved April 22, many But in scarface movie now being shown in Hong Kong, it is heard no fewer than times. It said 'the F-word', and it is still so controversial that on posters for the documentary of the same name, the 'u' has been replaced by an asterisk. The idea of the Times is that we can link to other pages that have cool stuff on them, right?

There's no need to steal stuff. If fuck use anything, please acknowledge your source and provide an appropriate link. Sorry, no - these are not available Where can I get Scarface the book? You probably won't find it new in a bookstore, but you can usually find used copies of Scarface Paul Monette, ; Berkley Books, NY at "book trader" stores or other used-book stores. There are at least two book-cover versions how old is raven teen titans I know of: One with a white cover and a drawing of Tony on it, and the other with a picture of Al Pacino from the film.

There is another book called Scarface by Armitage Trail first published in Obviously this has nothing to do with Tony Montana, although I do not understand why on earth they have a picture of Al Pacino's Tony Montana on the cover! Scarface how a remake of a 's movie?

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how many times is fuck said in scarface double teamed teens H ow many times was the "F"-word used in the movie Scarface starring Al Pacino? No comments Permalink Share No comments. T hat word was used everywhere in that flick--except the credits at the very beginning and at the very end of the film. According to them the "f" word is said times in Scarface and in the music industry censoring a curse word is called "blinking".
how many times is fuck said in scarface selena gomez naked pics The use of profanity in films has always been controversial, but has increased significantly in recent years. The R rating is normally required if the film contains two utterances or if the word is used in a sexual context. There are exceptions to the rule that one sexual use or two non-sexual uses of "fuck" results in an R rating. In some cases, filmmakers appealed the rating because their target audience might avoid an R-rated film. Censors have been more lenient about the word in films that portray historical events. This is a list of non- pornographicEnglish language films containing at least spoken uses of the word fuck or one of its derivativesordered by the number of such uses.