How to make your boyfriend look better

The key to it all is fit well, and to look like David Beckham, but never mind that.

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Excessive fabric is the death of style. Paul Ryan and his tent-like suit monstrosities are all the proof you need on this. I will occasionally notice this: A poorly dressed guy will begin dating a woman who lives on the extreme end of the fashion spectrum, and suddenly we see a software engineer who looks like he mugged Sid Vicious. The important thing to remember when sprucing up your man is that he isn't a mannequin.

Think of dressing him as a team effort: You have all the fashion know-how, he has the specific personality, so bring those two together. Most of the time, that means landing somewhere in the middle of the fashion spectrum. Love and acceptance go hand in hand. Having learned this lesson through trial and error sometime in my mids, I made sure to apply it to the continuation of my dating career, a mission that proved to be particularly difficult when faced with men of, how shall I put it, questionable sartorial aesthetics.

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Encourage him to drink more water. Another easy way to look more attractive is by having healthy looking skin. Encouraging him to drink more water can help make his skin look fresher and more vibrant. Getting him a filter water bottle is a good way to encourage healthy water-drinking habits. Encourage him to incorporate more fruits and veggies in his diet. A lot of guys tend to favor a meat-and-potatoes approach to cooking and eating. This kind of heavy food can not only make your guy gain weight, but it can actually make him feel bad, too.

Getting more fruits and veggies into his diet can improve his overall health. If a recipe calls for a certain amount or number of vegetables, encourage him to double the amount the recipe calls for. This way he's not really changing his eating habits, but he's still getting more fruits and veggies.

Get him to try more lean protein. Chicken, fish, and turkey are all examples of lean proteins that give the body the energy it needs without weighing it down. Encouraging your guy to add some lean protein into his diet can make him look and feel better. If he eats a lot of steak, suggest he use chicken breast instead in some of his recipes. Feel me? You need to educate him and present him with clear options.

Steer him in the right direction with a gentle-yet-strong hand.

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You've got it! He will be reminded that he is with an embodiment of the feminine flow of life, and he will drop out of his head and into the present moment with you.

The feminine reminds the masculine about life. It reminds the masculine that life is happening, right now… not far off in the future when goals and accomplishments are achieved.

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But today, in this very moment. Be a positive force that brings him back to his body, and he will begin to associate his presence, groundedness, and connection to his body with your positive influence in his life. In fact, because so many men are so used to being praise-deficient, when they do receive one, it can come as quite a shock and be twice as powerful compared to someone who receives compliments on a regular basis.

I will give examples of each of these two things.

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Say your man feels heavily identified with the work that he does in the world not at all uncommon for a modern man. When was the last time you complimented your partner in regards to his career?

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Have you told him that you find his passion sexy? Have you told him that you find his dedication to mastery in his work life attractive? Have you told him that you love how lit up he gets when he talks about his job? If not, why not? What things is your unique man particularly insecure about that you are aware of? Are any of those insecurities mind boggling to you? If this is the case, tell him. Let it be known. Again, the compliment being genuine matters above all else.

Sit down, write up a list of things you love about him, and how make a concerted effort to bring one of those things to him boyfriend per week for a few months, and watch him grow in his confidence and his connection to you. Alright, here comes another winner. The adoption or ignorance nsfw positions this one small but necessary shift in communication can make or break a relationship.

They complain about their partner being a nag. An intimate relationship needs your sense of polarity in order to better well. Here are some examples of what most make do, and what is a more beneficial way of going about those same situation. The latter gives the man the look to respond to your statement by doing something about it that he gets to make the decision on.

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When your guy finally makes the move and wears something you picked out you need to encourage, encourage and encourage!

You look so hot, babe! Seriously, those jeans are so flattering! If you want to elevate the wardrobe of a perennially casual man, you need to give him a reason why he needs to elevate his look. You need to invite or bring him somewhere where he has to dress up.